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The pain that came with an old scar may have faded, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a mark left behind that you’d like to diminish. Honeydew’s Anti-Aging Scar Cream is Amazon’s Choice for treating old scars. This potent blend contains enriching avocado, coconut, and jojoba oils for superior moisturizing power and anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E soothes older scars, while shea butter and rosehip improve your skin’s elasticity and texture. The cream is designed to play well with sensitive skin for daily use, and it’s free of drying chemicals, parabens, and harsh additives that would negatively affect your scar’s healing. Scars can occur anywhere on your body, but finding a cream that’s tough enough to tackle scars on your legs or arms without causing irritation is tough. Derma E’s gel softens and smoothes scars for healthier, smoother skin. This cream’s botanical extract contains vitamin B5 for a gentle yet powerful approach to treating your body’s scars. The cruelty-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free formula encourages healthy skin by resolving burns and discoloration without irritation. Best for Surgical Scars: Scarless MD Advanced Silicone Scar Removal Cream. Surgery is an exhausting endeavor on its own, and waiting for your body to recover afterward adds even more stress. Surgical scars are notoriously difficult to get rid of, but Scarless MD’s Advanced Silicone Scar Removal Cream can help fade your post-surgery marks.

Silicone is considered a first-line treatment for scars.   Self-adhesive silicone gel sheets have long been a go-to for fading scars, but silicone creams can be just as effective. Using this cream about one to two weeks after your stitches have been removed can give you a head-start on scar removal. It contains 100% pure medical-grade silicone, which helps your skin heal while maintaining moisture for a flatter, less noticeable mark. Additional ingredients, like Vitamin E and antioxidants, add even more scar-fighting power to this cream. Post-surgery customers on Amazon loved this powerful cream’s effects, saying that it reduced or eliminated scars from tummy tucks, hip replacements, and even open-heart surgery. This Amazonian tree frog's poison has become part of the latest supercleanse trend. Native tribes have used them for their supposedly powerful healing properties. — -- Deep in the Peruvian Amazon lives a giant tree frog that is in high demand for its natural toxins, which people are using to poison themselves in a ceremony that has become the latest supercleanse trend. For hundreds of years, these frogs have been used by Amazonian tribes for their supposedly powerful healing properties. The person first burns a small area of skin and then applies the frog toxins, called kambo or sapo, to the burned spot so they’re quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. At first, the person feels a few moments of serenity, but within seconds, that feeling turns to suffering and can force the person to vomit. The effect shortly fades away, and practitioners say it’s worth it, claiming the process can cure depression, drug dependency, heart problems, high blood pressure and gastrointestinal issues. Lenny Kosh works as a mortgage broker and went to a kambo practitioner in the Los Angeles hills on a recommendation from his holistic health practitioner. “Kambo is helping me resolve emotions to understand them. It’s almost like a guide to a resolution,” Kosh said. “I believe that everyone should go through this experience at least once in their life.” “It did kind of scare me,” said Johndell Hill, who was trying kambo for the first time. “But I kind of trusted … my intuition.” Currently, there is no research indicating kambo benefits human health, and it is not officially classified as a medicine. There is no regulation of this treatment by the Food and Drug Administration or other authorities, though kambo is legal in the U.S., and people who use it swear by it. “Like any medicine, if you … do it with no knowledge, [there] is obviously more danger,” said Simon Scott, the founder of Kambo Cleanse, a retreat organization based in Arizona. “It requires a certain amount of preparation … So I would say it’s not wise to do kambo if you have not done it before, you know, alone.” Watch the “Nightline” team’s harrowing journey deep into the Amazon rain forest to see the fabled frog up close and capture the kambo experience HERE. Amazon explorer Peter Gorman, who claims credit for bringing sapo to the U.S., owns a camp in the rain forest where visitors who want to try kambo can stay. “[Kambo] somehow just seemed to explode on the scene,” he said. “It’s the emerging stages of a small but legitimate phenomenon.” As treatments from the Amazon like kambo become more popular, Gorman said, people can’t ignore the impact it could have on the local ecosystem. “I don’t think any indigenous group in the Amazon is large enough to be able to handle busloads of tourists coming in,” he said. “I think that would destroy their entire way of life.” In order to extract the toxins from the frog, a guide places strings around its four feet and spreads out the limbs between four sticks.

The toxins the frog releases as a defense mechanism are then scraped off its back with another stick. Once the toxins have dried on the stick, the skin is burned, and the toxins are reconstituted with saliva or water and applied to the burned skin. Peter Arnold traveled all the way from Switzerland for kambo. He said he has tried it four times already because he wanted the “unique” experience. “You throw up, you feel very sick, you feel like you’re going to die,” he said, laughing. “And finally it’s going away, and after that, you have a kind of a feeling of being relieved.” But afterward, participants say they feel cleansed. “I believe it really works like the detoxification of your body.” Hemp calming support for dogs.

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