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San Francisco University High School (home is Portsmouth, NH) Major/Minor: Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE), Computer Science (minor) A San Francisco native, Alexa now spends most of her time in New Hampshire and Montana. She was a microeconomics mentor (tutor) for three years, but she currently works as one of the Head Tour Guides. Outside of class, you can find her debating political philosophies or, better yet, “The Bachelor “fan theories. Ana dances for and competes with The Claremont Colleges Ballroom Dance Company.

As event coordinator for Challah for Hunger, she enthusiastically sells challah on Fridays. Besides dancing and bread, she enjoys photography, hot chocolate and sitting in the sun. Elli comes from Thessaloniki, the not-so-famous "co-capital" of Greece. Being very unsettled in her major, Elli enjoys taking unrelated classes, ranging from Linguistic Anthropology to Black and White Photography. Member of the Claremont Debate Union, and agent at Star47 Student Calling Program, she loves to talk and argue about everything. Sarah lis a serial hobbyist with a love for studying justice issues and studio art. Around campus, she can be found rehearsing with the 5C a cappella group Midnight Echo, practicing aerial silks, planning protests with fellow students, or doing handstands in Circus Club. She has a compulsory need to pet every dog she passes and is likely to slide into the splits at a moment's notice. Born and raised in Hawai’i, Siena is partial to tropical weather, but she still loves seeing the snow on Mt Baldy. Outside of her humanities-only classes, she enjoys attending lectures hosted by the politics department, writing for The Student Life newspaper and reading a good book.

Being a tour guide is her third job, as Siena also works for the Sustainability Office as an EcoRep and manages the Book Room (another sustainability initiative). Siena loves to paint, watch the sunset from the Quad, and talk about missing the beach. Major: Undecided (potentially Media Studies) Straight out of a small city in west Texas, Britney loves watching way too many lifestyle videos on YouTube, traveling, and learning as much as possible. A potential Media Studies major, she’s always looking for new recommendations on what to watch. When she’s not touring, she’s crashing friends’ rooms, eating too many cookies with ice cream, or walking aimlessly around campus. Major/Minor: Computer Science, English (minor) Victoria is from way down south in Gulfport, Mississippi, which is known for Barq's Root Beer or Hurricane Katrina. She finds herself in Claremont scootering downhill and embracing the liberal arts education, taking a variety of classes from Fiction Writing to Linear Algebra. As a tentative Computer Science major, she can be found in Lincoln’s lounges or the Coop Fountain, "working." In her free time, she participates as a committee member for Pomona's FLI Scholars (First-Generation and/or Low-Income), a baker for Claremont Challah, and the head clown in her friends' dorms. Walter Payton College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL. Coming from the southside of Chicago, Nick can do without all the winter snow. Some of his favorite pastimes include gazing at the San Gabriel mountains for hours and skateboarding around campus. You’ll usually find him in shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops on any given occasion (except on tours). He’s a member of the Pomona-Pitzer Track & Field Team, FLI Scholars, a mentor for OBSA and a happy sponsor of 18 first-years (go B2F!). If you see him staring into the sky, don’t be alarmed: he’s either marveling at the planes flying into LAX or is in deep contemplation of whether he should spend money on a breakfast burrito at the Coop Fountain—again. Coffee is Brandon's best friend through thick and thin: It aids in his battles against theoretical math problems, supplements his time with friends, and calms him during even the most stressful times. Coffee also helps him plan FoRCES meetings, a club committed to bringing representation to minorities in STEM, as well as integrating these issues with the humanities to bring about accurate, relevant change. You won't get lost on his tours; just follow the trailing scent of coffee. Liliana is considering majoring in Physics and French. Outside of quantum mechanics and wanting to become a Parisian, she is passionate about Latin American history and Frank brunch on Sundays. When she is not giving tours, you can find her playing 5C Women’s Ultimate Frisbee, working at the Sustainability Integration Office, or eating a Some Crust cookie. Major/Minor: Economics, Theatre (minor) Claire is from the frozen tundra and is enjoying the sunny California weather!

Between ballroom dancing, organizing Pomona blood drives, and doing technical theatre for both the Pomona Theatre Department and The Green Room, she has a variety of interests both inside and outside of the classroom. In her (limited) spare time, Claire loves attending Snack, devouring fantasy/adventure novels, and testing out the chocolate milk at all the dining halls (spoiler: Pomona's is the best). A lover of languages, Emma has studied French and Arabic and is currently part of a team project to highlight linguistic diversity at Pomona.

She is a research assistant in the French department and a Linguistics mentor, and she also volunteers with the 5C Refugee Advocacy Network by tutoring at a local mosque. When not giving tours, she can be found at the gym, downing coffee from the Sagehen Café, or power napping.


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