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Furthermore, everyone in your customer base should be friends with you, so if they get caught, they won’t snitch on you. You should also consistently remind your customers that you won’t sell or accept their their friends or acquaintances into your customer base. Don’t let your customers decide who is in your customer base because that’s how undercover cops get in.

Imagine this setting… One of your customers is driving with some marijuana they bought from you. They get pulled over, the cops search their car and find the marijuana. Your customer get arrested and decides that in order to avoid jail time, they’re going to snitch and help the police. So, a little later your hanging out in bar with your customer (friend) when some guy walks up and your customer greets him. Then your customer introduces him as some badass weed seller.You hang out with this cool guy and figure out that he had a crazy past and is an expert when it comes to marijuana. So while you feeling the buzz of alcohol, you spill your thoughts and tell this guy that he should join you in your marijuana deals. Next thing you know, he’s watching your back while your dealing pounds around your city. Then late one night, you wake up to some bang and within seconds a bunch of guys dressed as ninjas are pointing a bunch of mp5s at you and your facing 10 years in prison… Don’t let this happen to you. Watch who you talk to about marijuana and don’t sell to anyone you don’t trust.

Many cops can fake that they smoke marijuana, but no one can fake a hit from a bong. So offer anyone new in your customer base a bong hit, if they reject, ask them why. If they say they don’t smoke marijuana, then that person could very well be an undercover cop (what kind of dealer doesn’t use their own product)? That’s not foolproof though, as some cops will take drugs. If you think someone is a “Narco” or Undercover, record the incident of them taking drugs , then upload it to the cloud aka online or to Dropbox , not to your laptop as your laptop or computer will be confiscated in a raid. Again all of this shit is from the fucking DVD, so buy it, now. That means cops can buy and sell drugs, as long as they can recover those drugs later. So ask anyone in suspicion if you can buy a little marijuana off them and tell them that your going resell it. Big time, record it on your phone if you can or take pictures, either way, if you ever get busted or in cuffs, you can talk to your lawyer and tell them about the incident. Again, back up everything to the cloud or dropbox or somewhere online where someone else can access it, like your fucking lawyer. This way, you have as much dirt on the undercover and the police department as they have on you. And that’ll give you a lot of leeway in dealing with them. Furthermore, thanks to the internet, information is readily available. You can casually ask them what high school they went to and look up that information online (look at their myspace, facebook, etc). Beware of anyone your friends introduce to you, as they could’ve become informants and are introducing to you an undercover cop. Now, let’s talk about informants, motherfuckers that used to smoke weed or sell weed or even harder and other drugs and know that you sell. And since they’re facing a child molestation charge, an assault charge or domestic violence charge, the police department is willing to drop or lessen charges if they buy drugs from you and record it. CIs are everywhere, and sometimes they get trapped into the system and have to do more and more deals. It’s not as simple as just flipping, when you become an informant, you have to give everybody away you know, you can’t hold back on anyone . Informants are the lowest breed of humans, no loyalty, no concept of protecting those that helped them and no idea of what the game is. But notice how I say how to “prevent” them, not how on to deal with them. Because you’ll never know when someone is an informant. A narco, an undercover cop is easy to spot, they’ll act nervous, they’ll seem out of place, they’ll be introduced to you through someone and they have certain actions they can’t do, like take drugs and let drugs get into the system. Narcos are only for the big boys, but for small time worms like yourselves, CIs are the bane of your existence. After someone flips you, you inevitably will find out but you have to prevent them from testifying. You also have to keep your street-cred steady and just because, it’s a matter of principle, you gotta kick their ass. Find them on Facebook, find out where they work or ask about them.

Wait for them outside their job and when they come out, run up on them with a mask , gloves and a police baton . For one, unlike brass knuckles, which are super illegal or using a pistol to pistol whip someone, you cannot get in trouble for possessing a police baton, they are legal in practically every state and while they are suspicious they are also are retractable.

All you have to do is flick your wrist and your immediately have reach for a short person and the hard steel to deliver into someone’s thighs. The gloves are for punching in someone’s fucking face in.


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