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Question: how to make weed grow faster?

Growing cannabis is a time-consuming process, and most growers are keen to get to the curing stage as quickly as possible. However, be warned. Speeding up the process can harm the quality and strength of the end product. You have to decide whether you want more weed or faster weed. It’s a question of weighing up the balance between your patience and the final result. If you are keen to learn how to grow weed fast, we’ve compiled our favourite tried and tested tricks to help you reap the rewards of your labours in as little time as possible. So how to make weed grow faster?

Making weed plants grow faster

One method of cannabis cultivation that won’t affect the quality of the crop is crop rotation. Plant your seeds in stages so that you always have plants growing at different stages. This article focuses on indoor methods, as cannabis plants grown outdoors are subject to the limitations of the seasons and weather, which are impossible to change.

1.Start the flowering phase as soon as possible

When growing cannabis indoors from ordinary seeds, the grower has to decide when to switch the plants from the vegetative phase to flowering. This is usually done by altering the lighting schedule. Reducing the total hours of daylight stimulates the plants to produce buds and will start the flower stage. This is usually about two to three months after sowing, depending on the variety.

However, it is technically possible to make your seedlings produce buds pretty much as soon as they sprout and bypass the vegetative stage altogether. Northern Lights is a variety with a flowering time that lasts for two months. If seedlings produce flowers as soon as they germinate, it is theoretically possible to harvest in as little as three months – two months quicker than the average grow time of five months. However, the yield will always be much less simply because the seedling will not have had enough time to grow stems needed to produce buds.

A practical solution, if you are really impatient, is to cut short the vegetative phase. The yield will be less but much more than by entirely skipping the vegetative stage. Let your plants vegetate for a shorter period than that accepted in order to switch to flowering more quickly. The yield will certainly not be extraordinary, but always more than by making the plant flower from the sowing stage. It could take three more weeks, for example, in which case you will be able to harvest after about 14-15 weeks.

You could also give your plants a full twenty-four hours of daylight during the vegetative phase to encourage leaf and stem growth. This will enable you to reach the flowering stage a little sooner without compromising so much on the eventual yield.

2. Speeding up the flowering phase

You can speed up the flowering phase by one to two weeks by using a product such as Bushmaster. However, it will also stop vertical growth. The best option is to grow your plants to about the height you want to maintain while in the vegetative phase then start dosing it with Bushmaster. This can also increase yields, so it’s a win-win. Be very careful, though, as this stuff is potent and can cause root burn.

Another method is to switch your plants to 10 hours of light per day, which will encourage your plants to ripen more quickly. This method works best on Indica varieties which have a shorter flowering cycle than Hazes and Sativas, as well as higher yields.

When your cannabis plants receive less than 13 or 14 hours of light a day, they will automatically start to flower. In the natural world, harvest occurs in the autumn, when the hours of daylight begin to decrease. Indoors you can mimic this and speed up the time of harvest.

Manipulating the hours of light from 13 to 10 forces your plants to produce buds much faster than they would outdoors. All strains of cannabis respond to this type of light manipulation by producing buds at a faster rate.

However, there are consequences mainly relating to growth. The buds will stop growing, which will affect the yield, although the THC content won’t necessarily be affected. Plants grow during the hours of daylight so if these are reduced to speed things up, the harvest will inevitably be smaller.

3. Choose a fast-growing strain

It may sound obvious, but one of the easiest ways to reach harvest quickly is to choose seeds with short flowering times. Always buy seeds from reputable and established sellers who will display growing and flowering times on their websites. The aforementioned Northern Lights feature a two-month flowering phase, while others, such as Sour Diesel need to flower for more than 2,5 months. Strains with longer flowering times generally tend to perform better outdoors because they receive more sunshine. However, varieties with short flowering phases often produce cannabis of equally good quality.

Santa Maria, Gorilla Glue and White Widow x Northern Lights are among the many cannabis varieties that flower quickly. All of these strains have a flowering phase of six to eight weeks, shaving around a month off the entire process.

It is also worth mentioning auto-flowering seeds as these switch to flowering automatically, so you don’t need to worry about altering the light cycle. These strains usually take about three months to go from seed to harvest – much more quickly than non-auto-flowering varieties.

4. Plant clones rather than sowing seeds

Planting clones rather than germinating seeds yourself will save a couple of weeks. Clones are plug plants that are sold with an established root system, so all you have to do is pop them into the soil. The downside is that clones are genetically weaker and less likely to survive than plants grown from seeds, as they are more likely to succumb to pests, mould and disease.

5. Start pruning

Pruning your weed plant encourages them to focus their energy on producing buds rather than leaves. Extra stems and dying, yellow leaves should be removed to allow your plants to concentrate its efforts on growing buds.

6. Ensure your plants have all they need

All plants, including cannabis, need sunlight, water and nutrients to survive. To ensure your plants grow as quickly and healthily as possible, you need to ensure they have all three in the correct quantities. You can add nutrients to the soil with fertiliser or directly into the water if you are using a hydroponics system. Read our blogs for more information about how much water and light your plants need at each stage of the growing process.

Follow our tips, and you can look forward to a quick harvest. One final thing; it is imperative to dry and cure your precious buds properly. After all your hard work, don’t rush this final stage, however much you are tempted. This could result in an inferior weed, which would be such a shame!

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Fast Forward: How to Grow Weed as Fast as Possible

Growing weed can seem kind of tedious when you think about the fact that it can take up to 5 months to enjoy your hard work. Speeding up the process doesn’t come without some sort of compromise on quality or yield, but it absolutely can be done. If you absolutely must have your buds faster, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

  • Start flowering ASAP
  • Decrease the light hours in the flowering stage
  • Choose seeds that flower quickly
  • A final thought

If you’re waiting eagerly for a delicious harvest of buds, then the average timeframe of 3-4 months for growing marijuana can seem like a lifetime. It’s easy to grow impatient with marijuana’s long growing time and you might be wondering how to speed things along.

Depending on how impatient you are, you could stagger your growing operation so that while you have flowering plants, you always have vegetating plants. This would result in a possible harvest every 60 days. But in this article, we’ll be focusing on techniques for speeding up the growing process of a single grow.

The time between seed and harvest will depend on the strain you are growing, along with several other factors.

If you’re growing your weed outdoors, then unfortunately, you’re stuck with the rhythms of nature. There’s no real trick out of that one.

However, growing indoors does give you a little more control over how you grow your plants. And if you want to get to harvest time quickly, we have some sound advice for you.

Start flowering ASAP

When you are growing cannabis from a regular seed, you get to choose when to flip from vegetation to flowering. A grower generally does this by changing the lighting schedule. When the number of light hours decreases, the plant begins to flower and produce buds. Depending on the strain, this could be anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

Now, technically, you can flower your plants as soon as they are seedlings and skip the vegetative state entirely. It will make your seedlings start producing buds right away.

Let’s take a look at the Northern Lights strain, which has a total flowering time of about 8 weeks. If you turned your seedlings straight over to flowering from the moment of germination, you’d be harvesting in less than 12 weeks.

This might sound tempting to try, but you really do compromise on your yield. Your plant needs to have enough stems producing buds for a worth-wile yield. And a seedling doesn’t have many stems yet.

You can vegetate your plants for a lesser period than you usually do in order to switch to flowering faster. While your yields still won’t be as good, you won’t compromise as much as you would if you flowered straight from seedling. It might take you an extra three weeks, for example, in which case you could harvest in about 14-15 weeks.

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Decrease the light hours in the flowering stage

We just explained how you can start flowering ASAP, but we can also influence the duration of that flowering stage.

When your cannabis plants get less than 13 or 14 hours of light per day, they will automatically start flowering. Outdoors, the number of light hours will slowly decrease as the winter starts to come on. You can speed up this process with indoor growing, making the winter come on a whole lot faster.

By manipulating the light hours, you can force your plants to create buds much faster than outdoor grows. To encourage the flowering process to finish faster, you can decrease the number of light hours to as low as 10. Basically any strain will respond to this kind of light manipulation by producing buds at a faster rate.

With all of this being said, this technique also compromises on yield. The buds will not fatten quite as much as using this method, meaning your yield won’t be huge. It does not necessarily mean that you compromise on THC content. At the end of the day, it is during light hours that your plant actually grows. Reducing this dramatically means there is less chance for growth. But… you will get to harvest quicker.

Choose seeds that flower quickly

One of the most efficient ways to harvest quickly is to choose a seed that has a generally short flowering time. Some strains have flowering stages of 8 weeks, such as Northern Lights, while others have flowering times as long as 12 weeks, such as Diesel Haze. In general, strains with longer flowering times tend to yield more, because they spend more time under lights. However, you don’t compromise on quality at all with strains that have shorter flowering times.

Some strains that flower quickly include Swiss Miss, Cheese and Holland’s Hope. All of these strains have flowering times of 6-8 weeks. That can save you over a month of waiting for harvest time.

Another kind of seed that can take you to harvest quickly are autoflowering seeds. This type of cannabis seeds switches to flowering automatically rather than by light cycle. Most of them go from seed to harvest in less than 12 weeks in total. Which also can shave months off your total growing time compared to growing with regular seeds.

A final thought

So there you have it: There are ways to make things come along a little faster, but not all of these are without a little bit of compromise. If it doesn’t really phase you to lose a few grams for being able to harvest a month earlier, then some of these techniques are sure to help you. But there is a final note.

We know you’re in a hurry to harvest. But don’t forget to dry and cure your buds properly – please. You can lose so much of your hard work if you don’t dry and cure your buds in the correct way. If you get overzealous and want to start smoking straight away, you might be extremely disappointed with the final result. So good luck on your endeavour to grow weed fast, but don’t ruin the final product with impatience!

Does five months sound too long to wait until you can harvest some sweet buds? These tricks of the trade will have you harvesting sooner! ]]>