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Try saying “has the potential to”, “can help”, “may support”, and using other padded language instead. This protects you from making a solid claim that your product can actually treat, cure, or prevent any illness. While Soul CBD may be playing it a little fast and loose with their claims, we do enjoy that their account puts a huge emphasis on education. The brand raises awareness about popular health concerns, encouraging people to do additional research.

They also have awesome product and lifestyle images, accompanied by laser-focused hashtags that draw more attention to their posts. All-in-all, Soul CBD is a stellar example of effective Instagram for CBD brands. Florida-based Green Roads just celebrated a huge milestone of 50,000+ Insta followers, and we aren’t surprised. This brand understands its audience and tailors its posts to get maximum engagement. They are #winning by diversifying their content beyond product promo pics and offering health and wellness inspiration. Green Roads uses responsible hashtags, and we love their #EveryDayBetter branded hashtag campaign. We also applaud them for their “Tag Us” Highlight—user-generated content is a powerful tool for brands. By showcasing Insta users who tag their brand, they’re building trust and encouraging new users to continue posting creative product pics and shout-outs.

CBD powerhouse, Charlotte’s Web, gives a face to hemp growers and the people who benefit from the plant’s therapeutic properties. The Stanley Brothers have worked to make CBD available to children with epilepsy—and to make CBD more approachable and free of social stigma. They go #beyondtheseed by connecting their employees’ photos, customer stories, and other real-life content to their overall mission. We appreciate that this account isn’t cluttered with overly-poses, promotional pictures. Shots feel natural—simple nature photos and intimate portraits. This is a lesson in making sure your content is authentic, high-quality, and true to your brand. While marketing CBD may be a little more tricky than other health products, these industry-leading Instagram accounts prove that creativity and perseverance are key. As long as you’re savvy, you can absolutely build a loyal Instagram following that sells more CBD products and builds brand loyalty. Need some help getting started with Instagram for CBD brands? Witty Kitty has helped many CBD and health supplement companies and we can adhere to FDA guidelines without making your social content a snoozefest! Purchased over $1009 on semi annual sale for kettlebells and other fitness equipment. After two weeks of accepting my order and taking my money I still haven’t received any updates. I contacted them and was told if they accepted your order it will ship. Then I waited for a while until they sent me separate emails claiming they oversold and cancelling my order. We’re in freaking June, Covid 19 has been around a while. If I would have been told immediately I would have moved on and bought it somewhere that had it in stock. They cost me the opportunity to buy it somewhere else like at Rogue and Repfitness. Just a waste of time and you’ll just end up disappointed because they can’t fullfill your order. Oversold their equipment but kept my money for a month. I recently purchased roughly $800 dollars worth of kettlebell and fitness equipments from onnit. After purchase, it said to allow 5-7 business days for processing around the third week of not receiving any information about my purchase I attempted to call onnit 3 times with no answer and no call back I then emailed them and waited a 4 day period with no response.

After this, I received 5 separate emails stating that onnit during their fitness sale, unfortunately, oversold their equipment and were canceling my order due to lack of inventory. this was extremely frustrating being that I waited a significant period to first place this order and then had to wait an additional 3 weeks to hear that I was not going to receive any of the equipment I purchased. I'll start by saying I absolutely love Onnits fitness products, I have steel clubs, steel maces, kettlebells and a battle rope.

I've tried some if their supplements (creatine, alpha brain, Shroom Support, etc) but haven't been taking long enough to comment one way or the other. I've had 5 different orders from them over the past month and a half (took advantage of their semi-annual sale) and 3 of my 5 orders have been wrong.


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