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You can mix whatever filling you want, add a hefty dose of canna oil or cannabutter, and coat the filling in a chocolate mixture. This preparation also means that your filling does not have to be as precisely mixed. Since the chocolate shell won’t have added oil, the chocolate will be more stable and less prone to melt. Start by mixing canna coconut oil or cannabutter with your intended filling. This delicious canna truffle recipe from Reddit (the top-voted comment) suggests creaming your infused oil or butter with confectioners sugar.

Then, you can fold in peanut butter, speculoos, cookie butter, Nutella, or whatever filling you want. Refrigerate for 2 hours until firm, then scoop the filling into balls with a melon baller or small ice cream scoop. Freeze these filling balls for around 30 minutes, and then simply dip them in melted chocolate! You can also get fancier using these recipes for spicy Mexican-influenced truffles, Turkish coffee ones, or Chinese five-spice. Note that this recipe uses canna oil on the outer shell, making them a bit touchier than the simpler Reddit recipe linked to above. Advice for Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain for Your Creations. Keep in mind that the cannabis strain you choose will affect the outcome of the final product. Even though edibles are known to provide a more deeply relaxing, indica-like experience, the type of weed you put in them can still produce different effects.

For example, if you’re looking to treat chronic migraines, you can select a marijuana strain that’s good for migraines. Or, if you want to lend a certain flavor to your chocolates, you can choose weed flavors that compliment your recipe, such as a flowery indica or spicey sativa. The key to getting good at creating your own cannabis chocolate is to try frequently, experiment, and learn from each batch you make. We hope the fruits of your labor turn out delicious! Just remember to keep some healthy munchies snacks nearby. Revolutionary Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer, featuring full color combined with white overprint and underprint capabilities. UniNet presents the on demand, unique and low cost digital technology for short to mid run garments, labels, stationary, banners, hard surfaces, art reproduction, marketing customization and much more! Use the IColor 500 for five different uses: Heat transfer printing with white overprint, right side reading with white underprint, regular CMYK prints without white, optional fluorescent printing, and optional sublimation transfer printing. Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridges, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function. What’s so unique about the IColor 500 Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printer? The ability to print white as an underprint AND an overprint in the same machine, in one pass, using the IColor TransferRIP software (known as ‘A’ and ‘B’ configurations). The white opacity of UniNet’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and solid background to bring out the vibrancy of your colors. The true black cartridge is included with the printer, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed. Optional sublimation, fluorescent, security and clear toner cartridge options. No maintenance associated with ink based machine is necessary. Large array of media available for virtually any project. Global sales, support and service direct from UniNet or its dealer network. The IColor 500 is an integrated solution that enables users to create exceptional apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, aprons, tote bags, labels, mugs, banners, brochures and much more. Apply to both light and dark fabrics when combined with our premium or standard heat transfer paper for vivid colors, bright whites, glowing fluorescents, and true blacks. The IColor 500 printer features LED technology and low temperature fusing, allowing the use of an almost unlimited variety of media to print on. Traditional laser printers run too hot for sensitive material such as plastic, PET and clear media. Transfer onto delicate synthetics at 250 FВ° without damage to the fabric! Now you can print on media up to 8.5” x 52” (216 x 1321mm) and include graphics, text and images for banners, stationary or to transfer onto large garments. Choose either white underprint or overprint, all in one pass, with the IColor 500 and the IColor TransferRIP Software.

Thanks to exclusive technology included in the IColor TransferRIP Software, you can print on dark or clear media without losing the vibrancy of your colors! With IColor technology, you can print and press onto cotton, polyester, 50/50 and more! Because this is a toner based transfer system, the variety of substrates to press onto is nearly endless! There is no need to use pretreated or coated substrates.

Add the IColor TransferRIP software for white overprint and underprint functionality, as well as color changes, image manipulation, rasterization, cost estimation and more!


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