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PhytoLogica By Salus Nutraceuticals Signs Retail Deal With Natural Partners, Inc

In a recent press release, Salus Nutraceuticals, LLC, the operating company of CBD company PhytoLogica announced that it has a distributor for its professional grade CBD line of products. The distributing company is Natural Partners Inc., which provides “strongly vetted professional grade natural product lines for health practitioners seeking to provide the very best to their patients.”

PhytoLogica’s products use hemp grown by a Colorado cultivator, and the manufacturing process is proprietary and utilizes methods that ensure complete retention of the hemp’s bioactive compounds.

The President and Founder of PhtyLogica by Salus Nutraceuticals, Heather Atwell, shared in the press release,

“We are very excited about the partnership with Natural Partners, Inc. as it truly is a perfect fit for our professional-grade CBD brand, PhytoLogica®. Being able to provide PhytoLogica® to health practitioners around the country through Natural Partners’ huge distribution network and platform is a real honor. It wasn’t easy getting approved by them as we had to jump through many hoops and approval processes for many months, so that really says a lot on how they make sure they are only working with the very best in the natural health supplement industry. This is one of the reasons why Natural Partners, Inc. is the most trusted and regarded Health Practitioner supplier in the US.”

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In a recent press release, Salus Nutraceuticals, LLC, the operating company of CBD company PhytoLogica…