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Fruit Spirit

Fruit Spirit: One of the best-tasting strains at RQS

Fruity genetics

Fruit Spirit boasts a name that explains exactly what it has to offer. This White Widow and Blueberry-derived cultivar soars with a sweet flavour profile and even sweeter effects. For connoisseur smokers seeking a sensation that will never get boring, we are proud to present Fruit Spirit feminized by Royal Queen Seeds.

Dependable growth and sweet yields

Despite being sativa-dominant (60%), Fruit Spirit seldom grows over a metre tall indoors. Outside with lots of sun, she can stretch up to 2 metres. This is a great strain for growing in warm, even tropical climates like Spain, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, and Brazil.

On average, Fruit Spirit will yield 475–525g/plant outside and 375–425g/m² inside under a 600W light. Fans of large main colas with be very pleased with the growth of Fruit Spirit. Consisting of dense, frosty buds, it carries an aroma that will have you itching for harvest.

After an 8-week flowering period, which is quite short for a sativa-leaning strain, Fruit Spirit will be ready for the chop. Extra care and consideration should be taken to maximise the flavour profile of Fruit Spirit after harvesting. Our recommendation is to dry your plant for 7 days prior to trimming/clipping. Performing a dry trim will help to maintain this special flavour, which can be easily lost during the drying period.

Out-of-this-world effects

The smoke from Fruit Spirit is beyond outstanding. Its super-sweet blueberry taste combined with a pleasant head high is guaranteed to make this marijuana one of your all-time favourites. The aroma experienced in the grow-op is heightened even further, culminating in what can only be described as an exquisite smoke session. With 18% THC, the high is simultaneously uplifting but not too overwhelming, making it a great strain for any time of day.

Fruit Spirit data sheet

Strain Type: Feminized
THC: 18%
CBD: Medium
Yield Indoor : 375 – 425 gr/m2
Yield Outdoor: 475 – 525 gr/plant
Height Indoor: 80 – 120 cm
Height Outdoor: 175 – 220 cm
Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
Harvest Month: Early October
Genetic Background: Blueberry x White Widow
Type: Sativa 60% Indica 40%
Effect: High (sweet taste)
Climate: Mild
Flavor: Blueberry, Sweet

Title : Fruit Spirit
Comment : Easy growing plant that in the right conditions guarantees nice and big flowers. If you like to be mind stoned and you love sweet flavor’s weed you can’t miss this strain!

Title : Pierre
Comment : Super bonne weed et effet Sativa délicieux 😋

Title : A nice taste and enjoyable effects
Comment : Grows well and offers decent yield

Title : Alex
Comment : Alle 3 Samen haben am dritten Tag gekeimt. Jetzt wachsen sie seit 2 Wochen fröhlich und noch läuft alles wie es soll

Comment : I have grown this plant several times. A lovely short, uniform, single cola structure. Low odour. Quite a nice taste and a good ‘middle of the road’ high/stone. Very good value for money. Definitely recommend.

Title : Sweet
Comment : Délicieuse

Title : Tasty
Comment : Sweet

Title : Spedizione veloce
Comment : Ottimo

Title : fruit spirit
Comment : 1 seme nata senza problemi buon seme

Title : Fast shipping
Comment : 3 out of 3 germinated. Can’t wait for vegetation stage

Title : Bonne qualité
Comment : bon comme toujours !

Title : Fruit spirit
Comment : Schnelle Keimung, super Wachstum, gerne wieder

Title : Bonne variété
Comment : Je la recommande

Title : Quick Germination
Comment : 1/1 Germinated. Lets see how it will develop 🙂

Title : S.P
Comment : Amazing

Fruit Spirit has a very descriptive strain name. This cannabis variety induces very spirited highs with a flavoursome, fruity punch.