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Therefore, it is only the companies with significant financing that have a chance of long-term success. In our hypothetical example, the chocolate maker in Oregon would have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of getting a license in California in order to sell there. Even if you can afford the time and money it takes to apply for a license in a new state, there are other barriers. For example, you may not be able to use the same method of marijuana extraction.

Some states have banned the use of butane for cannabinoid extraction. Labeling and packaging requirements also differ in each state. If this isn’t enough of an issue, some states have a limited number of licenses available. It can take years for your application to go through – if it ever does. Another option is to try and acquire a company with a license in the target state, but that costs a fortune. In Arizona, the license can sell for up to $7 million, even if the company in question isn’t operating! In Florida, we have heard of licenses selling for up to $50 million. As long as the current situation exists, expansion is impossible for most companies.

However, a new congressional bill, introduced by Senators Earl Blumenauer and Ron Wyden, could change everything. The bill proposes to allow states to import and export cannabis legally. If it gets passed, the law will allow states that have legal marijuana programs to become involved in interstate transportation. Meanwhile, in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown signed legislation in June 2019 that allows the import and export of marijuana products to neighboring states with legal weed systems in place. Unfortunately, businesses in the state can’t avail of the new law unless the federal government allows for it. If the mooted bill became law, Brown’s decision would give businesses in Oregon an immediate advantage. Upon announcing the news, Wyden correctly pointed out that the gap between state and federal laws will only cause further confusion as more states legalize marijuana. He called on the government to end its “senseless and out of touch prohibition.” Perhaps more importantly, the bill will also codify a policy that prevents the Justice Department from interfering in the weed laws of legal states. While a congressional rider prevents the feds from federal action, the protections must be renewed annually. According to the new bill, called the States Cannabis Commerce Act, the use of federal funds to prosecute any marijuana consumer or business acting in compliance with state law is forbidden. This particular amendment passed on the House floor in June 2019 although we’re not sure how it will perform in the Republican-controlled Senate. Final Thoughts on Interstate Transport of Marijuana. At the time of writing, it is entirely illegal to cross state lines with cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling from one recreational or medicinal marijuana state to another; you can be arrested and charged with drug trafficking. Penalties range from a fine to several years in prison depending on where you are caught. As well as being confusing for marijuana users, the existing law is bad news for cannabis enterprises. It means they can’t hope to expand from their current state unless they are willing to spend millions of dollars trying to acquire a license in another location. Hopefully, the States Cannabis Commerce Act will bring an end to this nonsense, although the Republicans will probably bitterly oppose it in Senate. Unfortunately the answer is yes, small dogs can get hip dysplasia. While it’s certainly more common in larger dogs and specific breeds, certain small breeds as well as medium sized dogs can also develop hip dysplasia. Here is a list of smaller breeds that can develop hip dysplasia – In ascending order from most affected… Help For Hounds with Hip Dysplasia. Hip dysplasia in dogs is a common canine hip problem. It is a disease of the hip in which the ball and socket joint is malformed.

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