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You can make “traditional” things like cookies or pot brownies. Or you can use the liquid concoction to infuse other cooking oils for a variety of different dishes. However you choose to use liquid THC, be advised that the effects are much more potent than regular marijuana smoking.

You are likely going to be looking at a concentrate with a THC content between 50-90%. This depends, however, on the plant matter that you used and the effectiveness of your extraction procedure. If unused to this type of potency, proceed with caution. Many inexperienced individuals have been sent to the hospital with hallucinations and severe panic attacks after consuming too much THC content or liquid pot. We are not aware of any reported overdoses on liquid THC. Still, it can cause some pretty intense psychedelic experiences and marijuana “trips.” These can be unwanted and/or unexpected. As we just said, we are not aware of any known deaths due to liquid THC overdose. We certainly would not call it a “safe” way of consuming cannabis.

Still, it most definitely does not possess the same inherent risks as other drugs like opioid meds, painkillers, etc. However you choose to use liquid THC, do so at your own risk. Additionally, be sure to start with a very small dose. This is especially important if it is your first time using a high-THC marijuana concentrate. The effects are substantially different from a “traditional” marijuana high. Final Thoughts on Liquid THC: Everything You Need to Know. Liquid THC is an interesting way of jam-packing as much THC as humanly possible into one consumable form of marijuana. Truth be told, we are not huge advocates of ultra-potent THC concentrates as we’ve never really understood the need to venture from quality marijuana flower , which has already been bred for extreme potency itself. In our opinion, the real benefits of liquid THC and ultra high-potency marijuana oil are to help those in need find relief from chronic, intractable forms of pain or symptomatic nausea. For these uses, liquid THC can offer fantastic therapeutic benefit. Regardless, many individuals will continue to consume liquid THC for recreational use. This is because it results in an extremely potent high that far surpasses that of traditional marijuana smoking. However you choose to make (and/or use) liquid THC, do so wisely. Make sure to proceed with caution every step of the way. 7 Twitter Giveaway Ideas to Make Your Brand Go Viral. It’s time to take this social network seriously – but how? Here are 7 ways to run a Twitter competition, tailored for 7 different marketing objectives. Why a Twitter giveaway could be good for your brand. Twitter has often been the awkward middle child in the family of social networks. But in 2018, it’s finally coming into its own: seen as a serious platform, with 336 million active users and even more potential for growth. There’s never been a better time to build your profile with a Twitter giveaway. Here are the top four reasons why your brand should be on Twitter: Breaking the monopoly . Facebook and Instagram have dominated the social sphere, but Twitter is starting to catch up.

Many users are turning to Twitter because of its new features and readiness to listen. Of all the social networks, Twitter is the most relaxed about giveaway rules. For example, you can ask users to tag, share and follow to win contests – which Facebook forbids. Everyone knows that social video is the next big thing. But did you know that Twitter recently increased the maximum length for video clips to 220 seconds? Twitter users are famous for their sense of humour. But many consumers also see the platform as a way to voice concerns, opinions, and reviews of brands. Make sure you build up your presence and offer great customer service through the social network. Unlike many other social networks, Twitter allows you to run a giveaway based on shares – known on the platform as retweets.

Just create a post which explains the giveaway, and ask your followers to retweet it to their friends. This is a great way to make your posts more visible and increase your reach. They decided to celebrate the start of summer – and National Rum Day – with an on-brand Twitter giveaway. Participants just had to retweet and follow the brand.


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