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alcohol or pharmaceuticals but why they would move there in the first place when they’re not likely to be able to stay: Add to the long list of recycled banks (mattress stores, martial arts studio, art supplies, and at least one bar). So glad it’s moving away from its current location, too bad it isn’t closing for good. Will a foot “massage” business be opened in the upcoming vacancy or will it become another nail salon? I predict they’ll encounter far more resistance than 12th & Geary; that stretch has far more pedestrian traffic with high visability retail locations with tons of kids trawling the sidewalk on a weekday afternoon.

Their parade of colorful “clientele” is going to stick out like a sore thumb in a supposedly family friendly neighborhood. At least on the south side there is a conspicuous lack of retail, especially on 12th and far fewer pedestrians than on 21st. It probably means it’s the beginning of the end and they’ll probably be booted out of the neighborhood altogether. It’s too bad as they were a quiet and unobtrusive presence where they were if there had to a 420 dispensary in the neighborhood. Maybe Geary should be rezoned at least partly for more housing. Seems like way too many empty storefronts, and when they finally get filled it’s with crap like this or worse. I am really sad for humanity and in particular my own community at these hateful, moronic, discriminatory comments.

Fortunately, these shortsighted attitudes are no longer the norm, they are the dinosauric imbecilic squeals of your typical racist/bigots of the “Star of the Sea” variety, vitrol from clowns who find it no longer so easy to publicly hate black people or gays etc, so they rather hate on sick people surviving outside the maw of the mafia health care industry. Well take a look at the electorate, you think sick people using marijuana is bad well hang onto your panties because it will be 100% legal here in another year or two, just like is happening in the rest of the USA as you hateful old SOBs die off or slip into (doubtless heavily corporate medicated) doddering old time irrelevence. WHAT CAN I DO AS A RESIDENT TO STOP THIS PLACE FROM OPENING? Its not far from Joe’s ice cream, the comic store, hi 5 sports where there are lots of kids around. It’s definitely a more family vibe here which is great. I’m not against cannibis but we know what kind of crowd these dispensaries attract. And it’s not something that I hope the residents here want in their neighborhood. I don’t want to sound like a NIMBY but there’s a place for these kinds of business. How did this happen and why are we only learning about it now? wow, i will never go to the richmond for anything again. maybe they should switch from cheap wine n beer n try a doobie 🙂 Been there since ’99, one of the earliest dispensaries in the city and longest operating. Many neighborhood residents never even notice its there. Probably been here longer then some of these commenters have lived here. Also, Hemp Center opens on May 29, hours are Mon-Sat 11 am to 8:00 pm. Yes there are users ( legitimate or not) who will be visiting. By the way, once you figure out where these parlors are, you may get an answer to your question about our supervisor’s whereabouts… Hear, hear, Mel. Yes, be adult and be honest: how many of you naysayers have been in an uproar about this dispensary sometime in the last 30 years? I’m a native Richmond District resident and I have absolutely NO problem with a dispensary opening here. My husband and I happen be medical marijuana card holders, and it would be really nice to not have to go all the way to SOMA or the tenderloin to re-supply. Have any of you ever even set foot inside a dispensary? They aren’t dingy, shady or janky like most of you are probably imagining. My husband and I are not druggies or losers– STOP with the unfair stereotyping and prejudice, these comments make me so angry.

And to the people saying “the Gables won’t be happy about this”- uh, do you even know them? The old location was in such an inconvenient location.

Just chiming back in to say that it was a lot of the clientele that was the real problem when it was near 12th – I often felt unsafe waiting at the bus stop or walking nearby. If people need medical marijuana, fine, but sorry, 20 something skaters who skate up to the front door don’t look unhealthy to me.


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