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Seniors 65 & older (must show proof of age)-$15.00. 6 yrs and under are free with an adult paid ticket-1 child size pole only. For an extra pole its $5 *included in the price of your ticket your name goes in the jar for every 30 LB to 44 LB 15 oz you catch-Every Sunday @ 6 pm we will draw 5 winners of free passes. Also on parking you can park where you want to fish as well as the parking lot. It may not be regularly associated with a “woman thing” but it is something that I genuinely enjoy.

I love water as it feels like I am in touch with God and nature. I would much rather be floating in the water, but beggars can’t be choosey. The location that I visited is called Cedar Lake and it is located within Goshen, Ohio. It is a pay lake that features a variety of fish that weight up to 60 lbs.(Maybe more!) As soon as you pull into the serene location, the bait shop is on the right hand side of the lake. Inside there are various types of fishing equipment and you guessed it, various types of bait. There are also snacks and food for when you get hungry from a long day of fishing. You have to have good bait, good techniques, and some luck would be nice! Unfortunately, I did not catch any fish this time, but had a good time enjoying the company of my guests and the nature around us. But to be fair, many people there were just as unlucky as I was, so I don’t feel too bad.

Or it could be that I brought everyone else bad luck, but i’m going to err on the side of positivity in this instance. If you are afraid to try fishing or think it is a boy’s sport, you couldn’t be any more wrong! There are plenty of women fishing and so much equipment that will help us catch the big monster fish that are on those Nat Geo shows! I’ve been to several places over the country to fish, and I will ensure that I share each one I go to. Randy Taylor at Albemarle Regional Jail in Charlottesville, Va., May 14, 2014. People wore shirts Saturday with the face of Alexis Murphy to remind people that she hasn’t been found. Families gathered in Miller Park in Lynchburg to raise awareness for their cases and the safety of all children. Members of the Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team - along with their search dog, Jordan - travel down the Rockfish River on Saturday Aug. Virginia Department of Corrections Canine Units comb the grounds at 10506 Thomas Nelson Highway in Lovingston, Va. Convicted murderer Randy Taylor spent his last moments in court bolting for the door. Moments before, on May 8, a jury had declared him guilty of abducting and killing 17-year-old Alexis Murphy. All I could hear was a humming noise," Taylor said in an interview this week with The News & Advance from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, where he has been held since his arrest Aug. 11, 2013, eight days after the Nelson County High School senior vanished. During the sentencing portion of the trial, Alexis Murphy's mother, Laura, had begun tearful testimony about the loss of her daughter. "I remember her mom sitting up there, but I don't remember all of it," Taylor said. "I couldn't focus." Feeling faint, Taylor leaned over to his attorney, Michael Hallahan, to tell him, "I've got to leave. I've got to go." "He told me, 'You have to stay here for this,'" Taylor recalled. He doesn't recall crossing the room, only the sheriff's deputies who grabbed him lowering him into a chair outside the courtroom moments later. He said he "meant no disrespect" to the Murphy family. Within an hour of that outburst, the jury recommended his sentence: life in prison. Taylor resides now alone in his cell in a segregated holding block of the jail. He wore dress pants, a button-down shirt and a tie in court - he now wears a jail-issued, striped uniform. Taylor, 48, shares the block with five other inmates, each in their own bar-enclosed cell, just as he has since first arriving at the jail in August. "I've got a lot of people who would like to beat the [expletive] out of me," Taylor said. Murphy's disappearance shook the Nelson County community and drew national attention. Having such a recognizable, infamous inmate brings unusual challenges for the jail.

"We have to shut everything down when we move him," Randy Keffer, a jail supervisor, said. Taylor receives his meals through a slot in his cell, beginning with breakfast at 6:30 a.m. Three times a week, guards release him from his cell for recreational time, when he can either use the gym or walk. He has an hour outside his cell each day to shower, make phone calls or watch television.

Because of his notoriety, Keffer said Taylor cannot participate in programs with other inmates. For Taylor, this brings a grim prospect for the future. "I don't want to stay in protective custody all the time," he said.


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