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Medipets CBD

3531 Griffin Road Suite #100 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312, USA
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

About Medipets CBD

MediPets is the nation’s premier provider of top quality CBD oils and CBD oil products designed just for cats and dogs of all sizes. All MediPets products are third party lab tested and made in the USA from industrial hemp oil. As the leader and pioneer in the CBD pet industry, we make are committed to delivering the highest quality CBD pet products.

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Bradley’s Brand

Scientifically, industrial Hemp and Marijuana are the same plant, with a genus and species name of Cannabis Sativa. They have a drastically different genetic profile though. Industrial Hemp is always a strain of Cannabis sativa, while marijuana can be Cannabis.

Garden of Life

Garden of Life’s commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective nutritional products in the world. We are interested in building relationships with people to help them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health. By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living with premium products that are supported by education and innovation.

Pure Science Lab

full line of hemp extract sublingual drops, topical creams, edibles , pet and vape

Arise Bioscience

Manufacturer and Master Distributor of Funky Farms, HempLucid, Roxy Pets, Kalki Sport


MediPets is the nation’s premier provider of top quality CBD oils and CBD oil products designed just for cats and dogs of all sizes. All MediPets products are third party lab tested and made in the USA from industrial hemp oil. As the leader and pioneer in the CBD pet industry, we make are committed to delivering the highest quality CBD pet products.

Dope Minerals

Magnesium + CBD Infusions. Two powerful anti-inflammatories married together in an incredibly effective formula. Topical Magnesium + CBD positively effects your health and wellbeing. Both Magnesium + CBD have been known to reduce anxiety and stress, inflammation and pain; as well as topical ailments such as psoriasis, acne and eczema. Both Magnesium + CBD are non-intoxicating and have virtually no harmful side effects.


We have spent several years conducting research to understand how and why CBD works. All our products are produced in clean, modern facilities, every ingredient is lab-tested, and our local hemp source comes from the beautiful state of Kentucky. It is our mission to protect the CBD industry by only providing the highest quality.

Pulse CBD Products

Pulse CBD is a true full spectrum product that brings you taste and extremely concentrated Tintures, Edibles, Dabs, and Syrups.

CBD For Medz

We’re here to educate and supply quality CBD products


Canabyst is a premium online marketplace for lifestyle CBD products designed to improve your mood, fitness & recovery, beauty, pain management and general wellness. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality selection of healthful CBD products, from the best, most trustworthy CBD brands.

Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp has created the highest grade CBD Oil at a price which allows the consumer to use a daily “wellness” supplement. We derive our oil from the finest cultivars available in North America which are grown using Eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods. We then blend with our special formulation technique using only Organic, Non-GMO products when available. That means you are buying a “Plant Only” product with no additives or artificial ingredients. Look under CBD Resources for our Certificate of Analysis (COA) to provide a complete breakdown of what our CBD consists of.

Green Roads

Green Roads is an award-winning CBD company dedicated to improving your physical and mental well-being. Simply put, we produce the highest quality, pharmacist formulated CBD products on the market. Our use of pure, potent ingredients, our proprietary formulations, multi-stage third-party lab testing and QR codes linked to lab results on every package, are all part of our commitment to our customers. It’s no wonder we lead the industry in transparency and are proudly sold in more than 10,000 locations. Over the years, Green Roads has won multiple awards for our quality products and industry leadership. We have been named the #1 privately-held CBD company in the U.S. Although we love the recognition, we are far more honored by the heartfelt emails and social posts we get from men and women all over the country who tell us that our products have changed their lives.


We are a group of like minded individuals from Florida to the West Coast of California! We share the same values, and principles. A passion to help others, enjoyment for health and fitness, a deep connection with the outdoors and the mountains of Colorado, and a love for Hemp!

Creating Better Days

At Nature’s Way our Company’s purpose is to provide an Alternative to traditional medicines, and to ensure our customers continuously crave the best holistic supplements. We pride ourselves with our customers obsession to achieve the highest effectiveness for all of our consumers. At Nature’s Way CBD, our main focus is to research and develop innovative hemp extracts and to make them accessible worldwide. Our team, made up of chemists and scientists, is dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD oil while never compromising on quality. Through our efforts in research and development, our primary goal is to create diverse, high-quality hemp extracts with a broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp, while identifying their distinct properties.

East Coast Hemp Life

We’re focused on building relationships with companies who believe in our vision. We provide natural alternative treatments through CBD oils and CBD infused products. To become one of thousands of wholesale partners providing the industry with a high quality CBD product to over 1 million end users, fill out the wholesale request form and one of our account managers will reach out and get you started.

Pure Hempnotics

Pure Hempnotics Shop manufactures private labels and distributes liquid, capsule, topical, and vape hemp based products made from full spectrum hemp oil. We have developed bulk purchasing partnerships with the top growers and oil producers in the United States and throughout Europe.


About Bexley, Inc. Bexley|CBD was inspired by clinical research in optimal health and wellness. Our hemp-derived CBD is organically grown in Kentucky. Like fine wine, every CBD product is different. Bexley|CBD applies botanical passion and strict scientific discipline to growing, nurturing, harvesting, extracting, testing, bottling and packaging. From Bexley|CBD to you with love.

CBD Energy LLC

At CBD Energy LLC we strive to go above and beyond, especially when it comes to quality, safety, and the wellness of our loyal customers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is tailored to the latest cGMP guidelines (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).


CuraPet is a natural holistic pet nutraceutical. CBD – (Cannabidiol) is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits. CBD oil can be used to treat a variety of symptoms, including, arthritis, nausea, stress, anxiety and more.)

Swiss Relief

We employ sustainable farming methods and use Organic, Non-GMO ingredients where possible in our formulations. With our Nano-technology, the Bio-availability is increased and our 3rd party testing means you are getting in the bottle what is on the label. We employ sustainable farming methods and use Organic, Non-GMO ingredients where possible in our formulations. With our Nano-technology, the Bio-availability is increased and our 3rd party testing means you are getting in the bottle what is on the label.

Apotheca Earth

Apotheca Earth specializes in providing the highest quality, highly effective, health and beauty products available. Our roots stem from holistic health practices and combine with modern scientific advancements to bring you safe, lab-tested products of the best quality, purity, and potency. More than just a health and beauty company, Apotheca Earth is an indestructible movement of shared consciousness that blurs the boundaries of science and nature. One of Earth’s oldest and most versatile resources, industrial hemp, provides us with the means to heal our bodies and minds without harming the Earth. Join Us, as we get back to nature to improve our health: body and mind.


AdvoCanna was founded through a partnership between two Tampa women — Alex and Kim. With Alex’s biomedical background from the University of South Florida and Kim’s knowledge of the skincare industry they formed a dynamic team ready to meet the needs they saw themselves.


Custom blended CBD products with guaranteed Tru Effect results.

Just CBD

Just CBD™ was founded on the basis that CBD is nature’s secret miracle. Looking around we found that the CBD business was consistently misrepresented and being taken advantage of. At Just CBD™ we believe that you have the right to know exactly what is inside your CBD products. It is our mission and promises to never misrepresent the content of our products. With the help of world-class labs to test our products, we are confident that Just CBD™ is made with industry-leading quality, honesty, and love.

Avid Hemp

At Avid Hemp, we have one goal: To give our customers top-quality CBD products that actually work.

Provida Health

We manufacture and sell cannabinoid rich hemp products. We have products in tincture, cream and capsule form.

Medical Mary CBD

New Science of CBD

My Hemp Benefits

Welcome to My Hemp Benefits. We are a small, independent, women owned company, not a large corporation. We are passionate and committed to educating people about hemp and CBD use. We encourage you to educate yourself and others about the potential health benefits of cannabidiols to determine if CBD is right for you. We are excited to offer you a line of products made from whole plant, hemp derived, full spectrum, 99% pure CBD oil. We source the highest quality CBD grown in Kentucky under strict organic practices using supercritical CO2 extraction.

Earth Science Tech, Inc.

The Company offers high-grade full spectrum cannabinoid oil on the market. There are positive results in studies on breast cancer and immune cells through the University of Central Oklahoma, in addition to studies through DV Biologics that prove the Company’s CBD oil formulation lowers cortisol and functions as a neuro-protectant, with positive result case studies through key health organizations. EST formulates, markets and distributes the CBD oil used for its studies to the public, offering the most effective quality of CBD on the market.

florida specialty distributors

#1 CBD & HEmp Distributor in the USA. CW Hemp Charlottes Web / Elixinol / Hemplucid / Myriams Hope / SB Vape Stanley Brothers / Loyal Leaf CBD.

Ageless Hemp

My mom used to wake up 4 times a night enduring restless leg syndrome, suffered arthritis, leg cramps, and muscle soreness. Thanks to just 1 veggie cap of full spectrum industrial hemp with naturally occurring phytonoids, my mom no longer wakes up at night from restless legs syndrome. My mother’s arthritis, leg cramps, and muscle soreness has all diminished. Presently at 92 years of age, my mom does yoga 3 times a week, walks a mile and a half every morning, and still drives her own car. Thanks to my mom’s life changing experience Ageless Hemp was founded. My goal is for everyone to experience the difference, no matter what age or condition they’re in, like my mom, Barbara.

Kannabidioid Inc.

KBD is a fusion between our Patented Blend of Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) and industrial Hemp. KBD was created for the Body and Mind and consists of Vegetable Glycerin, our Patented herbal blend featuring Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum), and Industrial Hemp. Kanna is a small groundcover plant native to Southern Africa. For hundreds of years the Hottentots of Southern Africa used Kanna as a mood enhancer, relaxant and empathogen. It is also known as Kauwgoed, Kougoed and Canna.

King Kanine

At King Kanine, our love for our pets and the knowledge that others out there feel the same way we do about theirs is what motivates us. This love and passion have driven us to create innovative products for pets aimed at providing owners with all-natural alternatives that promote health and well-being in their pets. Our progressive ideas and deep-rooted passion for improving the lives of pets are the foundation for all King Kanine products and what drives and motivates us to be trailblazers in the pet industry.


LeafyWell was founded on a belief that has since become our slogan: “Nature has a Remedy.” Our hemp-based oils, pills, and topical creams are the highest quality holistic medicine. These have been developed to provide relief from a wide variety of ailments such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia without the side-effects found in traditional medications.

Kore Organic

Welcome to Kore Organic™ where Overachieving CBD™ is our passion. Kore is a Korelaboration of bright & creative minds joined together to create the highest of quality products & concepts. Using top quality raw materials along with state of the art laboratories, we deliver remarkable high end products that are second to none when it comes to the CBD industry. Our CBD is cultivated through Hydro Carbon extraction from the finest hemp plants of Northern Colorado then carefully handcrafted into our products. Kore Organic™ is setting the standard in CBD products across the board. The CBD revolution starts at the KORE!

Renew Organix

After seeing powerful psychotropics fail a family member suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD, Michael Marsh felt there had to be a better way. What began as research out of desperation, led to the discovery of how the humble hemp plant was helping people [and animals] all over the world live happier, healthier, less painful lives. Michael has now dedicated his life to natural medicine awareness, addressing the opioid crisis, and setting the industry standard for quality and transparency.

Roger Brown

ACS laboratory is the largest cannabis testing laboratory in the southeastern USA. We receive samples from all over the USA to test CBD for contaminants. We are a clinical lab, so we test and report at a medical quality level.

Bogart Labs, LLC

CBD Product Wholesaler

Natural Life

Natural Life is the first retail store and lounge that specializes in cannabidiol (CBD) and kratom, as well as other holistic plants such as kava, tumeric, akumma, ginseng, ashwagandha and more. There is no other store and lounge like Natural Life in the world! We make it possible and easy for anyone to have complete access to all natural alternatives from all parts of the globe. Natural Life is not a marijuana dispensary and we do not require medical marijuana cards to purchase our products.

Rena’s Organic

My passion for health and wellness began in my early twenties when I suddenly lost all my energy. Without warning, at the age of 26, I had a heart attack. After 3 weeks in Cardiac Care, a permanent pacemaker was implanted. The Chief of Cardiology told me I had the heart of an 80 year old. I also was pre-diabetic, overweight and had chronic fatigue.

Cannabidiol Life

Award-winning CBD brand offering Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Pure CBD products. Cannabidiol Life offers USDA Certified Organic products manufactured in a GMP certified facility. What makes Cannabidiol Life unique from every other company is through our exclusive U.S. Patented Extraction Technology which is proven to yield a TRUE full-spectrum CBD product with a much smoother taste.

Sir Hemp Co. ™

CBD The Right Way™

Envy Hemp

Our Mission is to optimize health. By combining the highest quality supplements with all natural American hemp CBD, we strive to provide fast acting, functional and affordable products.

Pinellas CBD Delivery

We offer an assortment of 100% legal, Certified lab tested hemp products including Hemp Concentrates , Hemp Tinctures, Hemp Flower and more. Enter the world of hemp and feel better with the power of nature at your side. No need for distracting highs caused by THC, our hemp flower is tested below 0.3%THC meeting all guidelines as outlined in Sec. 7606 of the Farm Bill.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is an established company that manufactures high quality CBD products through domestic sourcing, in-house manufacturing, and quality control. Sold in-store and online through the United States.


At Proleve, we are committed to bringing our customers the highest-grade all-natural CBD products available, so that they can enjoy all of the natural benefits of hemp, worry-free. In a market that is muddled with questionable products, we bring you 100% all-natural, USA made CBD products that you can trust. Unlike many CBD products, Proleve adheres to the highest testing and quality control standards to ensure goodness and purity every time- from our delicious gummies to our versatile tincture and salves, and everything in between.

Funky Farms

Earn up to 35% commission on ALL CBD Cartridges, Oral CBD Tinctures, CBD Vape Juice, CBD Gel Caps, CBD Vitamin C Drink Mix, CBD Oil Daily Doses and one of a kind Apparel from Funky Farms. Earn up to 35% commission on ALL CBD Capsules, Tinctures, Topicals, and Daily Doses from Original Hemp. Both websites are high-converting with an average ticket price of $65-$75, and some of the most competitive pricing on CBD products in the industry. Why partner with us? GENEROUS COMMISSION RATES – Earn up to 35% commission FREE SHIPPING – Free shipping on ALL orders over $50 SECURE AFFILIATE PAYMENTS – Special Status for Top Publishers Arise Bio Advantage Free Shipping on ALL orders over $50 Leading Online Retailer of CBD/Cannabinoid Products Two of the fastest growing brand identities in the industry. Sales tax applies to Utah (84660) & Florida (33432, 33431, 33130) residents only. Join the Arise Bioscience Affiliate Program Today!

MediPets CBD

MediPets is the nation’s premier provider of top-quality CBD oils and CBD products designed specifically for cats and dogs of all sizes. As the leader and pioneer in the CBD pet industry, we are committed to naturally improving the health, wellness and quality of life of your pets and furry best friends.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is one of the largest CBD companies in the USA. With over 500 products, 15 different brands and more than 300 flavors we have something for everyone! Our store has an average order value of $90 and a 7% conversion rate!

Verified CBD

Verified CBD is a southwest Florida-based company that has been in business since 2014, and stands out from other CBD companies in more ways than one. First of all, the quality of products is superior to other similar companies due to the fact that we use CO2 extraction for CBD, and we test our products at GMP labs, putting them through high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC testing). These tests make sure that the CBD isn’t contaminated by any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or heavy metals. Verified CBD is most famous for its line of CBD oils and creams. Each product has a multi-purpose, depending on what type of health condition you’d like to defeat. You’ll immediately notice that our company doesn’t have an abundance of different products on the market. Basically, we prefer quality over quantity, which means every one of our products is top-notch.


JustCBD Store is among the top online market stores for buying CBD products. We have numerous, high quality CBD Gummies, CBD Oils & more. Shop Today!

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