lambs bread marijuana

Lambs bread marijuana

This is a beautiful strain. Uplifting sativa without any anxiety.This is a very focused spiritual cerebral high that relaxes the mind and body without over sedation. Great for energizing me even with me/cfs and crps/fibromyalgia also hoping that it helps with tics (tourettes)❤ Bob Marley

This strain is my favourite for the mornin,next to jack herer. The taste is perfect (my personal that i grow has a citrus and pepper taste with a sweet backround) curbs the morning depression and invigorate the mind with these good vibes

Uplifting and euphoric. Eases negativity like a wave over your worries. Great strain.

The strain is very good I like it a lot. 1 or 2 hit to you are feeling pretty good. Recommend this strain for sativa lovers like me😃

Lambs breath(bread) the weed is great I like it very nice high. The video on lambs breath was not very good I though he would have tried it by smoking some of the weed.

Very nice uplifting euphoric and happy perfect wake and bake

I had a cross of this with koolatto, the koolatto made the buds more sticky and purple color but not taste or effect. This reminds me of island weed in high and taste. It had a cool as a cucumber taste slightly menthol, cucumber and dry grass. It almost tasted like they dried it in a straw basket, but the taste remained intact after pulling the vape through a water piece. This may be a little healthier on the lungs then Jack Herer type of ultra sweet strains, but the high was very similar. It is Sativa, creative, and satisfying in small doses sleepy in higher doses. Less clear headed than east coast alien. The avb gummie bears I made, mixed the lambs breath x koolatto, with fire og and they were tear jerkers the mix was perfect. Bloom puts a lot of care and thought into their offerings.

Lamb's Breath is also known as Lamb's Bread. Not only is a sativa dominant strain, but it was smoked by none other than Bob Marley Himself. With a 5:95 indica/sativa ratio, the strain produces an amazing 16-21% THC content that will get you high in no time. The buds are sticky and large, but very…