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Pure Potent Review: CBD Oil & Gummies (+ Coupon Code: 15% Off!)

Last updated September 26, 2020

We from been trying out the brand Pure Potent CBD for the past couple of months. This Pure Potent review describes our opinion and experience with this brand and their products.

Pure Potent Review: Their Products

The first thing we did for this Pure Potent review is analyzing their products. In doing so, we noticed that Pure Potent CBD has a decent variety of products to choose from. They offer CBD gummies, oils, vape products, topicals and hemp flower. For this review, we decided to go for their CBD oil drops (1500mg) and some gummies (750mg).

Pure Potent Review: CBD Oil Drops

Let’s start by looking at the Pure Potent CBD oil. This product has four different strengths available, ranging from a cheap 250mg bottle to a strong 2500mg bottle. There’s also a “Relax” edition of the CBD oil available. This one is specially made for sleeping; next to CBD, it also contains melatonin (the “sleep hormone”) and chamomile. Despite that we have a really good experience with the combination of CBD and melatonin for sleep, we decided to go for the regular edition of the Pure Potent oil.

All the Pure Potent tinctures are full spectrum, which is the form that we from CBD Oil Articles prefer. However, this means that they don’t have isolate or broad spectrum CBD oils available. For us this isn’t a problem, but for certain people it can be. The Pure Potent CBD oils are non-GMO and 100% natural. They’re also independently lab-tested by a third party, and the certificates of analysis are published on their website. Because of this, you are ensured of healthy and high-quality CBD drops. The Pure Potent oils are only available in natural flavor. For us this isn’t a big deal, however, some people may prefer flavored CBD drops. Despite that, the Pure Potent oil tastes alright in our opinion, and it has no aftertaste. But what about the most important aspect; the effects?

The Pure Potent CBD oil made us feel very relaxed, both mentally and psychically. Therefore, we were able to sleep better and think more clearly. We also noticed an improvement in our overall mood. A lot of CBD products on the market don’t seem to give any noticeable effects, but this one does, you can really feel the drops working.
Putting all the pros and cons of the Pure Potent oil together, we came to the conclusion that it truly is one of the best CBD tinctures we ever used. Therefore, we rate this product a 9 out of 10!

CBD Oil Summary

✔ Pros: Different strengths, sleep-edition available, non-GMO, 100% natural, lab-tested, tastes alright, great effects (relaxed, sleep, clear-mind, mood).
Cons : No isolate and broad spectrum, no flavors available.

Pure Potent Review: CBD Gummies

The second product that we tested for this Pure Potent review is a bottle of CBD gummies. This product is available in two different strengths: 750mg (30 pieces) and 125mg (a 5 pieces try-out pack). Again there’s also a “Relax” / sleep edition available which also contains melatonin next to CBD, but we went for the regular one (called “Daily”).

Just like the drops, the CBD gummies are only available in full spectrum. The gummies are non-GMO, all-natural and independently lab-tested by a third-party as well. Again you can find the lab-test results on their website. There are no flavors to choose from, but the bottle contains a mix of different flavors. All of these flavors tasted really amazing in our opinion, they’re actually among the most delicious CBD gummies we ever used!

In terms of effects, the gummies felt quite similar to the CBD oil of Pure Potent; Very calming to our body and mind, which improved our sleep and mood as well. Just like the oil, we really love this product of Pure Potent CBD. That’s why we also rate the gummies a 9 out of 10!

CBD Gummies Summary

✔ Pros: Try-out pack available, sleep-edition available, non-GMO, 100% natural, lab-tested, delicious taste, great effects (calming to body & mind, sleep, mood).
Cons : Only full spectrum, no flavors to choose from.

Pure Potent CBD Coupon Code

If you’ve read this whole review so far, we understand that you want to try the products of Pure Potent CBD yourself. We also understand that everyone loves discount. That’s why we looked at discount options for this brand, and found one: By using the below shown Pure Potent CBD coupon code you get 15% off on your order! This promo code can be used always, so everyone can experience how amazing the products of this brand are.

More About Pure Potent CBD

Because we really loved the products of Pure Potent CBD that we tried, we decided to take a closer look at the brand. In doing so, we found some things that explain the high-quality:
– Pure Potent CBD has a “Seed-To-Sale” model, meaning they handle the entire production process themselves. Therefore They’re able to create very high-quality products, and due to lower production costs they’re also able to keep the prices low!
Pure Potent CBD farms organically and they process naturally. Their crops are even certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association!
– Pure Potent CBD places a high value on research and development. They also work together with several Pharmacists, Physicians, Scientists and Food Specialists. When you combine these, you get a lot of valuable knowledge!
– And last but not least: This brand uses a very unique “CRYO Ethanol Extraction” method. This method captures all the natural Cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant, while they remain in optimal condition. Nine out of ten CBD brands on the market use CO2 extraction, so it’s very nice to see an innovative brand that thinks out of the box!

Pure Potent Review Wrap-Up

To wrap-up this Pure Potent review: After analyzing and trying their products for a while, we came to the conclusion that it is an amazing CBD brand. This brand really lives up to its name; their products are pure, and potent! We really love their CBD oil as well as their CBD gummies, and can’t wait to try some of their other products as well. We highly recommend Pure Potent CBD to everyone that’s looking for high-quality plus affordable CBD products that really work!

Pure Potent Review: CBD Oil & Gummies (+ Coupon Code: 15% Off!) Last updated September 26, 2020 We from been trying out the brand Pure Potent CBD for the past couple of

Meet the Producer: Pure Potent

In the fifth post in our Meet the Producer series featuring some of today’s top CBD brands. We aim to break down who they are as a company and why we think they’re great.

Our next in the line of favorites? Pure Potent.

What Is Pure Potent?

Pure Potent is a CBD manufacturer and supplier that oversees the process from farming to extraction to manufacturing for the public, with an added mission to foster genuine collaboration between all entities of the production process.

What They Stand For

They tell you right on the site: “Pure Potent stands for pure products.” Simple as that. For them, that means the products are clean and safe. They produce 100 percent natural hemp-based, non-GMO products, grown without pesticides on closely monitored U.S. farms with crops that are certified by the Northeast Organic Farming Association. All of their products are third-party lab tested, and customers can find the Certificates of Analysis for every product right on their site. Additionally, in keeping with their mission of maximum purity and potency, they use the cryogenic ethanol extraction process with their hemp, which keeps the plants at very low temperatures and under high pressure to ensure the minimal amount of change within the compounds.

Pure Potent’s ultimate goal is to keep the hemp in its truest form, uncontaminated by production intervention so that consumers can receive the most benefit from the phytocannabinoids as they are naturally present in the plant.

What They’re Famous For

Pure Potent is most famous for being true to their name and original mission. All of their language emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety, regulation, consistency, and keeping the CBD in its most natural state. They want it to be the most beneficial for consumers as possible, while also underlining the importance of a harmless, reliable process along the way. They are truly not a company where profit is the primary concern.

In fact, Pure Potent also has a section on their website for their “Pure Promise.” The page is devoted to letting customers know that none of the company’s vape products contain the Vitamin E acetate that is wreaking havoc across the nation right now. Instead, the company aims for full transparency, sharing with customers that their vape products contain only three ingredients: pure MCT oil, pure CBD isolate, and a blend of natural terpenes.

They also underscore again their testing mechanisms. As they describe, “This includes testing for heavy metals. There are many possible variables for contamination, including Winterization, pH balance, and how the oils interact with hardware. We attempt to compensate for all of them. Again, we engage in proactive testing, and do everything in our power to keep our products pristine for the end-user.”

In Their Own Words…

“At Pure Potent, we take wellness and alternative healing forms very seriously. Our formulas are created by experienced pharmacists who share our vision of excellence. There’s always a better alternative to painkillers, prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that can potentially do more harm in the long run. We want you to share our vision of natural healing with the use of all-natural CBD products, formulated with the purest cannabinoids and nature’s botanicals.”

Want to try some for yourself? We recommend 7 different Pure Potent products, including all-natural CBD oil, full-spectrum gummies, and even melatonin-infused gummies. Enjoy!

Meet the Producer: Pure Potent In the fifth post in our Meet the Producer series featuring some of today’s top CBD brands. We aim to break down who they are as a company and why we think they’re