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In this article, we’ll be looking at the various reasons that your vape coil may be burning and causing a dry and unpleasant hit and how to prevent it from happening. Don’t worry this happens to all vape enthusiasts from time to time and is easily resolved once you learn these simple tips and tricks for preventing coils from burning or breaking prematurely. Below, we’ll be going through some of the most common reasons and provide some steps that you can take to correct these issues and to avoid this from dampening your vape experience in the future. This article will explore the most common reasons that can damage your coils and how to stop it from burning. It will be broken down into 10 easily digestible sections. If your vape is producing that unmistakable burnt taste, this is not something that you’re likely to miss. But what if the coil is only slightly burnt out and the taste of your vape is scarcely any different?

Make no mistake; you’ll still notice a slightly burnt taste in this instance, while you’ll definitely get the impression that something is not quite right when vaping. Now, you may be inclined to leave a coil that is only slightly burned in place so that you can get the full use out of it, but we wouldn’t recommend this. Even coils that are only a little burned can produce harmful chemicals, so it makes sense to swap this out just as soon as you become aware of the problem. If you’ve realised that your coil is burned, you’ll probably wonder how this has happened? In fact, there’s a really simple explanation, and understanding this is crucial if you want to avoid burning your coil and being forced to replace it in the future. Firstly, think about all the times that you vaped but did not get that bitter, burnt taste in your mouth. On these occasions, you’ll have hit the fire button and released electricity through your coil, causing it to heat up gradually. This heat will have then been absorbed by your choice of e-liquid, which then seeps into the wick and transforms the juice into thick and satisfying plumes of vapour. This step is crucial to the whole process, as the capacity of the e-liquid to absorb heat prevents the coil from overheating while vaping. OK, we hear you ask, but what happens when there’s no juice in the wick, or not enough to absorb any excess heat? This can happen if the wick becomes a little dried out over time, or in instances where you have a tank of e-liquid that is less than full. On these occasions, you’ll press the fire button and heat up the coil in the usual way, but the lack of surrounding e-liquid or juice will cause the temperate of the coil to increase quickly. As the coil overheats, any juice that remains in the wick becomes overcooked, causing the PG to break down into formaldehyde and creating a truly disgusting taste. At the same time, your wick becomes directly exposed to a red-hot coil, causing it to burn within a relatively short period of time (especially if it’s made of cotton). If the wick is completely dry it could even catch fire, but at the very least it will leave a bitter, burnt taste on your tongue. As you can imagine, the combination of formaldehyde and burnt cotton does not make for a pleasant taste sensation, while this should also serve as a warning that vaping on your device is no longer safe. Possibly the simplest and most common reason for coils burning and making your vape taste burnt is their age. Nothing lasts forever and your coils are no different. Regular maintenance and cleaning will help to prolong the life of your coils. If it’s looking charred or rather dark coloured you may want to consider switching it out for a new one as it has probably passed its best. Not taking into consideration personal consumption habits, a coil should last an average of two-three weeks. Heavy users that don’t clean their coils will find themselves changing them significantly more frequently. The coils will start to produce a burnt tasting vapour when it begins to fail. The jury is still out on whether vaping on a burnt coil is actually bad for your health but the fact that it produces such a terrible taste is enough motivation to not vape on burnt out coils anyway. As mentioned briefly above, taking care of your coils will greatly improve their lifespan. Regularly cleaning them and keeping on top of the maintenance of the rest of your vape will ensure the maximum amount of use from each coil and help you avoid taking burnt hits from your vaporiser and save you money on coils by not having to replace them as often.

Not cleaning the coils will make them more prone to clogging and bunging up. Most people will clean their coils by using a cotton bud soaked in alcohol and gently rubbing the coil clean and then washing it in clear hot water to remove any excess residue and alcohol. A commonly overlooked issue that can cause problems with your coil, is not correctly priming it. To prime the coil simply add two or three drops of the ejuice onto the wick holes, fill the tank and wait for up to 30 minutes. Waiting this short amount of time will help to maximise the absorbency and minimise the chances of the coil producing a hot and dissatisfying hit. Some vapers prefer to perform a dry hit – inhaling without pressing the on the switch to manually draw the E-liquid up the wick, soaking it and priming it for use.

Failing to prime coils is one of the main contributory factors towards new coil burn out. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular and as such the technology is ever-changing and evolving to provide consumers with a wide range of different types of vapes and customisable components. Vape batteries have developed too, the user can now control the wattage they produce. A higher wattage produces more vapour, which is fine if you want big, thick clouds, however it can negatively impact your coil and isn’t particularly economical.


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