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It’s never easy to start a new Instagram business account—especially in a saturated industry like CBD. The 2018 Farm Bill legitimized the CBD industry, starting a race to create and promote hemp-derived products. In today’s market, everything from hemp extract to vape pens and hemp-infused lotions is selling like hotcakes.

With so many new CBD brands and products up for grabs, the race won’t be won without a strategic digital marketing plan. But some of the most popular social platforms like Instagram and Facebook have decided to ban advertising for CBD, lumping it into the same category as Marijuana. Legitimate, therapeutic CBD brands are left out in the cold. They cannot advertise their THC-free products or even boost a post. Your CBD brand can absolutely still make an impact and drive sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness on Insta. But you must toe the line to avoid having your account suspended or your posts penalized. Check out these tips and some of our favorite accounts that are doing Instagram for CBD brands right.

Be careful to steer clear of medical claims and FDA-prohibited phrasing. If you are going to post using “claims” include a blanket disclaimer in your profile. Have FDA-approved responses ready for your comment sections in case followers ask questions you cannot legally respond to on Instagram. Ex: The FDA prohibits recommendations for specific conditions. Avoid using controversial hashtags and any references to marijuana culture. No matter your personal feelings about marijuana, you’ll want to separate your CBD brand from controversy. Include plenty of educational and advocacy-related posts. Make it clear that your brand is on Instagram to provide much-needed information to consenting adults. Use high-quality photos and videos to avoid looking “amateur”. There are many CBD brands on Instagram that sell untested, unsafe products. Set yourself apart by posting quality creative assets. Establish mutually beneficial relationships with other companies to raise brand awareness. If you co-market with other reputable brands, you’re brand gains legitimacy. Use Geotagging to engage with local followers and influencers. Your local presence is important and can help grow your following faster. Stay in the CBD conversation and engage with your competitors and CBD influencers . This solidifies your brand as an industry thought leader. It also shows Instagram that you actively contribute to the platform—which can boost your ranking in their algorithm. Koi CBD claims they are one of America’s #1 trusted CBD brands, and their Instagram profile helps us believe it!

Their products include 100% natural CBD Oil, vape pens, topicals, and plenty of other hemp products. We think it’s wise that their Instagram profile makes it very clear that Koi products don’t contain THC. We also love that they are transparent within their feed about the rigorous testing their products undergo. Koi makes great use of the Highlights section of their profile.

They use Highlights to educate followers and publicize positive reviews of their products from real customers.


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