I also asked them why I was the only one getting the message out of everyone I know personally in this area, and they didn't have a good answer for that. Anybody else in the STL area seeing this message or have any idea as I'm seeing it and they aren't? And I could, but again, the webpage I'm seeing is apparently legitimate, according to the Charter reps. At this point I'm far more interested in wondering why nobody else is getting it except me, than I am just bypassing it. Charter doesn't seem to have an answer for me, which makes approximately zero sense, so I was kind of hoping others on here might have seen the page as well, at the very least.

When the installer installs your internet he/she is suppose to click on the accept terms when they install the modem and set it up. From time to time we run an audit to see which users have not accepted but our on the network. Kind of like an account number to MAC address audit. Ones that have not get the pop up like you are describing and have 3 months to accept before we "wall garden" you have no choice but to accept. It actually makes a lot of sense then, because this started happening only a few days after my modem was replaced by a tech. That must be why nobody else that I've asked around me has seen this come up.

Thanks again for the responses everyone, and for clearing that up CharterTech. and then it came back again not accepting which prompt me to call again ,then that teck said it was legit. so with 2 different answers I did not except again. but instead call charter corporate office the to said they didn't know any thing, they said they would have there people look in to it, and some one would contact me with the results In about a week so I say to u if u get call corporate and see whats up, my thought is that if u don't complain they don't follow through. but worse that that the pop up came up with name and address in it, that in the last 17 years I never put out any of my personal info so that hackers phisher could not get it but I belive all that know has changed since the pop displayed all that also just got my cp up to speed and now its at a crawl? Ones that have not get the pop up like you are describing and have 3 months to accept before we "wall garden" you have no choice but to accept. After 3 months paying the bill, one could easily conclude that the customer has indeed accepted the terms of service. Forcing an acceptance in this manner in no way indicates the billed party is the one actually accepting the terms. This is silly, and I wonder how long it will be before Charter decides it needs to notify customers of other items this way. The internet isn't just a web browser session, and walling off connectivity can break perfectly legitimate uses of the service. I'm not taking you to task over it by the way, I am simply commenting that I think your employer's CYA seems to be an exercise in stupidity crafted in meetings by people that really don't entirely understand the service they sell. The technician who installed me today did not bother to check it on a computer, but did verify that Google loaded on their little testing device. (The reason I could not get my own router to connect through their service while they were here was because I had spurious IPv6 configuration that was specific to my previous ISP, and before I could figure to fix that, they verified it with their device, and went on their way. They were also eager to leave, because they arrived around 10:40AM between their 10-noon slot, and had taken nearly an hour to finish, and were openly discussing their eagerness to go to lunch rather than take on another job. Perhaps I shouldn't have rated them as "met or exceeded my expectations" on the phone survey after they left, but then again, I have come to expect a bit of this from technicians from all walks of companies, so they did "meet" my expectations, in a way. The two of them also spent about a third of the install time yammering with each other by their trucks instead of gathering their equipment to start the install.) 2015-May-30 9:34 am. The Install tech was nice but forgot to have me sign anything and left no paperwork. Then this form your talking about popped up with my information in it to "continue to use Charter". About a day later a "Survey" page launches itself from charter. Taking over your browser and opening a page for a survey. Also my phone has been ringing off the hook with various numbers I don't recognize nor answer. Checking with phone databases I see they are sales calls from Charter to people trying to get them to upgrade their TV packages. Yes, I got the Terms and Conditions thing because the tech could not get network running from my computer, due to an issue with my router's configuration. (Leftover IPv6 setup from U-verse.) Since then, I have received a number of emails offering service, two robocalls to my listed cell phone from the same number (never left voice mail, call registries list it as Charter trying to upsell TV service, I have since blocked the number in my phone), and even two or three snail mails. One of the snail mails wanted me to sign up for Charter Business Internet and Phone, which I believe I read requires a registered business to apply, something I don't have.

Another was stuffed with fake credit cards offering me up to $500 to break a contract with the DirecTV service they assume I'm currently using. (My parents are still subscribed to U-verse for TV and Phone, as well as the bare minimum Internet speed.) Funny thing, I signed up to try to get faster and more reliable service. Since I have subscribed, it has been much faster than my old 24/3 U-verse service on parents' tab, which I chipped in to support in addition to my rent. I was kind of angry about how AT&T was choosing not to deal with the mess of wiring near my nearby VRAD, which apparently was overgrown with huge trees that ruined much of the overhead wiring, and there were a considerable number of shunts going here and there. Just prior to my signing up, we had lost service, and then had it restored by the installation of a shunt.

Then it went out again two weeks later due to a fence and bush fire that occurred directly beneath the low hanging shunt, melting the insulation. However, since getting Charter, the U-verse service has not gone out once.


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