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All pets must be parasite-free as the salon is a flea-free environment. Get in touch with the friendly groomers at Grateful Dog to make a reservation. All dogs are welcome at this pet grooming salon in Honolulu.

The friendly salon is owned by Melissa who believes in meeting each pet’s specific needs. Melissa started as a kennel assistant where she took great pride in bathing dogs at a veterinary office. She later served as a grooming assistant in California where she worked under a highly-experienced groomer. Melissa then worked her way up to a veterinary technician before starting her own shop when she moved to Hawaii. All Dogs Grooming is designed with your pet in mind and accommodates all breeds and even those with special needs. The salon also features central air conditioning to ensure all clients remain comfortable throughout their appointment. Melissa and her team offer various dog grooming packages at affordable prices. These include shampooing, medicated baths, haircuts, massage, nail trimming, gentle brush-outs, hair cuts, and coat conditioning among others. Prices start from $30 for the standard package and go up to $65 for the ultimate salon package. Pups can also enjoy spa packages starting from $20.

Treat your pet to a personable grooming experience at All Dogs Grooming with Melissa. Pet parents are required to provide proof of vaccinations before the appointment. This dog grooming salon in O’ahu offers a day of unlimited pampering for pets and peace of mind for their parents. From dental hygiene to the standard bath and grooming options, they’ve got it all. Jeanine opened the doors to The Groom Room in 2003 and has since become a favorite for many pets and their parents. The salon is conveniently located in Ewa Beach for easy access from anywhere on the island. Grooming treatments range from bath and brush, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, breed-specific cuts, blow drying, paw pad trimming, and coat conditioning to medicated baths, dematting, and deshedding. Grooming rates are based on the pet breed, size, coat condition, and temperament. Get in touch with Jeanine to find out her vaccination requirements and rates as you make an appointment. Ranked Best Pet Groomers for 6 years by the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, this award-winning pet grooming salon is a favorite for many pets and their parents in Hilo. The salon’s stylists are trained to pamper and bring out the best in your pooch. Shear Magic Pet Salon is an industry leader in pet grooming in Hilo and neighboring areas. The modern, pet-friendly salon is designed with your pet’s needs in mind and provides a secure environment where your pet can relax and enjoy their day at the spa. Grooming treatments include all-natural shampoo, ear cleaning, haircut and styling, anal gland expression, nail trimming, and sanitary trimming. Pets also enjoy a soothing Hydrosurge bath followed by gentle fluff drying and gentle brushing for 15 minutes. After their grooming appointment, pets get a bow and spritz of refreshing fragrance. Shear Magic also offers Pet Esthé Vivid Color for the fun, stylish pets who like to stand out from the pack. Grooming rates start from $30 for small breeds, $35 for medium breeds, $40 for large dogs, and go up to $150 for giant breeds. Extra charges apply for unkempt or matted hair, extreme temperaments, and senior pets. Get in touch with the friendly stylists at Shear Magic to make inquiries about their vaccination requirements as you book your spot. Johnny’s House in Honolulu offers standard grooming as well as Japanese-style dog grooming. Named after Johnny, a Chinese crested dog, the salon welcomes pets of all breeds and sizes. The salon was founded by Yoko who is backed by a team of three friendly, highly-experienced groomers, Yukiko, Yuki, and Akiko.

The salon offers a variety of grooming options including nail trimming, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, shampooing, conditioning, paw pad trimming, feet trimming, teeth brushing, haircuts, and styling. Yoko and the team also specialize in show cuts such as lion and bear cuts by reservation only. Prices range from $35 – $150 depending on the pet breed, coat condition, and styling requirements. Get in touch with the team at Johnny’s House to find out their vaccination requirements and book your pooch a relaxing day at the spa. Doggy Box is a friendly, professional pet grooming salon at the heart of Honolulu. The salon provides high-quality services to pets and parents in a stress-free environment. Each pet and parent are treated with the utmost respect and care. The stylists are highly-experienced professionals who are dedicated to their craft. They take time to understand each pet’s needs and tailor the latest in pet grooming trends to their individual requirements. Grooming services at Doggy Box include nail trimming, nail filing, ear and eye cleaning and hair removal, anal gland expression and sanitary trim, organic, PH-balanced shampoos and conditioners, hand drying, brushing, combing, and a bow or bandanna.

Pets can also get additional treatments such as special designer cuts, hair clipping, styling, teeth cleaning, dematting, pawdicures, and breed-specific cuts upon request. Prices vary depending on your pet’s breed, size, coat condition, and styling requirements. Contact Doggy Box to find out their policy on vaccinations as you make your appointment. Paws University provides a fun environment where your pet can have fun as they enjoy a day of pampering.


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