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Outside of the classroom, you can spot her at the pool with the Pomona-Pitzer Women's Swim Team or playing intramural inner-tube water polo. Abdul can probably be found in his dorm room blasting Beyoncé, J Cole, and everything in between. Outside of tour guiding, he is involved with Impact Lab, the 5C club basketball team, and Jumpstart (a 5C volunteer program at local preschools in low-income neighborhoods). His favorite things about Southern California are the palm trees and warm sun! When she isn’t searching through menus to find the best dining hall to visit, Aubrey can be found watching “The Marvelous Mrs.

Maisel” in her dorm room or talking about political theory in the basement of Carnegie. She is slightly addicted to Augie’s Coffee in the Village and loves going to lunch lectures to listen to different speakers on campus (not just because they have free food). Ask her about her ten-year-old cat, Gracie, if you have half an hour to kill. Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA (home is San Francisco, CA) Major/Minor: History with an environmental history concentration & Economics (minor) When Ali is not in a history or economics class, you can usually spot her drinking coffee and doing homework outside. Beyond tour guiding, Ali helps out as a class mentor, works on the Pomona Events Committee (planning fun times with free food!) and is involved in the Planned Parenthood club. In her free time, she loves listening to podcasts and hiking in the nearby mountains. Major/Minor: Neuroscience, Politics (minor) Brendan is a sponsor, a live-in resource for a group of freshman students. When not giving tours or helping sponsees figure out Pomona’s course registration system, you’ll find him trying to stay awake in class, talking pictures outside, working on creative writing in one of the lounges, or just listening to jazz in his room. (Or, let’s be honest, probably asleep, having forgotten to turn his music off).

He finds the notion that 65 degrees is cold to be quite amusing. Major/Minor: Psychological Science, Chemistry & French (double minor) Adventurous and enthusiastic, Spencer enjoys learning and trying new things. He takes advantage of Pomona’s liberal arts curriculum to take courses ranging from Chemistry to Psychology to Yoga. Outside of classes and being a tour guide, you can find Spencer hanging with his spiblings (ask him what that means on his tour!) or playing Wii in Harwood lounge. A native Philadelphian, he loves soaking in the SoCal sunshine and can’t wait to see you all on tours! Although undeclared, Aditya is fascinated by mathematics and politics. When he isn’t in class, you can find him playing basketball in the Rains Center or writing for The Student Life newspaper. Although he loves the SoCal weather, Aditya often reminisces about snowy day trips to downtown Chicago. Oluyemisi can be found happily hermitting in a friend's room on any given day. Usually, this happens after Pomona-Pitzer Track and Field practice, as she's addicted to running. She enjoys photography, reading, writing, dancing, and acknowledging fellow royals. If you need any prayers, hugs, or hyping up, she's your Queen! probably) When Madi isn’t perfecting her backwards walk on tours, she can be found at the local bubble tea shop, T&Joy, practicing her expensive new habit, spending time with her fellow spiblings (sponsor group siblings), working at the Coop Store, and—undoubtedly—taking naps. She loves the outdoors, hiking, and spending too much time watching TV. Warning: tours may contain quotes from The Office . Matthew can usually be found in Thatcher Music Building rehearsing with the Pomona College Choir and Glee Club, practicing for piano and voice lessons, or serving as a mentor for music theory classes. Venturing out of Thatcher, Matthew works as director of logistics for Claremont Splash, an educational outreach group, and as a composer and music director for The Green Room, a 5C theatre group. Matthew loves to unwind with long contemplative walks and repeated viewings of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend . Check out his musical handiwork in "Sagehen, Next"! Tyler is torn between interests in international relations, English and Spanish. In his free time he enjoys learning new languages, writing or reading at SkySpace, taking violin lessons, playing in the Pomona College Orchestra and lounging on Marston Quad. Some Crust coffee and memes round out his interests. Major : Undecided (potentially Math & English or Politics) Mohsin is having an amazing, lifetime experience at Pomona—his first time in the United States.

He’s thinking of double majoring in Math and English. Other than math classes, he loves creative writing and poetry. He’s very passionate about movies and loves to discuss films with anyone. In his free time, he reads a lot of philosophy, particularly epistemology and metaphysics. Favorite building is Milikan; favorite study spot is the Coop Fountain.

He loves rock climbing and making the hard daily decision: which of the 7 dining halls to eat at every day. Major: Public Policy Analysis (PPA) with a Chicanx/Latinx studies concentration.


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