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For the most part, the VA Hospital has treated him very well. We know he has neuropathy in both legs but this was entirely different. He doesn’t complain but this new pain was really getting to him. I knew with the thousands of places out there selling CBD oil, finding a reputable company was going to be a challenge.

A friend of mine ran into one of the owners of LabCanna, told him about my husband and he gave her their phone number to give to me. I called and spoke with the CEO of the company for about a half an hour. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and recommended which oil my husband should try. He said he should start off with a half a dropper once in the morning and once in the evening. My husband, being 71 years old, was a little skeptical. Within a couple of days the pain in his leg was gone…GONE. That would have been amazing in itself but….His neuropathy pain, which he has had for years, is also gone!! BTW…my husband is now down to three drops in the morning and three drops in the evening. The 30ml bottle I got him has lasted him a couple of months!! Funny thing was, being the skeptic he is, my husband thought the new pill was what was relieving his pain so he stopped the CBD for a couple of days.

I will be placing another order for not only my husband but for myself! There are other companies out there that might be less expensive but just remember…you get what you pay for and with this company…you get what you pay for!! I tried the TenneCBD Oil Green Formula through a smoke shop in Nashville. I was pleased with the minty flavor and the improved sleep I got from using it. I have had a sleep problem my entire life, but it worsened with menopause. I have not tried the Black Formula, because of the price tag. I am pleased to know that this product is locally grown. I did not realize that there was CBD Oil available in Tennessee without the THC. I am grateful to have this natural supplement available to me. I dont do drugs and im not an all natutral kinda fix it person but a customer tonight shared this with me and my whole normal inconsistant life tonight fell into place with a positive attitude and minimal pain tonight not so irritated when i came home, ready to cook and do normal house chores I am loving this. I appreciate it :0) Jean (verified owner) – April 23, 2018. I have been using Formula Green for the last several months. Formula Green helps me tremendously with attention and focus, as I am among the easily distracted. Using Formula Green has made a positive impact not only with day trading, but provides me with an overall sense of well being. I am thankful that I finally found something natural without side effects to help me achieve my goals. two fissured and dehydrated discs since 2000 have had me in constant pain of various levels of intensity. i asked my neurologist about the possibility of using cbd for pain relief. his only response is “…there’s just not enough research…”. this as he increased my prescription of hydrocodone from 2 to 3 per day. after 30 minutes i noticed my pain level ACTUALLY decreasing (NOT simply masked) without the “high” of opium. i’d say from a 5 on my pain scale down to a 1.5 or so. I have completely stopped taking my Wellbutrin and Prozac for anxiety and depression since using this oil. The first day and second day I was still anxious, nervous and overwhelmed with everyday tasks however I could tell a difference on the third day. I had spinal fusion surgery in May 2009 after a car accident and I have Chronic pain; I do not want to be on pain medication so this was an alternative for me. I would recommend this to anyone with anxiety and depression or any type of chronic pain!

I have been using this product for two months in both green and black formula, as well as another brand. I like the taste of the tennecbd black the best, but it’s more expensive, so I figured I would try some others. It has stopped most of my migraine flares, my tense neck, and anxiety. The other brand works mostly the same, but not as well. The information on your bottles is better, and I like the coconut oil more than the olive oil of the other brand. We take a lot of pride in our CBD products and couldn’t be more thrilled to have won you over as a customer! A friend introduced me to the Black CBD, amazing is mild to the relieve I have from this product. My PA had me on Hydraconde and I wanted to get off to something natural. I have needed to use a cane for about a year and now I’m able to go without. After being prescribed opioids for knee issues after three knee surgeries I had to try this product.

Pain is gone and I have basically given up prescription narcotics. I have been struggling for the past year or so with high blood pressure due to my stress level.


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