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What is the best bloom booster for cannabis? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by cannabis growers due to the fact that bloom boosters can help your plants to produce delicious flavors, aromatic hints, high yields and prettier flowers in general. That’s why these types of products are used a lot when growing cannabis and in gardening in general.

Generally, growers with less experience tend to work with basic products for the growth and flowering period, without adding any other type of ingredient for the pre-bloom period – maybe a bud fattener, at most, with a bit of phosphorus and potassium. Stimulants tend to be forgotten or simply the grower does not have enough knowledge to know how to use them.

For these reasons and many more, we’re going to recommend some of the best bloom boosters for cannabis plants, what their effects are and how you should use them to get the best possible results.

Cannabiogen Delta 9 | Bloom Booster

Delta 9 by Cannabiogen is a great bloom booster for various reasons, including its list of complex ingredients and the amazing results that it offers. It’s also one of the most copied products out there; until recently, there weren’t many products on the market that offered the same results as this product, until Delta 9 appeared.

How to use Cannabiogen Delta 9

Before using, make sure that your water isn’t rich in lime; use distilled or osmosis water. If you don’t, you may cause accidental over-feeding or a bad reaction with Delta 9.

  • It may be counterproductive to use doses over the stated amount or apply too frequently.
  • Spray Delta 9 ten days before your plants begin to flower, 4-6ml per liter of water.
  • Ten days after spraying, use the same dose when watering.
  • Repeat again ten days later.
  • Just three doses should be enough to get the amazing results Delta 9 is capable of producing.


When used correctly, Delta 9 can increase resin yield about 20%, as well as overall yield up to 20%. Your plants will begin to flower much earlier, and they’ll have enough energy to flower almost flawlessly, producing shorter internodes.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor | Bloom Booster

Bud Ignitor is a flowering stimulant that’s highly valued among professional cannabis growers due to its interesting properties. You’ll need to start using it right before the pre-bloom period starts in order to get the best possible results. Depending on the strain you’re growing, you’ll need to use it for more or less time.

How to use Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor

You can use this product once or twice a week, depending on the size of your plants, although for the best possible results you should use it twice a week. On the one hand, it’s important to know exactly what kind of strain you’re growing and keep their flowering times under control; when used at the wrong time, you may get unwanted results- We recommend using this booster as soon as you flip your plants’ light schedule and they begin to pre-flower.

  • Use 1-2 times a week. 2ml/L with or without their normal feed.


The reason people keep coming back for more Bud Ignitor is that, apart from accelerating the start of the flowering period slightly, it also increases the amount of short internodes on your plants. Your plants will therefore be able to yield more flowers, increasing your final yield by quite a lot.

Grotek Blossom Blaster | Bloom Booster

Blossom Blaster is a highly concentrated booster that contains quality minerals. It can be acquired in both liquid and powder format. It’s used to accelerate your plants’ natural processes, creating flowers earlier and giving them a bit more energy. If you want to make the most out of this product, you’ll need to use Monster Bloom afterwards; this product is used to fatten up the buds that you’ve created using Blossom Blaster.

How to use Grotek Blossom Blaster
Grotek recommends a weekly dosage on their nutrient chart – if you want to use this product more times a week, you will need to divide the recommended amount. If you forget to do this you’ll start seeing clear signs of overfeeding after around 2-3 weeks.

  • Use 0.1g/L during the first flowering week and the third flowering week.

Blossom Blaster is capable of producing a faster flowering period, and plants capable of yielding much larger flowers, shorter internodes and plenty of energy which allows them to produce much faster and larger flowers.

Top Crop Big One | Bloom Booster

Big One by Top Crop is the perfect stimulant for organic cannabis growers; it contains 23% Ascophyllun Nodosum algae, and comes with a SHC seal that guarantees that it’s 100% permitted for organic use. It’s also one of the most affordable products on the market and one of the most efficient ones; organic algae offer amazing results.

How to use Top Crop Big One

Due to being a highly concentrated product, we don’t recommend going over the recommended dose, and if you’re using it alongside the rest of Top Crop’s products, you’ll need to halve the dose or you risk overfeeding your plant. It can be used via water or spray.

  • Use 2ml/L of water or spray 10 days before the pre-bloom period starts.
  • Repeat the process twice more every 10 days.


Big One helps you to increase the size of your plants’ flowers about 40%, and in the best possible case it can help increase resin yield by 30%. On the other hand, it gives your plants energy for the flowering period, it increases their strength, general appearance, and gives the final product a much higher quality. The best thing about this product is that, due to its organic nature, it increases aroma and flavor by quite a lot.

This is just a small amount of the many flowering stimulants that are currently on the market – there’s a never-ending amount of brands and companies that make products like these for different kinds of growers; although these are just some of the bloom boosters that are best for cannabis growers.

Find out what the best bloom booster for marijuana is, how to use it and the effects that it will produce on your crop. Keep reading!