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We’ve recently updated our extraction process for the Hemp Oils,
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Update on Our Extraction Process

Not only is Pet Releaf on a mission to change what healthy means for pets – we are constantly making strides to improve our already high-quality standards and USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

With this in mind, we have recently moved to the highest, most technologically advanced CO2 extraction method available. This improvement allows us to eliminate even more plant material, such as chlorophyll and plant waxes, which would result in a lighter color oil.

As Pet Releaf uses only our own strain of USDA Certified Organic hemp, PR-33, there will always be slight variations in color of the final product. Pet Releaf is fully committed to providing our customers with the best CBD options – from seed to sale, from plant to pet™.

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CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 For Dogs

CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Few things in life bring animal lovers more joy than their own pets, which is exactly what makes it so hard to watch your furry friends grapple with the inevitable discomfort that pops up over the course of their lifetimes. While it’s always a good idea to seek the help of a vet for specific ailments, Pet Releaf’s CBD hemp oil for dogs can prove a valuable addition to your pet’s routine with a wide range of potential health benefits.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Pets

The potential positive impact of full spectrum hemp oil on a pet’s life can be endless. Whether your four-legged companion struggles with joint discomfort, situational anxiety, or something in between, there’s a good chance that hemp oil may help.

Pet owners who have never utilized CBD for dogs in the past and are interested in learning about the hemp oil benefits for pets will find a wealth of information on our pet health blog. We cover useful topics like:

  • How to select high-quality hemp oil products
  • Advice on administering CBD hemp oil to dogs
  • We shed light on little-known benefits, such as hemp oil’s potential to relieve your pet’s seasonal allergies.

Give Yourself and Your Pet A More Relaxed Lifestyle

It’s clear that full-spectrum CBD hemp oil has the potential to give your companion a calmer countenance, but working hemp oil into your pet’s routine can actually improve your life as well! When you don’t need to worry so much about your pet’s comfort and wellbeing, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the ride of life more freely.

Choose Pet Releaf Hemp Oil for Quality and Care

At Pet Releaf, we believe in giving pets the same respect as any other member of the family; that’s why our organic hemp oil for pets is 100% human-grade, and why we invest so much time and effort into upholding our products’ quality at every stage of production, from seed to sale, from plant to pet.

We offer a range of hemp oils for sale, including liposome hemp oil which can be administered during or after meal time, while other hemp oils must be administered directly to your pet. Our hemp oil capsules and Edibites are also great ways to provide your dog with quality hemp oil that you can trust is safe.

The same CBD hemp oil is used in all Pet Releaf products in varying potencies depending on the product line.

Whether you’ve been dabbling in CBD hemp oil for dogs for years, or you’re just learning about what’s available, Pet Releaf is here to help—get started on your pet’s hemp oil journey today.

High-Quality, affordable CBD hemp oil for dogs—that’s Pet Releaf’s mission! Discover the endless potential of hemp oil benefits for pets.

Pet Releaf | Liposome Hemp Oils

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About Pet Releaf CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 For Dogs

No matter how easy-going your dog may be, sometimes it’s more convenient to have them to take supplements or medications during mealtime. Pet Releaf’s CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 For Dogs (previously known as, CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 1000) has been specially formulated to be served during mealtime. It provides your dog with the numerous health benefits of CBD which may help support a normal inflammatory response, joint discomfort, and situational anxiety. CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 is mixed with sustainably sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock oil to elevate your dog’s diet and help produce a lustrous coat. Each bottle of Pet Releaf’s CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 is packed with 300mg of active CBD, and every dropper contains 10mg on its own. Due to its bioavailability, you’ll get 3x more usage out of each bottle compared to our other CBD hemp oils, meaning that keeping your pup healthy doesn’t have to cost a paw and a leg. At Pet Releaf, we are meticulous about ensuring that our CBD for dogs is natural and unaltered, so you won’t find any solvents here. We grow 100% of our hemp plants in Eastern Colorado and maintain full control over the manufacturing process to ensure that your dog gets certified organic hemp grown specifically created for pets—although, it is human-grade! Enjoy the Pet Releaf difference and purchase a bottle of CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 for your dog today.

**Reformulated with Pollock oil but EQUAL to Liposome 1000. Click here for more information.

Our Liposome Hemp Oil 300 includes an Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction method. This product is perfect for medium to large breed dogs that require the use of food to take supplements. It has no known contraindications (won’t interfere with other medications) and no known negative side effects.

Key Product Features:

Administered during mealtime

Mixed with Sustainably Sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil

Active Ingredient(s)

Full spectrum hemp extract including naturally occurring CBD

Inactive Ingredient(s)

Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Pollock Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Acacia Gum, Potassium Sorbate.

Bottle Potency Composition

Each dropper contains 10mg being Active CBD

Each bottle contains 300mg being Active CBD

About Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil:

Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oil 300 is an innovative technology that allows our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to be administered during mealtime. Beyond convenient administration, it is 3x more bioavailable than our standard CBD hemp oils when administered during mealtime, giving pet parents 3x more usage out of a single bottle. It is intended for those dogs and cats that need a higher potency product and requires the use of food to take supplements. 100% of our hemp is grown at the largest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States. We planted a specialized strain, PR-33, grown specifically with pets in mind. Since we use the entire plant (seeds and stalks), our Liposome Hemp Oil provides all the benefits of CBD while also providing a multitude of additional benefits provided by the terpenes and flavonoids.

To hear stories from other pet parents who have tried our products, visit us on social media!

Liposome Hemp Oil 300

Dog Weight Liposome 300 Usage Bottle Usage

26-50lbs………………….. 0.25 full dropper/day……………………………. 120 days

51-75lbs…………………… 0.5 full dropper/day……………………………… 60 days

76-100lbs………………….0.75 full dropper/day………………………..….. 40 days

101-150lbs……………….. 1 full dropper/day…………………………….….. 30 days

150lbs +………………….. 2 full droppers/day………………………………. 15 days

Split recommended usage between the AM/PM and administer during mealtime!

Active ingredient(s)

Full spectrum cannabinoids including naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD).

Inactive Ingredients(s)

Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Pollock Oil, Sunflower Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Acacia Gum, Potassium Sorbate.

Pet Releaf’s CBD Liposome Hemp Oil 300 For Dogs is made specifically for medium to large breed dogs who like to take their supplements during mealtime. Shop now! ]]>