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Her next study will be focused on the issues of cannabis safety and efficacy in treating different health conditions. Joanna Zeiger plans to broaden her research target demographic to other social groups outside of the professional athletes’ community in her investigations. Professional athletes using CBD products are not alone in the group of risk. There are firemen, policemen, military officers, and the representatives of other professions who usually undergo the drug tests. A scandal emerged at the Albuquerque Police Department, New Mexico when the local policemen failed the pot tests due to THC found in their blood.

The Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson, Shaun Willoughby, told that the employees took CBD products to reduce back pain, consequences of the surgery, or for other medical purposes. According to federal law, all CBD products must contain 0.3% THC or less. However, gas stations or health stores often sell CBD products containing more THC than it is stated on the label. As a result, the employees, such as policemen, firemen, athletes, and other people who should regularly take drug tests have to refrain from CBD products to avoid the possible problems and not to lose their job. Why don’t these people forget about CBD and turn to using conventional medicines? To answer this question, we need to figure out what is CBD, what effects and advantages it has, and, most importantly, how to use it properly without putting your career at risk.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive substance that is contained in the hemp plant together with other compounds, fatty acids, terpenes, and flavonoids. CBD is non-additive and safe for usage with foods, drinks, vapes, creams, and a great number of other products for medical purposes. People started using cannabis to treat various conditions and ailments in ancient times. Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, and other ancient doctors used cannabis for medicinal purposes to manage pain and other disorders. Thus, the Chinese doctor Hua Tuo is believed to be the first person who made the cannabis powder, mixed it with wine, and gave it to patients before the surgery to provide an anaesthetic effect. The Ancient Greeks gave cannabis to their wounded horses to relieve their sores. Humans used dried cannabis leaves to stop the nosebleed. Also, they made an extract based on cannabis seeds to reduce inflammation and pain in the ears. Western Medicine met cannabis in the 19th century when Irish medical researcher and physician, William B. O’Shaughnessy, published the study that explored the therapeutic effects of the plant in 1839. An individual cannabinoid was discovered for the first time by a British chemist, Robert S. As for Cannabidiol (CBD), it was brought to the public two years later by the American chemist, Roger Adams, when he isolated it from the plant. By the way, Adams also found Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Israeli researcher, Raphael Mechoulam, was the first scientist who determined what effects individual cannabinoids had when he identified the CBD stereochemistry. Mechoulam made another key discovery in 1964 when he identified the THC stereochemistry and revealed that this cannabinoid exercises euphoric effects while CBD is non-psychoactive and cannot alter your mind. Mechoulam and his colleagues continued to investigate the CBD properties. In the 1980s, they carried out the study on the potential use of CBD products to treat epilepsy. The results were impressive after four months of therapy. Four persons got rid of seizures while the others reported less frequent seizures. Since then, scientists drew their attention to the properties of CBD and began to thoroughly study its effects and potential applications. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research in Ontario states that cannabidiol has a great number of therapeutic effects and is relatively safe. Numerous studies found that CBD could be effective in combating depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, and a wide range of ailments and distresses. Do you remember Dr Mechoulam and his research on how CBD could be helpful to treat epilepsy? Scientists followed his footsteps and continued studying CBD’s application to help people with epilepsy.

For example, the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in May 2018 demonstrated that CBD could effectively reduce the number of seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. Moreover, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved Epidiolex, an oral solution containing CBD, to treat children aged two and older suffering from these diseases. The study conducted by the team from the Neuropsychopharmacology journal demonstrated that CBD products could be used to treat cognitive impairment or anxiety. Soldiers participating in various attacks often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders and don’t visit places or activities associated with such events due to bad memories and jitteriness. The Department of Veterans Affairs even spent money on the first CBD study to make sure that CBD products could help these people manage their condition. According to Mallory Loflin, a principal investigator of the study, CBD gives a chance to cope with these disorders faster than in case of conventional drugs. One of the research investigating the effect of CBD on sleep or depression was described in Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy. The participants of the study reported that cannabidiol acted faster and better than antidepressants. Moreover, the studies in animals exposed to chronic stress revealed that rats and mice treated with CBD products were more resilient than those that received nothing. According to the study described in Current Neuropharmacology, CBD’s pain-relieving effects allow the compound to lower pain perception levels and inflammation when it interacts with our vanilloid receptors responsible for pain pathways.

Another study put out in the European Journal of Pain in July 2016 suggested that CBD products could be effective and helpful in the treatment of arthritis. Cannabidiol-containing products are often used by patients suffering from cancer to alleviate the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. CBD stimulates appetite and helps individuals cope with nausea and vomiting.


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