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This is made marginally difficult by the walls that Hasapiko starts flinging forward at you. If you touch one of these white glowing walls, you will instantly die. As you take down Hasapiko's health, it will start spawning more walls when it's vulnerable. The walls will start coming two at a time, so you'll want to kind of ride the middle area and decide which part of the map is clear for you to reside in.

If you get Hasapiko down to its last bit of health, it will spawn three Quantum Hydras. You will need to destroy these before the final Living Firewalls spawn, and you can then take down Hasapiko for good. Up on the left side of this room is a ledge where Hobgoblins spawn. Triumph: Only have one player in the pool that the Living Firewalls spawn. Cursed Thralls will spawn and once killed they will drop relics that can be thrown at Arunak to drop its shield. You can only deal damage while the shields are down. Once you've gotten Arunak down in health, it will spawn a couple of Treasure Knights. You don't have to kill these, but they obviously deal a ton of damage if you get too close. Continue gathering relics and dealing damage to Arunak until it's dead.

The first phase requires your team to stand on one of the plates to lure the boss out from behind its shield. The second phase requires two, and the third requires three. Once you capture the plates, you'll be able to deal damage freely until it retreats behind the shield again. The Menagerie will be getting updates throughout June, including new bosses, and even the Menagerie Heroic Mode! Owners of the Annual Pass will see new Menagerie bosses introduced throughout the first month of June, concluding with the introduction of Heroic difficulty. Matchmaking will be available for normal difficulty, but Heroic will require a pre-made fireteam to take on the greater challenge. If you’re using the Square Point of Sale app or Square Online Store and are designated as a business, you can subscribe to Square Loyalty and create a digital rewards program to recognize repeat customers. To set up your Loyalty Program: Log in to the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard. Choose the reward value > Enter the discount that will be applied for the reward. Square’s Loyalty program subscription cost is based on your customer’s participation with your program. Pricing is based on the total number of qualifying Loyalty Visits across all active locations per month in the following tiers: Monthly Location Cost Loyalty Visits $45 Up to 500 $75 501-1,500 $105 1,501-10,000 Contact Square Sales Greater than 10,000. You are able to enroll your customers during a purchase, or directly from your online Square Dashboard. To enroll your customers during a purchase: Process a sale the same way you normally would. After the sale has been completed and your customer has passed the receipt screen, they’ll reach the Loyalty Screen. Your customer enters their 10-digit phone number to opt-in to your loyalty program. They’ll receive an SMS indicating they’ve been enrolled and, if applicable, earned their first star, along with a link to view their loyalty program status. To enroll your customers from your Customer Directory: Head to the Customers section of your online Square Dashboard or Square app. Under the Loyalty section, click or tap Create Account . Take a look at the How to Enroll your Loyalty Customer tutorial in the Point of Sale App to see what your customers will need to do to enroll in your loyalty program. 1.Select Support in the sidebar of your Point of Sale App. Select Tutorials and Tours and choose Enroll a Loyalty Customer. Tap Start Tutorial in the pop up screen to learn how your customers can enroll in your loyalty program after their transaction. When making a purchase through your Square online store, customers can also enroll in your Loyalty program by providing their phone number during the checkout process. Can my Loyalty program work for multiple locations?

If your business has multiple locations, you can create a loyalty program that works across any or all of them. Can a customer redeem rewards through an online purchase? Customers can redeem or earn rewards for transactions completed through your Square Online Store. When completing a transaction on your business’ website, the buyer will need to enter in their phone number to apply any accrued rewards to their transaction.

The rewards used for the purchase will appear on their digital receipt. How do I redeem a reward that my customer has earned? To redeem a reward: From the Square app, tap Redeem Rewards in your item library. Enter your customer’s 10-digit phone number to search for available rewards. Select rewards to apply them to the customer’s cart.


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