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In fact, if you look at the studies, our bottles actually have more CBD than what's listed. We've even asked HUGE brands how much CBD is in their bottles and they couldn't specify. We're talking about brands that are selling millions of bottles per year. Once you know the amount of CBD in the bottle, what about the dropper liquid volume?

For this standard size, the dropper usually has 1 ml of total liquid. Since there's about 30 droppers worth of liquid in a 30 ml bottle… We can take the total CBD in the bottle and divide by 30!! For example: 1000 mg of CBD bottle = approx 33 mg per full dropper 2000 mg of CBD bottle = approx 66 mg per full dropper 6000 mg of CBD bottle = approx 198 mg per full dropper. Now that we know how much is in a dropper, how do we use this information? Introductory and wellness does are generally around 20-30 mg of CBD. That's about: 1 full dropper of the 1000 mg bottle CBD ½ a dropper of the 2000 mg bottle CBD ⅕ a dropper of the 6000 mg bottle CBD (pretty small amount) Most people, however, are getting CBD to address more serious issues.

Research on serious issues range from 300-600 mg doses PER DAY. The 6000 bottle of CBD makes that pretty easy but the 1000 and 2000 would require quite a bit. That's a lot of coconut oil you have to consume to get there. Again, for most people, try the 1000 mg bottle to see how your body likes it. This is the logical progression and one reason we aim to make Indigo Naturals the most affordable option per mg of CBD. check out the pricing per mg and you'll see what we're aiming to do (help more people get the benefit of CBD). There are approximately 20 drops of liquid in 1 ml dropper. This gets a little trickier but here we go: 1000 mg CBD bottle dropper has about 1.5 mg per drop 2000 mg CBD bottle dropper has about 3 mg per drop 6000 mg CBD bottle dropper has about 9-10 mg per drop. That really comes into play with the 6000 mg CBD bottle when we're trying to get just a wellness or trial dosage. A couple of quick pointers for getting the most of each mg of CBD. ¼ dropper now FEELS like a full dropper if you take it after a meal rather than on an empty stomach. Always place the CBD oil under the tongue for 30-60 seconds. Finally, take CBD at least 2 hours away from medication. As part of our CBD toolkit, we'll have all sorts of calculators soon. Always feel free to send over questions on your CBD and we'll do the math for you! Always work with a doctor or naturopath with any supplement! The information provided here is not intended to treat an illness or substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified healthcare provider. NuLeaf is a legit company but they’re so expensive! At $179 for 1450mg, that’s about 12 cents per mg of CBD. Research on sleep is showing about 160 mg but anxiety may be higher depending on your situation. Test the dosages to see where you get relief on the sleep (take right before bed and hold under tongue up to 60 seconds). For the anxiety, that’s longer term with 300 mg being the max. Everyone’s different so test how you feel at different levels. With our 30% discount code (LOVE20) during lockdown, you can get the 6000 mg bottle for less than the NuLeaf. We have a big review of neurogenesis coming out soon. It will show up on the newsletter as soon as available.

Yes, this is a bit mind blowing trying to figure out. >> I use NuLeaf CBD in at 1450 mg in a 1 oz bottle or 30 ml volume. I have anxiety & sleep issues & from what I read here a dropper full would be my goal. Essentially, we then divide 1000 mg by 50 or 20 mg per dropper. Our 1000 mg bottle has about 33mg per dropper (1000/30 droppers). I have a 1000mg/per 50ml, how many mg in each drop. That leads to an estimate amount of 750 drops per bottle. The debut feature by Sam Hargrave serves up a barrage of bullets and blown-up cars in a properly global thriller. Sam Hargrave narrates a sequence from his Netflix action film starring Chris Hemsworth. My name is Sam Hargrave, director of ‘Extraction.’ So at this point, we’re in the middle of what we would term a oner.

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