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This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience, which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy. Charlotte’s Web is a classic tale of friendship that develops in a fun barnyard setting.

This free Charlotte’s Web unit study includes math, science, history, language, and even art! I recommend reading the book together aloud as a family even if everyone in the family will not be completing the unit. As you read Charlotte’s Web, complete the activities listed for each chapter. The vocabulary words listed are words found in the chapter that the student might not know. You can look up the definitions and create a vocabulary book. Resource List: Activities for Charlotte’s Web Unit Study: Ch. 1 – Fern gets the pig because she is an early riser. (The early bird gets the worm.) Discuss the setting of the book. 3 – From the descriptions, draw a picture of the barn, complete with all of the animals.

4 – Wilbur is gloomy because all of his plans are ruined because of the rain. Choose one of the activities and write a story about how you helped someone overcome their gloom by doing that activity with them. 5 – Learn about spiders: their anatomy, are they insects, how many varieties. Record your findings on this spider notebooking page. 8 – For discussion: Do you think animals talk to each other? Think about the differences between Charlotte and Wilbur. 9 – Learn about spider’s webs and how they spin them. Vocabulary: glistened, veil, exertions, bewilderment. 12 – What words would you suggest to Charlotte to write in her web? Use white chalk and draw your web on black construction paper. 13 – Look through newspaper or magazine ads to find words that would work for Charlotte’s web. 14 – For discussion: Why was Fern’s mother concerned? Use the daily change worksheet to practice “buying” some items. 20 – Use the Charlotte’s Web notebooking page to draw a picture of a scene from the book and write a brief summary of the story so far. Vocabulary: extraordinary, phenomenon, complimentary. 21 – For discussion: What does it mean to be a friend? 22 – Use the plot summary worksheet to identify the different parts of the book’s plot. White's masterfully woven story of friendshipВ to build and reinforce readers' vocabulary and comprehension skills. Quick links to unit plan resources: About This Unit. As students complete the assignments in these two lesson plans and interact with the Charlotte's Web Flashlight Readers activity, they will: Explore character, setting, and story events, and organize a variety of these elements to construct story-related comic strips Use text, images, and dialogue to reconstruct story events and make up their own storylines or messages Use word analysis skills to identify parts of speech and to identify plural and singular nouns, synonyms, prefixes, and word meanings Learn about and discuss processes involved in producing a film version of a popular children's book Cooperatively work with a group of peers to develop a plan for and write a story-based script to perform for others. Organic ready to mix superfood tea lattes that target stress to support body detox, focus and memory function. Ready to mix meal supplement bubble teas that are not only delicious but also a good-for-you hunger management tool. 8-week program that involves replacing two meals a day with a Superfood Tea Latte or Bubble Tea of your choice.

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