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This is the kind of place you need to visit to believe. Provided by American Roads Travel Magazine - Visit American Roads Travel Magazine website. This is a page of…A compendium (brief) of things to think about…A page about being present where you are…a page about “Can you believe this?”.

A page about looking through Thoreau’s frog’s eyes in middle Georgia. Many years of looking, thinking, watching, experiencing what might be and/or IS out there. You’ll see we are often overwhelmed, under-whelmed, awe-struck, amazed, in a haze, grateful, amateur/professional gardeners…seekers. Ever optimistic, often tired, muscle weary, brain froze, forever amazed, always looking, forever watchful old children of nature. Many years of observations and questions…”What’s out the back door?…Is this only happening to us?…Would that somebody else saw that!…Come out here quick!” Traveling by steps, not miles…Tracing the steps of kinship with other creatures in the garden… We are often asked, “which one of you wrote that?” We write together. One will have an idea, write it out in rough (sometimes rougher than you’d believe) draft then call in the other. “Right now?” Then comes the critical reading and that usually goes something like this. “You never like anything I write!” After much re-writing, we get to what looks like approval, often 5 star approval, sometimes “if you really think it will fly” approval.

If I ever feel like I need guidance on what it means to be a good man, or human for that matter: one who loves others, cares for all creatures big and small, and provides a beacon of positive energy and spirituality that lifts the souls of everyone he encounters I need never look any farther than my amazing Uncle Robert Tod Darryl Herren. When I doubt myself, I can have faith not only in God, but also in knowing I must have at least a little of the same blood in my veins he did. My love and prayers are with you and with my equally amazing (for what other kind of partner can a man like that have) Aunt Marsha Fort-Herren. I will be in Europe for the service but plan to come out soon and spend some time with everyone there. The official music video for "Richest Place On Earth" that debuted on @raisedrowdy. Filmed 100% with people from and in my hometown of Eatonton, GA. Due to several recent inquiries, a reminder that Olive Forge Herb Farm is closed. Meyer's Lemons in fruit and flower and then 3 big grapefruits. Had 8 grapefruits on this same tree one year which made me the largest grapefruit producer in Haddock, GA! I have been so worried about all the NEW uses of essential oils, sold even to take internally! You can learn everything from an Essential oil party? Yes, I'm old fashioned in lots of ways but I'm speaking from 40+ years of experience and studying essential oils! I have no confidence in the safety of "fragrance oils" either. The only distinction made on fragrance oil is "skin safe". folks, this was used as an embalming/mummifying oil! I just wrote this in response to several people who have shared a post about their cat getting sick from Essential Oils being used in a diffuser. All my study tells me that a heated diffuser changes the properties of Essential oils. If you want to fragrance a room (where the cat isn't living), a couple of drops of Essential oils on a paper towel scrap will suffice for a short time and be gone. Darryl had it moved when we relocated to Brown's Crossing. He had built it as my Herb House in the early 1970s. Gonna put the pansies outside but the fragrance of them here on the porch is wonderful! Already enough flowers to make a good batch of jelly. No matter what color the flowers are the jelly will be a light pink/lavender color. Looking a bit ragged now but these berries were the first export from the colony of Georgia. Sumac was shipped to France to use in their fine tanning business.

It was the Native people in GA who taught us the sumac berries made a wonderful pink-colored lemonade! No, this Sumac isn't poisonous, that one has white berries and grows in swampy areas. Thank you for your interest, I will try to keep this page up to date about herbs! Nothing compares to the feeling inside a greenhouse. This was a great sighting Five years ago and we've never seen another! The Yellow Breasted Chat came to see us about an hour ago. Drank and bathed and gave us time to get some pics. This moment is part of why we watch these creatures.

Lots of us spend time and money researching our ancestors. We've spent time investigating the history of plants which is often just as traceable and often as sordid as that of people. WARS have been fought over plants (indigo) and continue to this day as the current news talks about a great shortage of real vanilla beans.


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