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Have a price set in stone that both you and the customer know that you will deliver on. Don’t sell for less or else the customer will think that’s the new price. Unlike gatorade or Nike shoes, there is not set price for drugs. There is no elastic competition, you can charge as high as your customer is willing to buy for.

Keep that in mind but remember to keep customers, your price should be low. The ideal way to think is what each customer will get out of your deal. If they will get less value due to inferior product, then charge less. This is optional but makes the relationship a friendly, which is crucial all across the board. Below are three different groups that you can sell to. If your starting out dealing, you will have to start with group 1 and then progress at group 2. If your not comfortable with group 3, that’s fine… just stick to dealing with group 2, as there is still plenty of money to be made.

(High schoolers, College students and old people) Dime bags Eighth Quarter. (Dropouts, college students and low income workers) Half Ounce Ounce. (Entire Housing Projects, Large House Parties/Frats And Old Hippies) $100-300 per ounce $1200-$4000 per pound. For more information on undercover cops, click here. Out of all the rules and bullshit you have to follow when your a dealer, you should remember one thing above all. That doesn’t mean don’t get arrested… that means don’t be anybodies’ bitch in some dirty cell. You can get arrested, but the courts have to convict you beyond a reason of a doub t. That means that everyone has to be 100% certain that you are a dealer. So even if there is some evidence and it’s believable that you could be a dealer, the jury has to know for sure that your a dealer before your convicted. Here’s the way it works… Don’t sell weed from your apartment, I don’t care if it’s for your neighbor, drive off then come back. Do not let people know you have drugs at your spot, because it’ll spread to robbers or cops or other enemy dealers. Go around the block, go to gas station, go somewhere public, doesn’t matter where, DO… NOT.. Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted – Volume 2: Never Get Raided. If you’re dealing with more than an ounce or around that amount, buy this. It covers everything you’ll ever need to know to avoid Narcos, avoid getting raided and avoid the motherfucking fuzz kicking in your door. A former DEA agent flipped and lets you know all the little secrets for how he busted dudes. If you’re serious about the game, watch this and you’re already ahead of 90% of other dealers. Buy the physical copy to show to your boys and other dealers that work under you. It’s good shit, I remember seeing a long long time ago and everything that’s in it, we’ll explain out here and expound on it. Now, let’s get the basics out of the way for you basic ass nigguhs. Undercover cops are easy as fuck to spot if you’re paranoid enough. So let’s find ways to string them up so they cannot be used against you. Again, narcos or under covers only go for big boys, so if you’re small time, you can ignore this part. Undercover cops DO NOT have to tell you that they are cops They aren’t supposed to take drugs (a few will disregard this) but they are very good at faking it.

Make them smoke from a bong, you can’t fake a good bong hit. If you think someone is a narco, make them take a bong hit, record it on your phone. That’s evidence you can use to get out of in court. Upload that shit to cloud because police will confiscate your computer and smash it if they have to.

But they cannot let those drugs get into the system (into the public’s hands), that’s why, ask a narco for a joint and say you’ll be right back… a narco cannot let you take that joint away. Record the incident, use this in court if you have to. Undercover cops are almost always introduced through an informant (snitch) Now, we’re gonna talk about narcos. If you’re really looking to sell, undercover cops are your big boys, they’ll take you on if you’re dealing with pounds. Otherwise, if you’re a small time dealer, you gotta worry about CIs, or confidential informants, but that’s another story and we’ll get to that.


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