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Unfortunately, we are one of the few CBD companies to do this. Click on the Buyer Resources tab to see tons of articles, videos, pictures and all of our COAs/lab documenting the entire process. We’ll show you everything from clones to farming and then all the way through formulation, lab testing and finally, manufacturing.

Watch our ANO CBD video, “ANO CBD Here’s our story” which gives you a company overview. Finally don’t miss out on all the videos on the ANO CBD YouTube channel. See our upcoming 2019 hemp harvest and much, much, much more. Pure Clear Hemp is a premium CBD Isolate product that is expertly flavored. Pure Clear Hemp is an industry leading CBD oil tincture. Pure Clear Hemp has an amazing taste and comes in six exciting flavors of hemp oil. CBDipedia.com is proud to offer Pure Clear Hemp for sale in our online CBD store. Currently, Pure Clear Hemp CBD oil comes in the following flavors: Banana, Apple Pie, Blue Hawaiian, Fruit Punch, Cotton Candy, and Strawberry. Shop for all your favorite Pure Clear Hemp products in the CBDipedia online CBD store.

All Pure Clear Hemp Products Are Buy One Get One Free. Groundbreaking studies have found the link between marijuana and ADHD. Medical research has proven certain weed strains to be extremely effective for treating the symptoms related to ADHD. In this article we will look at the 5 best weed strains for ADHD and the research to back it up. Believe it or not, medical marijuana and ADHD is more beneficial than the prescription drugs typically prescribed to ADHD patients. Canadians are even starting to grow medical marijuana at home as a treatment method. Growing your own medical marijuana is not only cost effective, but it allows you to choose the best weed strains for ADHD yourself. Legally grow up to 500 medical marijuana at home with an ACMPR license from Cannabis Growing Canada. Enter your email below to get an auto response with our prices and procedures. Here are a few things you should know about marijuana and ADHD, and some of the best weed strains for ADHD. Would you like an ACMPR medical license to grow up to 500 plants at home? Enter your email for an instant reply with our prices and procedures: The Link Between Marijuana and ADHD. A recent study was performed involving 30 ADHD patients who did not respond well to traditional medications. Twice a day for one month, these patients were given a mild to moderate dose of cannabis instead of Ritalin or Adderall. At the end of the study, all 30 patients reported improvements in their concentration levels. Every patient experienced a better quality of sleep and felt more rested throughout the day. Almost all of these individuals have stopped using prescription medications; they have turned to marijuana for ADHD treatment instead of Ritalin or Adderall. Medical research has shown that ADHD is directly related to low levels of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that plays a huge role in controlling memory and attention. Anyone with ADHD has fewer dopamine receptors than the average person. This is taken into account when determining the best weed strains for ADHD. Studies over the years about marijuana and ADHD have not been able to determine exactly why dopamine levels are lower in these individuals. Researchers believe the reason is a combination of environmental and genetic factors, but nobody knows for sure. Anyone diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can experience a few different symptoms.

These may range from an inability to focus to hyperactive behaviours. There are three main types of ADHD that medical cannabis will help with: inattentive, hyperactive, and combined. Those with inattentive ADHD have an extremely short attention span. They are unable to focus for long – or even short – periods of time. They become easily distracted and finishing the task at hand can be difficult.

When choosing the best weed strains for ADHD we want to look at cannabis strains that help with focus. Anyone with hyperactive or impulsive ADHD is someone that is always on-the-go.


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