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Any unfixed male dog can be a bit more standoffish towards other male dogs, especially if they are not fixed themselves. Winston spends his time around multiple male and female dogs at home, and the CBD oil has prevented him from having any issues with them, and even plays freely with everyone. While unfixed male dogs are notorious for seeking out and bothering unfixed female dogs, especially female dogs who are in heat. With the CBD oil, Winston does not stop to sniff or try to engage with female dogs nearly as much.

If he does get distracted, a single cue brings him right back, making it easy for him to focus. Less pain in areas that were sore, like his tenderfoot. Winston broke a nail and injured a toe when he was a puppy, and the foot still bothered him for a while. With the CBD oil, he does not limp or get upset when someone touches that foot, and he moves much more when he is playing. Winston lives with other dogs, and some of them are older and less active than he can be. Even though he is still young and wants to play rough sometimes, the CBD oil prevents him from getting too rough or nippy with other dogs. This is fantastic, especially for a Terrier who can get over excited easily. Besides just behavior issues, Winston’s skin and coat have improved as well, making him healthier overall.

Less shedding, less scratching, and no hot spots at all for Winston. Winston used to be terrified if anything fell on the floor. With the CBD oil, he no longer flinches or flees from noises, which is great for when he has to pick up a cane for his pet parent. A vacuum is a scary machine for any dog, and Winston was no exception early on in his training. Thanks to the CBD and a bit of training, he no longer cares even a bit about the vacuum or the noises. Now that Winston has begun to take the CBD oils, his appetite has improved. He was a picky eater and sometimes did not get all the nutrition he needed. Now, he eats everything he is supposed to, and much less of the things he is not. Like some people, dogs can suffer from night issues as well. In Winston’s case, he would suffer from night terrors, and occasionally wake himself from barking and flailing in his sleep. While CBD cannot be purchased from large online retailers, it can be found in many local retailers or independent stores. For Winston, he gets his from Tristar Medical in Tennessee, but look for retailers near you for your own supply. This article should guide you through which of the calming treats are the best, but you may still have some questions about the safety of the treats, and how well they work. Any dog can benefit from these treats if they are nervous or anxious, and if you believe your dog has issues with anxiety, then take a look at getting some. Travelling is also a great time for these treats, as well as trips to the vet or park. If you are worried that your dog will not do well in a situation, then getting some calming aids is recommended. Here are some times you may need them: Car travel Vet visits Introduction to new animal Fireworks Home parties. Be careful about using medications before grooming or training, however. Some businesses will refuse animals that have been sedated, as they do not know what dosage or effects the medication may have on the animal. Always check beforehand before taking your dog somewhere that requires a drop off, like grooming stays or doggy daycares. How long will it take for calming aids to take effect? Most treats take within thirty minutes to an hour to begin their effects.

It also depends on the type of treatment, how big your dog is, and the amount of food already on their system. Long term effects will linger if your dog is given treats for several days in a row. Anywhere from four hours to all day, depending on the usage. Larger dogs may work through the calming treats faster than smaller dogs who cannot process it as well. The type of calming treat can also affect how long the calming effects will last, so always try out the treat before depending on it.

Dogs of any age can use calming treats, but it is not recommended to give very young puppies under the ages of four months too many of these. Early overuse of these treats can result in a dependency on them in puppies, so try to socialize and play with your puppy at those ages. It is better to let a puppy burn off their energy naturally at younger ages to promote proper growth and health, rather than to try and curb it with calming aids. Just like any treats, calming aids will come with an expiration/best by date somewhere on the package. It varies from product to product, but a quick look at the packaging will let you know.


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