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The Guide to Cannabis Jobs is jam-packed with 23 pages of useful information to help you land a new position in the marijuana industry, including:

  • How to break into a cannabis career
  • Cultivation job opportunities
  • Manufacturing job opportunities
  • Testing job opportunities
  • Dispensing and retail job opportunities
  • Ancillary cannabis job opportunities
  • Cannabis job salaries
  • Cannabis job benefits
  • Types of education you need to land a cannabis job
  • How to get started immediately on your path to employment in the marijuana industry

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The good news is there are cannabis jobs available for people with a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Whether you’re interested in getting your hands dirty in agriculture or helping patients and customers as a dispensary manager, there is an opportunity for you.

5 Essential Tips to Land a Cannabis Job

Once you download The Guide to Cannabis Jobs, you’ll have a better understanding of the types of jobs available in the industry and in support of the industry as well as clear direction on the steps to take to become a viable candidate for the jobs that interest you. However, there are some things you can start working on right away. Here are five essential tips to add to your cannabis job search toolbox:

1. Understand Industry Terminology and Policies

No matter what position you have within a cannabis or cannabis-related company, it’s important to understand basic industry terminology and marijuana policies. For example, if you want to work as a budtender in a medical marijuana dispensary, you should know what THC is and how much marijuana patients are allowed to buy and possess in your local area.

Even if you don’t work directly with patients and consumers, you should understand marijuana terms and regulations. If you’re working in marketing, human resources, accounting, or any other department in a cannabis company, having a fundamental comprehension of terminology and laws matters. By displaying your knowledge in your job applications, cover letters, and interviews, you’ll have a much better chance of securing employment in the industry.

2. Be Flexible

The cannabis industry is still new, and changes happen continually. Even more mature markets like Colorado see frequent change, and those changes can come from both state and local policy updates, which can make things very confusing. You need to be comfortable with uncertainty and change to thrive in this industry.

3. Be Professional

The cannabis industry is a business just like any other industry, so be prepared to present yourself as highly professional, reliable, trustworthy, and capable. If possible, attend some marijuana business conferences and be sure to enroll in cannabis education seminars to get a better understanding of how companies in the industry operate.

4. Consider Making a Move

You have to go where the jobs are and that is particularly true in the marijuana industry. You need to live in a state that has an active cannabis industry in order to find a job, and even if marijuana is legal in your state, local laws and zoning regulations could make it difficult to find employment near you.

If you truly want to pursue a career in the marijuana industry but jobs are scarce in your area, your chances of landing a role will increase significantly if you move to where the jobs are.

5. Do Your Research

Educating yourself and doing research are critical components to finding employment in the cannabis industry. In addition to taking courses to get the knowledge you need, you should research marijuana company salaries in your area. Many marijuana companies are startups and aren’t able to pay employees what they could make in other industries. Are you willing to accept a lower salary to carve your niche in the cannabis industry?

Similarly, you might have to take what you can get when it comes to accepting job offers. Some people start working in lower-level positions as budtenders, lab technicians, and trimmers just to get into the industry. Fortunately, a large number of cannabis companies promote from within, so this strategy has been very successful for many people.

Your Next Steps to Break into a Cannabis Career

Before you do anything else, download your FREE copy of The Guide to Cannabis Jobs to learn about the types of jobs available to you and the steps you need to take to make yourself standout as the best possible candidate for the positions you ultimately apply for.

The jobs are out there, and you can get one. However, you need to prepare and educate yourself first.

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