metta hemp

Metta hemp

Made with care from whole-plant, full-spectrum industrial hemp and organic ingredients. Satisfaction guaranteed.

What is full spectrum CBD?

Unlike CBD isolates, full spectrum CBD uses the whole hemp plant, and includes a wide range of cannabinoids for greater effect. Full spectrum CBD also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes, flavonoids, and fiber, while adhering to the legal limit of .3% or less THC.

Earth’s Metta CBD Balms

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Earth’s Metta is a homegrown wellness business based in Western NY


In my search for CBD products, I purchased 4 of the .5oz jars from my massage therapist. She had some specific for Fibromyalgia and I liked the oils that were in the mix. I am really happy with my results

I have been using them on my husband also to relieve his joint pains too. I have now purchased the large jar and will continue to add other products as well.

I was given a sample of muscle pain balm and felt instant relief! Highly recommend!

My dog has been on the CBD oil for a month trying to alleviate Degenerative Myopathy. I cannot believe the mobility improvement he has had. Just ordered more as I will keep him on it now until the end.

The newest edition to the Earth’s Metta family – The CBD Warming Balm for Joint Pain is amazing. I was sick with a respiratory bug last week and could barely breathe without wheezing and with my compromised immune system I typically end up with Pneumonia or Type A Influenza. However, after rubbing this balm on my chest after a steamy hot shower and then laying down for the night – I miraculously woke up free of wheezing, free of nasal congestion, free of chest pain and had my voice completely back without the raspy nasal tone.

I was getting cortisone shots for my knee, now I only use the CBD Balm. No more swelling or pain.

I was able to get off all of my pain meds, my doctor was amazed, he said to keep it up.

After two back surgeries I had no relief from chronic back pain, until I tried CBD Fibro Balm. I now have my life back, without pain.

Suffering from sciatica for sometime. The CBD Balm relaxed the muscles, calmed the nerve pain and allowed me to sleep.

With Sweet Dreams I had the best and deepest night sleep ever, woke feeling amazing.

Quality CBD balms made with care from whole-plant, full-spectrum industrial hemp and organic ingredients. Proudly based in Western NY.


2 Joints, 0.75 Grams Ea

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Quality. Discreet. Effective. 2 CBD Pre-Roll joints constructed from premium Colorado Grown Hemp with a terpene profile what will impress the most connoisseur-y connoisseurs! You don’t have to trust your expert friends nose though, we got the lab reports to prove it! Smoking CBD yeilds you a bioavialability of about 30%, and each of these Metta Hemp pre-rolled joints use Buds and Trim to create a better smoke than trim-only joints. Smoking CBD flower is a great way to experience an immediate effect of calmness.

2 CBD Pre-Roll joints come in air tight, order free, tamper evident pouches. Each package has a QR code that takes you to the products lab reports with details from complete terpene profiles, down to batch and lot numbers!

Metta Hemp is the industry leader in smokeable hemp. These full spectrum cbd pre roll joints offer all of the benefits with none of the high! ]]>