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It has proven to be effective against almost all organisms tested and it has played an important role in the development of radiology and in improving wound healing, according to research out of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Before the invention of the refrigerator, it was common practice to drop a silver coin into a container of milk as a preservative because silver was known to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and other undesirable organisms. Dating back to ancient times, silver was also a popular remedy to stop the spread of diseases.

Its use as a natural antibiotic continued all the way until the 1940s. Give us a call and we are happy to answer any questions you may have! #collodialsilver #wedontleavehomewithoutit #antiviral #antibacterial #drdaveshealthysolutions #antifungal #chiropractic #peaceoflifechiropractic. Our April newsletter is packed full of goodies for your reading pleasure! Dannielle’s love for all music turned into what will be her career. Music therapy is making beautiful path in helping others!💚 Meet the Pritchett’s a lovely couple with hearts of Gold!💛 If you don’t know much about how your lymphatic system works then you to spend some time with Macaley, our Lymphatic Enhancement Therapist!❤️ A must read is how Connor made strides with cranial adjustments!💙 Last, but not least, our health hack tells all about our amazing amethyst biomat!💜 #newsletter #ittakesavillage #chiropractic #peaceoflifechiropractic. #sunshine #sunnydays #weareinittogether #bethesunshine #spreadthelove #chiropractic #peaceoflifechiropractic. Joy will come in the morning and the next after that! Brothers and sister find HOPE,JOY and LOVE and share it! We love each of you and pray that because He lives, that you we can find joy, laughter and love in these uncertain times!

#becausehelivesicanfacetomorrow #goodfriday #joycomesinthemorning #peaceoflifechiropractic. Standard Process is now offering a program called Patient Direct! If you are not able to make it up to the office or you prefer to have your Standard Process and MediHerb shipped straight to your doorstep, then this may be what your looking for! QUESTIONS❔ CALL US❕ We would love to help make your life easier 💯 #standardprocess #mediherb #patientdirect #bestsupplementsever #chiropractic #shipped #easypeasy #peaceoflifechiropractic. The most powerful system in the body is the lymphatic system! Hands down 🤚🏻👇🏻 Your entire body is filled with lymph fluid. 💡There are 700 lymph nodes in the body and 1/3 of them are located in your neck. 💡Lymph fluid is made up of 90% water, 10% cellular waste, protein and hormone. Diaphragmatic breathing ( breathing from your diaphragm). Perry Nickelston says, “ If your body can’t rid itself of all cellular waste during the healing process, the inflammation simply stays in the tissue.” LET or Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy uses electric current, vibration and light to stimulate the movement of lymphatic tissue/fluid, allowing waste to be removed from the body. LET is a great service for those seeking to: *Flush Toxins *Diminish Cellulite *Improve Circulation *Quicker Recovery *Decrease Inflammation *Improve Digestion *Enhance Immune Function *Brighter Skin *Minimize Swelling *Reduce Scarring *Relieve Congestion. #lymphaticenhancementtherapy #saynotoinflammation #movement #lymphflow #letyourlymphflow #essential. To be as 🅴🅵🅵🅸🅲🅸🅴🅽🆃 and 𝕎𝕙𝕠𝕝𝕖 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕘 as possible, we have temporarily designed new hours! Please feel free to call us if you have any questions!❤️❤️. We are so thankful for our whole village and honored to serve you! #temporary #newhours #weloveyou #chiropractic #peaceoflifechiropractic. Kinley Jo Adora is an absolute bundle of cuteness.💜 Congratulations Frederick family! #shessocute #bundleofjoy #chirobaby #pregnancychiropractic #chiropractic #peaceoflifechiropractic. 💥LET APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE💥 The Lymphatic System is like the garbage truck for our bodies! LYMPHATIC VESSELS collect fat, water, waste material, bacteria and viruses.

When your Lymphatic System is backed up or not flowing properly you could have certain signs like.

Swelling, Fatigue, Chronic Infections and Sickness, Itchy Skin, Brain Fog & Memory Loss. The 🤩 BENEFITS include, but are not limited to: ⭐️Boosted Immune System ⭐️Flushes Toxin and Waste ⭐️Improves Digestion ⭐️Improves Cellulite Reduction ⭐️Reduces Swelling and Water Retention.


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