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They suggested the perfect option and design for my ring. We armed ourselves with the 4c's and all the info we could. We had a pic of what setting we wanted and took off looking in stores and on the web. Nothing close to the setting and the diamonds were really cheap or really expensive.

From when we walked in the door, we were treated like we were shopping for a 50k ring. Our budget was well under the national average tho. They went to work on the phone and on the web and found a setting that was perfect. Matt (Owner) then explained our options for diamonds in our budget. This all happened in less than 40 minutes from walking in the door. 2 days later we went back and looked at the setting and stones. Matt told us if we didn't like something, we'll keep looking. Matt and Ernie made this buying experience so smooth. I would recommend CDI to anyone searching for an engagement ring. I walked in to with little intention on buying a ring that day and walked out with the perfect ring and a great deal of knowledge on diamonds and settings.

Matt was great with taking the time to walk me through every little detail about picking out the perfect ring for my fiance. I'm happy to support a local business doing things the right way. I've already sent a couple of friends who also loved their experience. Jay, Matt, and Ernie made my fiancé and I feel right at home when we walked through the door. They were very accommodating to our needs and worked with us to make sure we felt comfortable with our choices. They were all very nice and were able to provide us with general info about engagement rings. It was easy to tell that they were genuinely invested in us making the best choice rather than just simply attempting to make money off of us. Great experience and definitely recommend these guys! Dublin is so fortunate to be home to CDI Diamonds & Jewelry. Matt Carlozzi is a seasoned jeweler who puts the customer first, as it should be! I have relied on Matt's expertise for almost 40 years. Thanks again for helping me pick an outstanding anniversary gift!! I went to CDI to get my rings appraised for insurance purposes, and they were awesome! Not only did they take less than 24 hours, but they also were less expensive than other jewelry stores I called! I will definitely be back to purchase jewelry and have my rings cleaned in the future! The guys who work there are very nice and helpful as well! High quality, fair prices, but no high pressure sales. I recently visited per a referral and absolutely loved the store and associates. I wanted to have my wedding set rodium dipped due to it being white gold and turning gold. I will never deal with a big box store for diamonds going forward and feel that I have found my trustworthy place! I recently celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and decided to go to CDI Diamonds & Jewelry off of Perimeter Loop in Dublin to get my wife’s ring and band dunked and cleaned. The service was excellent and my wife was thrilled with the finished product.

The ring and band were finished in a timely fashion and came back looking exactly like the day I purchased them. Ernie took great care of my watch strap and battery replacement. He also did a wonderful job of shining up my rings while I waited. I would recommend stopping and taking a look at their lovely jewelry shop! After our wedding in the summer of 2016, my husband and I went and picked out a new ring set for me so we could save my original rings.

It was a great experience and I absolutely fell in love with the rings we got.


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