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Your visitors will also find glass bongs and pipes, grinders of all shapes and sizes, dabbing rigs (no, not the dance move), and all the accessories they could ever need. They also have stores serving the US, Canada, and the UK, so that opens up lots of affiliate opportunities for you. Something else worth mentioning is that a percentage of every sale goes towards planting more trees, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too. As far as affiliate programs go there’s a lot to like here. Firstly, affiliates can expect to make an average $15 commission payment for every sale.

But more important is their 30% conversion rate, so the more traffic you push their way the more money you can make. If you don’t understand what we mean it’s basically this – if you send 9 people to their store, 3 of them will buy something. Growing medicinal marijuana is something that can take a lot of trial and error, especially when it comes to keeping your plants healthy. Lotus Nutrients takes all the guesswork out of that with their range of water-soluble powders designed for each stage of the growing process. Each of their nutrient powders is made from 15 natural ingredients, giving your plants exactly what they need and when they need it. These products are made by medicinal plant growers, for medicinal plant growers, combining decades of experience into one single range of products. Affiliates for this program will receive an average commission of $98 per sale.

That’s just for promoting a range of nutrient products, and nothing more, through affiliate links. And in even better news, most of the keywords around these products have a KD score of 12 or under. Which means this is one of those programs we’d strongly suggest you consider signing up for. Bloomgrove is just a little different from every other company we’ve featured so far. They supply all the usual accessories for medical marijuana users like vaporizers, grinders and even torches. But they’re, “…more than just a headshop”, and we’d have to agree. Because they also sell tents, storage containers and even “cones”– they look like Camberwell Carrots to me…but I’m no expert. And then our absolute favorite products – infusers, and even a device for making herb-infused butter. They have a really solid range of tangential products that we couldn’t find anywhere else, or at least not in any affiliate program we can recommend. So, out of the gate affiliates get paid 15% commission on all referred sales. But, top-performing affiliates can receive a bump to a 20% commission rate. Apparently, they’ll even customize their affiliate marketing creatives (banner ads) to your specific needs. And with an absolutely massive EPC of $396, we’d put money on them cutting some seriously impressive affiliate checks each month. The Bud Grower came about as the result of one man’s frustration at not being able to buy everything he needed to grow his medicinal marijuana in one place. He basically wanted a complete, soup-to-nuts, indoor grow kit…but couldn’t find one. So he developed his own and now sells them to other people. Each of The Budgrower kits contains everything your visitors would need to grow your own plants. This includes the seeds, a grow tent, timers, pots, containers, lamps, rope hangers, and even the soil/potting mix. And they’re somehow managing to do this at roughly 65% off what you’d pay in a store or from their competitors. They also have an online knowledge base that teaches you the basics of growing your own plants and herbs. On average people spend around $640 in a single online order, which equates to one of their standard grow kits plus a handful of accessories. Each “average” order sent via your affiliate links is worth $74 in affiliate commissions to you. It’s a sad fact of life, but some of us have greener fingers than others. For example, I kill every single plant I try to grow…with the exception of potatoes, for some weird reason.

The Aero Garden is perfect for those of you who want to grow plants but suffer from the same curse I do. These are electronically controlled hydroponic systems designed for indoor use – they actually look kind of like plant pots with a digital display. But the neat thing is they can also be used to grow medical marijuana, and without using even the tiniest scrap of soil. No other site made this connection, so we just gave you an unfair advantage. The Aero Garden program pays affiliates a rather odd 7.5% commission.

And because these products are modular in nature you can expect your visitors to make multiple purchases. DaVinci Vaporizers were created for one specific purpose and that’s for heating loose-leaf herbs and plants so you can inhale their medicinal properties. They’re not e-cigs masquerading as marijuana vapes – you can’t use CBD oil or concentrates in them. These vaporizers have even won awards– namely the 2017 Spannabis Award for “Best Product”. You can also use the DaVinci IQ app to track your usage of their products, which is a nice touch.


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