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Divide the wattage of your light by 75 and round up the fractions. GUIDELINES FOR NUMBER OF PLANTS UNDER HID LIGHTING. 150W HID ÷ 75 = 2 plants 250W HID ÷ 75 = 3.3 or 4 plants 400W HID ÷ 75 = 5.3 or 6 plants 600W HID ÷ 75 = 8 plants 1000W HID ÷ 75 = 13.3 or 14 plants. For example, using a 400W CFL: 400W ÷ 150 = 2.6 or 3 plants.

Modern LEDs output the same power as HPS using only 60% of the energy. Therefore, they cover the same space in less wattage. A good 250W LED is equal to a 400W HPS, which can cover around 5–6 plants. By comparison, a high-powered 1200W LED should be able to cover around 8–9 plants. However, keep in mind that wattage is only one value to consider when it comes to determining the power of your LEDs, as many other variables—including the type of LED—impact their effectiveness too. When using LEDs, it is best to consult the manufacturer for the recommended number of plants to grow and the optimal distance from your lights to your plants' canopy. Reputable manufacturers usually make this type of information available. PRO TIP: If uncertain about how many plants you want to grow, it's always better to keep it "safe" with fewer plants. Two large but happy plants with fat buds will ultimately be better than a tent full of small, light-starved cannabis that will only yield mini buds.

Christion Lyrics "Full Of Smoke" Wasn't nuthin' happening up there What? There was a few running around That's cool But you the man, you da man Alright, alright. I'm the man today Can't nobody tell me nothin' Got a hold on life I'm takin' each day, by day Being strong, know just where I'm going to As I get higher and higher Dreams grow, visions flow by This is as good as it gets As I take another hit, suga I can't stop, I won't stop. 1 - Cuz I'm too cool (too cool) And what they say is true Oh, I'm full of smoke Cuz I'm too cool (too cool) And what they say is true Oh, I'm full of smoke. 2 - Watching my life go down Watching my life go down Watching my life go down Watching my life go down. And all the day time just passes by me slowly But I'm alright, you'll see Faces and places catching different cases True runners it's glorified Same situation, nothin' ever changes Just being a bonified hustler. Hustler, baby From day to night Business is as good as it gets As I take another hit, honey I won't stop, I won't stop. Rapper Pop Smoke Is Dead After Los Angeles Home Invasion, Label Says. A rising star in rap, he was known for hit songs like “Dior” and “Welcome to the Party.” The police said intruders broke into his residence sometime before 5 a.m. LOS ANGELES — Even by today’s get-famous-quick standards, Pop Smoke became hot at microwave speed. He released his first album, “Meet the Woo,” last July, and in the months to follow, he collaborated with Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott and others. He had moved on from his family’s duplex in a middle-class section of Brooklyn, and, at 20 years old, was living in a rented four-bedroom home owned by one of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” with a backyard pool featuring expansive views of the Hollywood Hills. Before dawn on Wednesday, several people broke into that home, at least one holding a gun and at least one masked, according to the Los Angeles police. Someone staying there contacted a friend on the East Coast, who then called 911. Within minutes, the call was relayed to Los Angeles and the police were at the home, but it was too late; the intruders had fled and a person inside had been fatally shot. Pop Smoke’s record label, Republic, confirmed that he was the victim. There were no arrests Wednesday, and the police said they were still investigating a motive. A number of celebrities in Los Angeles have been victims of home invasions in recent years, and fans of Pop Smoke, whose real name was Bashar Jackson, wondered whether he had unwittingly provided bait to thieves by posting photos of cash, and his address, on social media. The loss of another rising star hit the hip-hop universe hard on Wednesday, with many artists posting their condolences. Several others have died by shootings or overdoses in the last couple of years, a dark cloud over the industry coinciding with its rising fortunes thanks to new, freely available platforms including SoundCloud and TikTok. Pop Smoke emerged last year as the first breakout star of Brooklyn’s growing drill rap scene with the hits “Dior” and “Welcome to the Party,” which became the ubiquitous hip-hop song of the summer. A gravel-voiced rapper with a barklike delivery, he quickly honed a signature approach that recalled the rougher New York rap of the 1990s. He was scheduled to go on tour in March following the release of his second album, “Meet the Woo, Vol. 2.” Just last week, he returned from a trip to London, where he sat for a series of radio and magazine interviews.

He had come far from Canarsie, Brooklyn, where he grew up the child of Panamanian and Jamaican parents. A stream of mourners on Wednesday paid a visit to his family home, one half of a two-story brick-and-siding duplex on East 105th Street. In an interview with the music website Genius last year, he said he created his stage name from two childhood nicknames: Papa, given to him by his Panamanian grandmother, and Smoke, part of a name his friends had given him. A next-door neighbor, Jessica Lowe, 25, said that the rapper often carried her groceries up the steps when she was returning home from shopping, and was friendly with her entire family. She said she was “more than shocked” at news of his death. “Obviously in this world it seems possible, but it’s just like, ‘Why now?’ “ Ms.

Pop Smoke is one of several notable rappers to have died in the last couple of years. Accidental drug overdoses have claimed the lives of established rappers including Mac Miller and up-and-comers like Juice WRLD and Lil Peep. Shootings have killed Nipsey Hussle, XXXTentacion and a host of rappers well known in their local scenes.


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