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It is VERY HARD to actually get someone to answer or talk to you. Once you get someone I have been satisfied with their reactions to the issues. Hope that will be the case with this current problem. If commenting on just their products I give 5 stars all day, a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

Now it seems its a gamble if you actually get what you order. Ive wasted countless hours of their shipping mistakes and wasn't able to get what I ordered in one case. I'm still waiting for a large part of another order so we'll see how that goes. I'll try and update after talking to customer service and receiving the rest of my recent purchase. As of now 5 stars on product, but 1 star on quality control with their warehouse and shipping team. When you do they are nice and try and make things right BUT have a big flaw in their company where is you need help with shipping of fitness items they know nothing. I love their products but I've never had this much struggle in missed and wrong orders and spent countless hours of my time wasted in trying to resolve. 5 stars on their products, 1 star on customer service and quality control.

I just placed another order with them and hope it will go smooth and giving them another chance. Hoping they just stretched themselves to thin during semiannual dale and this isn't the norm. I'm in the process of trying out different nootropics and was really excited to try out Alpha Brain after reading many great reviews. I ordered 60 capsules for a months course through UK supplier XBrain. I was totally underwhelmed and didn't notice any difference. I'm really disappointed because the cost of this is significantly more than its competitors. On a side note, I experienced very poor customer service from XBrain. For anyone looking to try them out, I would recommend sourcing them from a different supplier. My wife (26 years old) used Alpha Brain for a brief time. It was not only ineffective but it actually created an acute allergic reaction and had to be stopped and returned, for which we've received no communication or refund. Really disappointed, taste is not bad but I have been really ill with stomach cramps, nausea and bad head. I really thought it would help with my studies, just made me feel flat and as mentioned ill. Maybe just my body does not like it, as there seems to be so much good said about the product which is even more disappointing for me. I am writing this review sitting on my bathroom floor, where I have found myself the past few days after taking Alpha Brain. I bought this product with high hopes of improving my daily focus. Instead I found it to be more of a distraction due to the running back and forth to the bathroom due to major nausea. The first day I thought it was just a fluke so I decided to continue taking the supplement, huge mistake on my part. I’m not normally one with a sensitive stomach, but i find myself experiencing extreme stomach cramps and nausea which led to vomiting. I saw no improvement in any of the areas that they mentioned. I just wish I was aware of the possible side effects that can occur when taking the product before purchasing. When I was buying it, I couldn’t find any side effects or reviews on their website. I guess that should have been my clue that this product isn’t as great as they claim. But, these are just my experiences, only way to find out for yourself is by taking it.

I would really like a refund but who knows how dedicated this company is to helping customers. Thank you for taking the time to reach out, and we're incredibly sorry to hear how you responded!

As we're all individual creatures, we can all respond differently to the vitamins and supplements we consume. Becuase of this, we can't begin to explain how an individual will respond to supplementation, since it will be different for everyone. If you haven't already, please reach out to our Customer Service team directly so we can assist, we are absolutely dedicated to our customers. We will request some additional information from you so we can look into your situation fully to better understand how bio-individuality plays a role with this product.


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