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Where Can You Purchase Topical Cannabis Products Like Salves And Lotions?

It’s widely known that cannabis helps treat a number of symptoms and side effects, both by ingestion and when smoking it. But, did you also know that cannabis can be used as a topical salve or lotion to relieve pain and other uncomfortable symptoms such as joint pain, muscle strain, and irritated skin? More importantly, these topical cannabis lotions and salves typically do not cause the psychoactive so they’re safe to use anytime or anywhere you don’t want the high that comes with ingesting or smoking cannabis.


Unfortunately, not all states legally allow cannabis lotions and topicals. Despite the fact that these products don’t generally have any psychoactive effect (although some can, like bath preparations), they simply aren’t legal in every state. A legal collective, dispensary, caregiver, maker, farmer, etc. in a legal state is the only place you’ll find authentic cannabis spa–and I stand by that statement. Cannabis topicals are not legal in prohibition states, period. However hemp lotions and topical preparations ARE legal in every state and you can find these topical hemp products at stores like Whole Foods.

Still, there’s hope that more states will realize the medicinal properties of this beneficial plant in the near future. As of today, you cannot legally buy authentic, THC and cannabinoid-rich, cannabis salves, lotions or other spa preparations online and have those shipped to a prohibitionist state, or even shipped over state lines. And the fine-tooth-comb-y of that is something only a lawyer can sort out.

Hemp is a separate issue with different regulations which are much more lax since hemp products are sold at mainstream retailers like Whole Foods. Hemp lotions and salves with less than .03% THC are legal in all 50 states–but may not be legal for active military. Consult your local regulations and attorney for advice on which hemp products are legal in your state.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a legal state, like Colorado, or you are in a medical state like California, this means that you can find topical cannabis products like lotions in your local legal cannabis dispensary–and you’ll be able to prepare cannabis salves and lotions at home too! Please remember that if you are visiting one of the legal states–cannabis spa, lotions, baths, salves, etc. STAY in the legal states. Do not attempt to carry cannabis lotions and other spa preparations back to a prohibitionist state. I can’t stress this enough. Just because it’s not getting you high, doesn’t mean it won’t get you busted.

For those of us in legal states–preparing your own authentic cannabis salves and spa potions at home has several advantages that are really terrific: Customization, cost, convenience–I enjoy the creative part of some of the more complex ways to prepare cannabis spa, but the basic luxury of fresh olive oil, fruits, herbs, and flowers are convenient, budget-friendly items you already have, and are the basis of creating satisfying and effective cannabis spa preparations at home. Cannabis salve can be made at home in your own kitchen with many of the same, wholesome, food-grade ingredients that you use to prepare cannabis edibles!

Where can you purchase authentic cannabis topicals like lotions, salves, creams, baths?