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Koi CBD Review: Yay or Nay?

Today we give you the complete guide to Koi CBD products. The VV team reviewed each type of Koi CBD product we could find to update this guide, and we are confident that this is the most thorough and fresh information available.

So you can spend your money wisely, we reviewed these Koi CBD products:

Here’s what’s coming in this guide:

First we discuss Koi CBD the brand, including some details about their extraction methods and quality control. We also cover awards, third-party testing, and the Koi CBD product line, including where to buy Koi CBD and their policies on pricing and returns.

Next, we talk about CBD and the endocannabinoid system, including why CBD provides relief without psychoactive effects. Finally, we cover how each product works, and the best Koi CBD products for whatever you need.

Koi CBD: The Brand

Although they have only been around since 2015, Koi CBD has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the CBD scene. At that time the founders recognized a recurring problem plaguing the cannabis industry: a lack of standardization that was making it challenging and sometimes impossible to find high-quality cannibidiol CBD products that live up to the promise of medical research.

The Koi team tested dozens of CBD products—many of which were substandard. Their single goal became to help bring the power of CBD to as many people as possible by bringing true traceability to the market. The Koi version of traceability stretches all the way from the raw material, to the laboratory for testing, to the packaged bottle.

Koi CBD products also use 99 percent pure CBD. They remove the cannabidiol themselves in a cGMP facility using a pharmaceutical-grade CO2 extraction process. Koi offers CBD products with 0 percent THC—offering a sense of security for anyone who needs to pass a drug test or just avoid a high.

All Koi CBD products include CBD derived from fully traceable batches of American-grown hemp. Koi is a member of the California Hemp Council, the Hemp Industries Association, and the US Hemp Roundtable.

Koi CBD Quality Standards

Many factors affect a CBD brand’s quality, such as where and how the hemp is sourced, whether they use third-party testing, which extraction methods they use, and whether the brand is are certified by state and federal agencies.

There are many CBD products, including those that claim to limit THC levels to 0 percent. There are just as many that claim to be potent with over 99 percent CBD. Yet few of these claims are backed up with excellent products.

Koi CBD is a different. There is no doubt about quality or efficacy; you can view their lab reports directly on the company website. You can trust this product:

  • USA-grown hemp from organic southern Colorado farms
  • Raw CBD hemp processed in pharmaceutical-grade cGMP certified extraction facility
  • Supercritical CO2 methods produce pure, high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp extract—less than 0.001 percent THC
  • ISO-accredited third-party testing
  • Each batch carefully monitored
  • Full-panel analysis of hundreds of tests verified with detailed reports
  • Certificate of Analysis for every batch, complete ingredient lists

The team then uses the CBD extract in-house as the basis for the entire range of Koi CBD-infused products. The individual products are then sent back out for third-party testing batch by batch, where the lab verifies them for CBD content, purity, and safety.

Koi CBD Highlights

Although we will get into the weeds below, here are the highlights with Koi Naturals CBD:

Extensive Selection

The Koi CBD shop portion of the website is awesome, and you can certainly get lost in there. The selection is actually that great. There is something for everyone, no matter what your taste is like, and you can get bath bombs, edibles, lotions, tinctures, and even something for your dog.

Koi CBD has a diverse range of CBD products including tinctures, wellness shots, edibles, vape oils, skincare, and more. All of their products contain 99% pure CBD oil made from American-grown hemp and has been third-party lab tested.

We test out Koi CBD and found some surprising info about this popular brand of CBD. Is it worth the money? How does it compare to the competition?

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