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With the introduction of Industrial hemp-derived CBD products, they can finally bring the health benefits of CBD to the masses! Show your love for local businesses every time you use Fivestars! The best Discover CBD deals and promotions are always right here. Discover CBD was born in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in 2015. Since then, our innovative products have been on the cutting edge of the CBD industry.

At Discover CBD we manufacture our own collection of products under the Active CBD Oil brand. All of our Active products are manufactured in an ISO-7 cleanroom and are third-party lab tested by batch, ensuring you receive the highest quality CBD products on the market. More than just products, we offer wholesale, white label, and franchising opportunities. Stop by and "Discover the Natural Benefits of CBD" Celery Lemon Juice. This celery lemon juice is refreshing, light, gut healing, and not the least bit salty like most celery juices. I first got on the celery juice kick through Medical Medium. While I was healing my own gut from rounds of chronic Sibo and intestinal yeast overgrowth I was consistently researching all different ways of gut healing. I fell in love with the wise words of Anthony William the author of Medical Medium and began to use some of his practices daily especially the idea of using celery juice as a powerful healing aid in acid reflux, and gut healing. According to Anthony Celery juice is the magic juice that heals most tummy issues, helps with SIBO, and chronic acid reflux issues plus it drastically decreases inflammation! If used as a daily ritual for a number of days if not weeks a seemingly insurmountable but surmountable amount of healing can take place.

In fact, eating celery while dealing with SIBO can feel like a nightmare, but drinking it is different. It’s the good salts don’t get me wrong, and it’s super healing for your gut, but it’s pretty hard to drink if you’re not an avid green juice drinker. Even if you’ve had some green juices, this one although light looking is pretty hard to swallow taste-wise. It’s why I always say either water it down with fresh water, add tons of ice or add other harmonious veggies and fruits. It sounds weird to water down a juice but celery juice is super salty as I mentioned and it has a strong flavor. Watering celery juice down is actually a godsend in taste. And you’re getting so much more water in your body, hello hydration! While there are certain juices I’d never water down, celery is not one of them. But like I said – not all love it, it’s a harder juice to fall for. And a harder one taste-wise to get used to or to tolerate. That’s why I have a stellar way to make celery juice not only taste good but have you coming back for seconds! In case you are new to the BOUNTIFUL healing factors of CELERY JUICE – LISTEN UP! It’s wild, but drinking celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach expedites your gut healing in ways that will shock you. Those stomach pains you always have will lighten and with continued use of celery juice as part of your healing toolbox you gain healing. That burning in your esophagus will ease, and suddenly that pain down the center of your stomach will alleviate itself. Celery juice is magical for the following conditions (should not be in replace of meds, but in addition to): Acid reflux / chronic acid reflux Celiac disease Indigestion Heartburn SIBO healing Leaky Gut Gut Healing Stomach pains Overall stomach health. Neutralizes and flushes toxins out from the Liver Critical for chronic Acid Reflux Helps restore Adrenals Drastically lowers overall chronic inflammation. Start your morning with this alkalizing celery lemonade. Celery offers anti-inflammatory and alkaline benefits, making it soothing to the digestive system and healing for the body. Plus, it’s a diuretic, which helps your body flush out toxins and waste. Reduces Inflammation: Celery contains antioxidants known to act as anti-inflammatories. Inflammation is often a contributing factor to chronic disease like IBS, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and more. By eating a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods, and low in inflammatory ones (such as sugar, dairy, corn, meat, and wheat ) you can help reduce the inflammation in your body.

Nourishes the Digestive System & Prevents Ulcers: Celery contains a type of ethanol extract useful in protecting the lining of the digestive tract from ulcers.

Research suggests it has the ability to replenish depleted levels of gastric mucus that is needed in the stomach lining to prevent tiny holes and openings from forming. The various flavanoids, tannins, volatile oils, and alkaloids present in celery are believed to nourish the stomach, colon, and intestines, control the level of gastric acid released, and also improve the layer of protective mucus.(1) Supports Liver Health: Celery may help prevent dangerous fat build up in the liver.


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