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I raved about the company and product to family, friends and colleagues on a regular basis. Over a year ago, I began to notice a severe degradation in quality of the individual packets. Additionally, my subscription service began to be interrupted by bouts of unavailability. After a few unanswered emails, I finally reached a customer service rep who explained that they were switching vendors who would be improving/changing the pills to capsule form but that I should experience no more delays in delivery.

What followed was approximately 3-4 months of zero product availability. Zero customer communication, either directly or broadly on the website to explain the interruption in service or planned product improvement. I tried multiple times to reach someone for updates with zero success- just radio silence. Keep in mind I was a loyal customer having subscriptions to TPC and alpha brain for well over a year, as well as having purchased kettlebells and various other products and supplements over the years. I finally attempted to post a negative review directly on the website- and to no surprise, it was blocked and never posted! I finally canceled all future subscriptions and switched to a competitor. Fast forward a month or so and Onnit comes forth with a new and improved Total Human product, complete with trendy and flashy marketing and a new premium price point roughly $30 more per month, even at subscription pricing discount! No incentive to past loyal customers of TPC or communication of this product change whatsoever.

I realize every company has a right to change products, as well as to increase their pricing. My issue is the complete lack of customer communication and loyalty. This company displays an almost arrogant attitude of elitism toward its’ customer base and utilizes an alliance/partnership with well known athletes, military veterans, and personalities (whom I’d like to support) in order to drive sales through exclusivity. But their actions toward customers while interrupting subscription services of products with no explanation is in poor form and lacks even the most basic degree of consideration or communication. There are several supplement/nutrition companies out there offering equal or superior products, at similar or superior price points that value your business and loyalty. At the premium prices Onnit requires, customer service, communication and loyalty should be on point. My experience over the course of several months was anything but “Onnit”. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review, we're definitely sorry to hear about the disappointment with the Customer Experience team and product quality! The process of product development for Total Human from Total Primate Care (TPC) was lengthy, and we were as transparent as possible; why the formula was changing, the extended timeline, and price adjustment. The worst part about the transition to Total Human was the timeline. TPC was a customer (and employee) favorite and it was painful to go without inventory for as long as we did. As an outcome, however, we had a far superior product. No more crushed pills and more nutrients: an upgraded TPC. This formula comes at a cost, however, it helps to fill nutritional gaps in the diet and it does it conveniently. It is disappointing to see that the service experienced was more than underwhelming. By the sound of your recent experience(s), your contact attempts weren't handled within the expectations of our agents. We have attempted to locate an account for you, but this platform keeps all reviewer information secure. That said, we believe we have found your account, but we are not seeing the contact requests you are indicating you have made. We understand that you could have used an alternate email address so these findings could be inaccurate. We would like to verify this information so management can use this as a training opportunity. If you would like to reach out to our Customer Experience Team to discuss your experience further, we would gladly take the time to hear your thoughts on how we can improve ([email protected] or 855-666-4899). If you have already closed the door here and would rather leave that closed, we're sad to see you go but understand that you have to do what's best for you.

Again, we appreciate your time to leave some feedback. If we can offer further assistance, please do let us know. Alpha Brain Sample, Suggest Lowing Dose, Works as Inteneded. I ordered the free sample of Alpha Brain and enjoyed it. About the third day I was taking it my heart started racing and my tongue felt a little swollen. I chalked it up to not eating enough with it for breakfast, but it happened again the next day.

Unfortunately this was the last of my pills, so I didn’t have the chance to see if lowering the dose to 1 pill would fix my problems. Although I assume lowing the dose would take away my negative side effects. About the subscription - I did receive an email reminding me to update my subscription if I didn’t want to be billed again, after my free trial which was nice. Alpha Brain Reviews 2020: Benefits, Dosage, and Side Effects.


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