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(It’s a spray tan and tanning bed combo.) Whatever the reason, people are still using the beds. In June 2012, the Journal of Dermatology bemoaned that 30 percent of women 18 to 29 years old had used tanning beds in the past year, and the number was even higher in the South. (Meanwhile, melanoma among women 18 to 39 increased eightfold between 1970 and 2009.) “Tanning beds are so, so bad for you, but I looked so good,” says Meredith, a 37-year-old who asked that her last name not be used. She was newly divorced when she got a membership at the Palm Beach Tan on Inwood Road, where she went every day after a run. “I had this rockin’ bod, but I didn’t have time to sit out in the sun, and the beds gave me a natural glow.” She knew spray tans were safer, but they looked fake to her.

Plus, spray tans can be expensive, costing up to $40 a pop. Meanwhile, her tanning bed membership was only $30 a month, and she could go each afternoon, turn on her iPod, and get a power nap. “If anyone asked if I was tanning, I denied it,” she says. “I told everyone I’d been sitting out on the patio.” And who can blame her? Anyone who has ever smoked or used Sweet ’N Low in her coffee or dared to bottle feed her baby with formula knows that the world can be a scoldy place. It’s easier to maintain a cone of silence around your tanning bed usage, and I sensed a vague defensiveness in every one of the half-dozen locations I visited around town. But I also continued to be surprised by the variety of people I saw: not just sorority girls or gay men, but Hispanic college-aged kids with diamond studs in their noses, an older gentleman in a button-down, a rocker chick with purple hair. One afternoon, I stopped by B-Tan on Lemmon Avenue and chatted with the friendly owner named Brian. It’s all ethnicities, all ages.” As if on cue, a black man walked out of the tanning booth.

“Everyone needs to even out their skin tone,” he said with a shrug. Maybe in the future, it will seem insane that anyone ever stepped into a tanning bed. But maybe in the future, it will seem insane that anyone ever texted while driving or held an iPhone up to her skull. Part of life is the denial of our death, and I have scoffed at my mortality plenty of times. I ditched my mother’s sunblock in favor of baby oil and crap that turned my knuckles tangerine. Vanity is a great motivator for most human behavior. And if 12 minutes in a giant microwave makes you feel powerful and sexy, well, then good luck to you. Palm Beach Tan Expanding Footprint with Acquisition of Darque Tan. Acquisition includes locations in Texas, Massachusetts and Minnesota. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Palm Beach Tan, the nation's largest indoor tanning provider, announced it has acquired Darque Tan, Inc. salons in Houston , Austin, College Station , and San Marcos, Texas , as well as in Boston and Minneapolis/St. 12 , and the newly acquired salons will begin operating as Palm Beach Tan today. One location in Boca Raton and one in Pompano Beach, Florida , will continue to be owned and operated by Darque Tan. Today's transaction marks the culmination of a long relationship between the two companies. Over the past several years, Palm Beach Tan has acquired Darque Tan locations in Dallas , Austin , Phoenix and California. "We're excited to grow the Palm Beach Tan family with the addition of these Darque Tan salons," said Diane Lucas , president and CEO of Palm Beach Tan. "Darque Tan has established a reputation in the industry of providing superior service to their customers and care to their employees. We look forward to continuing that legacy." After more than 30 years in business, Darque Tan, Inc. owners Robbie and Vonda Segler have decided to pursue other interests. "We're fortunate to have built a successful operation with Darque Tan, Inc. over our many years in the tanning industry, and we're confident that our employees and customers will experience a smooth transition during this exciting time," said Robbie Segler , founder of Darque Tan. Palm Beach Tan will be rebranding 44 of the Darque Tan locations. Because of the proximity to existing salons, three locations in Houston and one in Austin will be closing. All locations in Houston and Boston will be owned and operated by Palm Beach Tan Corporate, while locations in the Austin area and Minneapolis/St. Paul will be owned and operated by longtime Palm Beach Tan franchisees. Existing customer accounts with Darque Tan will be transferred to Palm Beach Tan, and all memberships, sessions, credits and packages will be honored.

In addition, all Darque Tan members will be integrated into Palm Beach Tan's exclusive rewards program Premier Rewards ® . All eligible Darque Tan employees have been offered positions with Palm Beach Tan. MED 7 delivers a full spectrum CBD product that is extremely fast acting with an 85% bio-absorbability to help with both acute and chronic symptoms. Med 7 Hemp CBD Oil uses Purzorb®, a proprietary technology which is proven to significantly increase bioavailability with a more rapid onset of action than traditional CBD oil.

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