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However, the THC content is merely 0.3% and this amount is insufficient to provide that high feeling to users. This time there are no trace amounts of other cannabinoids in the CBD oil extract. Finally, CBD doesn’t have to be extracted from marijuana at all. It can be extracted from hemp, which is a type of cannabis plant that only contains 0.3% THC. Hemp is therefore classified as a safe product, and in fact the federal law states that it can be sold in every state—including Utah.

The short answer is yes, it’s legal—if you buy hemp CBD oil online. You can check out a range of the best cbd oil brands here and our cbd tincture reviews page here. In Utah, the authorities require patients in the state to first obtain a registration card to buy CBD oil. You can then get a medical prescription and buy the CBD oil at any authorized dispensary. This rule also pertains to buying hemp CBD oil—a 2018 state law explicitly states these conditions. The law allows the state to regulate these CBD oil products because of a rash of cases involving fake CBD oil sold in stores.

A recent 2018 report revealed that more than 50 people in Utah were poisoned by fake CBD oil. However, you do not need a registration card or a medical prescription if you buy the hemp CBD oil online. Because of the recent federal law on the legality of hemp CBD oil, you can buy from anywhere and the CBD oil can be discreetly delivered to your doorstep. There have been plenty of shops in Utah where people can buy hemp CBD oil with no trouble. However, because of the new state laws, the current availability of over-the-counter hemp CBD oil is unclear. You can try the following places: In Salt Lake City, there’s Koodegras Snufr on South 900 E, Alternatives in West Jordan, and Smoke Spot in South Jordan just off I-15. George has the Healing Herb / Magic Stuff Balms located at N 100 th W. If you’re in Ogden, you can try Gourmet Vapor on W 12th St. Kaysville residents can go to Green Horizen, at N Main St. Those who live in Layton can head on out to Aloha Nutrition at Woodland Park Dr. But why go to all that trouble of obtaining registration cards and medical prescriptions? You can just go online and you won’t have to step out of the house. You’ll have a wider range of products to choose from and you can even read reviews from customers. You can avoid the legal hassles and the inconvenience of travel simply by going online and buying only hemp CBD oil. That way, you can treat your medical problems, stay safe, and not worry about breaking the law. The album is loaded with songs whose greatness is revealed slowly, where the simplest, most understated chord change can blow a track wide open and elevate it from simply pretty to absolutely devastating. Philly natives The War On Drugs mix the delicate angularities of Indie-Rock, Americana, Shoegaze and Post-Punk Psychedelia to form a new kind of American Rock, the frontier of which they share with Young, Dylan, Springsteen and Knopfler. Unafraid of catchy hooks, driving guitar rhythms and a synth pad or two, the band's heartland sound evokes Kerouac's open road with a Prog twist. They now hit the road themselves to do a massive tour of the US this year. Presenting their Grammy award winning album 'A Deeper Understanding' the bands shy yet warm stage banter and the emotive performances from frontman Adam Granduciel allows the group to bare their souls with meaningful and searching songs that soar in the great American Tradition. 3 reviews, average rating: (3.0 Stars) Excellent show! Even though I’m a bit rundown at the moment still the best band around now. The Greek Theater is a legendary venue, would highly recommend. I actually love The War on Drugs' music and was excited to see them, but that was one of the most underwhelming live shows I have ever seen at a major venue.

When there was a sound issue with the guitar, they played a drum loop and then the entire rest of the band just sat there. even a high school band would take that opportunity to show off a cool jam they have been working on, do a solo, anything! Also, the singer/lead guitarist does not know how to solo. There were so many guitar solos in the set, and every single one was a weak canned performance of the main melody.

Also if you are going to keep with the wall of sound thing, at least turn up the guitar for the solos so that it stands out. I love rock and alternative but would tell anyone to avoid seeing this band but to listen to their album Lost in the Dream, which is a masterpiece. He was so great but something was incomplete in that show. Unfortunately time constraints were his only limit. Seen them 5 times now, definitely the best show yet!


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