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Remove the mixture from the heat and allow to cool slightly. Then, using a dropper (mine came with the molds I bought), fill the molds with the liquid and place it in the fridge for 30 mins to 1 hour. You can also watch me on YouTube show you how to make it! I veganize popular food recipes for vegans, plant-based diets, eco-conscious eaters & people who are trying to eat more plants over… y’ know animals or by-products of animals.

If you want to view or print the recipe card, just scroll down for the full list of ingredients & simple instructions on how to make these Vegan Gummy Bears. My favourite part of making vegan gummy bears at home is that you can make them in every colour and mold them into any cute shapes! If you love vegan sweets, you’ll love these recipes: 40+ Gummy Candies that are Actually Vegan. Unfortunately, a lot of gummy candies on the market contain animal products. And carmine- which is a beetle that is crushed to make the colour red. That’s right, when you’re not eating vegan candies, you’re likely eating bugs and bones. Yummy 🙁 The good news is that I made it my mission to find over 40 gummy candies that are actually vegan! I spent hours researching all things vegan gummy candy, decoding ingredients, and getting excited for halloween. AKA the time of year to buy large buckets of candy and pretend like you are going to give it all away.

Can you believe that I don’t have a single gummy candy around my house to help me get through this research? Some of the candies I found are very easy to find everywhere, and some are more specialty candies that would be perfect for gifts or just indulging. If you discover any more vegan gummies, let me know in the comments. They make my mouth hurt just thinking about them because I can eat WAY too many of these sweet and sour candies. If anyone has ever eaten too much sour candy you know what that feels like! They remind me of being a kid, sugar coated on the outside, very sweet and chewy in the middle. Oddly delicious when you mix them into vegan movie theatre popcorn. Soft, chewy, kinda waxy… but almost in a good way if that’s possible. Me and my best friend used to turn these into an evil weapon as kids, and would whip each other with them… don’t do that. As soon as I get a bag of these, I rip them open and let them get stale. Call me crazy, but I love how they get hard and extra chewy. Always remind me of Halloween because I would get mini boxes of these in my trick-or-treat bag. I don’t know if these are really considered a gummy candy, but because they are EVERYWHERE, I thought it was a good idea to include them for vegan candy emergencies. Soft and chewy, I haven’t had these very often in my life, but if I remember correctly they are similar to Laffy Taffy. I’m pretty sure these are common in the US but not in Canada, so I can’t say I know them well. We do have something called Jujubes in Canada, but they are a totally different candy, and unfortunately not usually vegan. Most of Brach’s candy isn’t vegan at all, but these ones managed to sneak through. I’ve seen these hanging out at many health food stores, but have yet to pick them up because I didn’t know they were vegan! Someone is picking up on the vegan trend because Dare Candy Co. have recently released several vegan candies, proudly stating on the front of the package that they are gelatin free. One of my very favourite friends introduced me to Squish candy by giving it to me as a gift. They currently have 9 different vegan gummy candies on their site, and you can easily find them by selecting the vegan category! This line of gummies is new to me, but I can’t wait to try them. I love how they proudly declare on their site that they have gummies for vegans.

Slightly sweet with a very strong ginger flavour, they are chewy like taffy. While not all of their candies are vegan, the Lovely Candy Co. declares right on their site if they are vegan or not, making it super easy to shop. I love how these come in cool flavours such as black currant and passion fruit. I love the idea of chewy peppermint chocolate candies. I haven’t yet sampled these but they sure look tasty! 😉 I love that they have 5 different gummy options and all of them are totally vegan. We all work in with distributed systems, independent of scale. The CAP theorem is the main source of vocabulary for defining distributed systems. But the "harvest and yield" solution presented is actually the main topic of the paper.

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