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RESET Bioscience: Nano-Liposomal CBD Boosts Absorption by 80% for Greater Effect

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been widely recognized for its many health and therapeutic benefits, though there is still a lot of research needed to confirm these benefits for the federal authorities. Still, the information that is presently out there has caused the substance to surge in popularity for mainstream use, rather than being the taboo topic that it has previously been.

The Farm Bill, otherwise known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, passed, and the research was deemed sufficient to make hemp and CBD into legal products. With this law, a whole new world opened up for the CBD industry, and the market growth has been shocking, to say the least. A recent article from Forbes states that the industry could easily be worth over $5 billion by the end of this year, which would be seven times the value of the CBD industry last year. If the Brightfield Group’s 2019 report proves to be right, then the market could even be valued at $23.7 billion by 2023.

Even with the enormous growth that the CBD market has already sustained, there are still opportunities to explore. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still hasn’t established regulations for the market, which means that there’s no standards that can show the general consumer use yet. Brightfield Group believes that one of the biggest issues in the industry right now stems back to a general lack of understanding about the industry, including a lack of understanding about the production and consumption of CBD. Without this information, it is possible that consumers end up being vulnerable to false claims.

Everywhere consumers go, it is easy to find CBD products. Everything from candy to makeup to vaping products contain CBD, and big retail stores like CVS and Barneys have already added these types of products to their inventory. Unfortunately, with all of this misinformation, popular media is clearly finding it difficult to discover the truth in all the mess.

RESET Bioscience wants to change that. This company aims to change the way that CBD is accepted by the body with rest Balance, and recently published an absorption study on a CBD product, which is the first of its kind. The study was published at a peer-reviewed forum at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference. Conducted by Santé Laboratories, this study shows that the nano-liposomal delivery system that is provided by RESET Balance is able to deliver CBD to the user quickly, which gives them more with each dosage. Santé Laboratories is a facility that develops nano CBD products, and no other laboratory in Texas had been accredited for testing hemp and CBD before now.

The research can be found in a study called “Characterization + Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Nano-Liposome Delivery System of Cannabidiol,” and it shows how the formulation of RESET Balance clearly exceeds other products. It isn’t an oil or a pill, but millions of nano-liposomes. The research indicates that it can increase absorption by 80%.

Chris Barber, the CEO of RESET Bioscience, explained, “This means it has a higher bioavailability with more CBD, better enduring the digestion process. The result for you? More impact and less stress.”

RESET Bioscience aims to set themselves apart from the hundreds or even thousands of brands that resort to unsubstantiated claims, instead working with scientists to prove their products efficacy. Matt Reid, the president and co-founder of RESET Bioscience, remarked:

“RESET has also spent over $3 million to self-regulate its product and manufacturing process, ensuring quality and elimination of bio-accumulators that can pollute the hemp before extraction.”

Consumers can presently purchase RESET Balance in a neutral flavor or a peppermint flavor. The product comes with a dropper to allow consumers to take the formula sublingually for better absorption. Each does is only five calories.

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Many consumers don’t fully understand CBD’s benefits, due to the lack of verifiable information in…

New Study Reveals Nano-Liposome Is The Best Way To Take CBD | Forbes

Ever since news of the capabilities of cannabidiol (CBD) traveled from academia to the public, the plant extract has surged into mainstream use and wellness popularity.

After years of underground CBD sales and several clinical studies on its growing list of positive effects, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 , also known as the Farm Bill, was passed. This legalized the industrial cultivation and sale of hemp – consequently legalizing its derivatives, including CBD – and opened the floodgates for everything cannabidiol. Since then, the growth of the market has been so staggering that the industry is shaping up to be worth over $5 billion by the end of 2019, a 706% growth from 2018. Moreover, according to Brightfield Group’s 2019 report , the total U.S. CBD Market would reach $23.7 billion by 2023.

With such tremendous growth, are there still areas in the CBD business left to explore? Apparently, there are – and woefully so.

Much like the nutraceutical industry at large, the operations of CBD product manufacturers are not regulated by the FDA, which means that consumer information is not standardized. According to the same report by Brightfield Group, one of the key barriers to the industry is consumer education and awareness. A lack of basic understanding of the production and consumption of CBD – its low absorption rate , the difficulty and cost of extraction and isolation–means consumers are especially vulnerable to falsehoods.

Today, there’s a CBD product being sold at every corner, whether in coffee, gummies, sodas, creams, makeup and hair products, vaping liquid, or anything in between. Because of its many purported health benefits and non-psychoactive effects, even retail stores like CVS and Barneys have started selling the compound. But between CBD enthusiasts perpetuating misrepresentations of research studies and CBD companies marketing their goods with imprecise statements, misinformation runs rampant across popular media.

However, one company is committed to pioneering research and innovation in an industry that runs widely unsupervised . RESET Bioscience is disrupting the way CBD is delivered to the body with RESET Balance – a product developed using empirical investigations aimed at advancing how supplements are manufactured and delivered for optimal effect.

The scarcity of information is what inspired RESET Bioscience to publish and present the first absorption studies on a CBD product at a peer-reviewed forum at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference. The research, conducted by Santé Laboratories in Austin, Texas, proves that RESET Balance’s nano-liposomal delivery system offers the fastest and most efficient formulation of CBD, allowing users to get the most from each dosage. In addition to being the contract manufacturer of RESET Balance – Santé Laboratories is a vertically integrated facility that develops and manufactures nano CBD products, and is the first ISO accredited laboratory for hemp and CBD testing in Texas.

The study titled, “Characterization + Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Nano-Liposome Delivery System Of Cannabidiol,” confirmed that RESET Balance’s formulation is superior. Unlike other cannabidiol products, RESET Balance is neither oil nor a pill. It’s a suspension of millions of nano-liposome s– bubble-shaped vesicles made of lipids, or fatty acid-infused with pure, hemp-derived CBD particles. Nano-liposomes facilitate optimal absorption , which can be up to 80% more than traditional consumption.

“This means it has a higher bioavailability with more CBD, better enduring the digestion process. The result for you? More impact and less stress,” explains Chris Barber, CEO of RESET Bioscience.

Led by Dr. Brian Sloat, Ph.D., the researchconcluded that “an individual consuming RESET Balance will experience the benefits of the product sooner compared to oil-based products. RESET Balance had a Tmax of around 5.5 hours, where the commercial comparators were greater than 6.4 hours.”

Dr. Sloat is a pharmaceuticalscientist with decades of experience in drug delivery, formulations and manufacturing, as well as the development of vaccine prototypes for anthrax. He specializes in the development of lipid-based nanoparticles and has published over 20 scientific papers on the subject.

His team also notes that “two of the three oil-based CBD commercial comparators used in this study had dramatically lower relative bioavailability than RESET Balance, indicating more CBD is being absorbed with RESET Balance.”

In an industry where health benefits are supposed to be paramount, CBD brands and products sometimes resort tomaking unsubstantiated claims to offer the “best” effects for better sales. In an aim to stand out from competition, RESET Bioscience worked with scientists to prove — not just claim — that its proprietary nano-liposomal formulation is the most efficient way to deliver and absorb the compound.

“RESET has also spent over $3 million to self-regulate its product and manufacturing process, ensuring quality and elimination of bio-accumulators that can pollute the hemp before extraction,” reports Matt Reid, President and Co-founder of RESET Bioscience.

RESET Balance comes in two flavors- a neutral, flavorless product; and a peppermint-flavored one that offers a refreshing after-taste, perfect for first-time CBD users. It’s also easy to take: drop it under your tongue and your body will easily absorb it. Its caloric content is low at just 5 calories per tablespoon and it has less fat than coconut oil and Omega 3.

With such breakthrough in CBD development, RESET Bioscience aims to put a spotlight on their technology as the industry continues to expand. The company hopes that through responsible research and pharmaceutical advancements like nano-liposomes, more people can take advantage of the benefits of CBD.

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