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Size 000 is the largest capsule size for human use, on average this holds about 1000mg, but that all depends on powder density. Because of this, it is best to check the powder you wish to fill mesh size and density. please check the capsule size chart below for more details. 00 capsule capacity holds about 750mg, because of the size and great fill weight it is one of the most common capsule sizes used in the supplement industry, the volume of the capsule is 0.93ml and capsule size 00 is 23.6mm big locked.

about 500mg, because of the great average dose size, it is one of the most common capsule sizes used in the pharmaceutical and beauty industry. the volume of the capsule is 0.68ml and capsule size 0 is 21.3mm locked length. when considering which capsule to use, we would need to know what fill weight we want to achieve, and if we want to use any bulking agents, what capsule machine would be in use. and is a great size for those who have trouble with swallowing capsules but with only a 0.50ml volume fill density is not the best for consumers wanting high dosage. and again is a great size to use if you have trouble swallowing capsules, because of the small size capsule makes this really hard to fill with powder and tricky to use. Because of this, makes it not a popular buying choice for consumers but one of the cheapest due to lower material costs. The fill weight depends on the powder density and particle size. Because of this, a good way to check is to know the powders mesh size. Home Empty Capsules Gelatin Whole Separated Vegetable Whole Tapioca Capsules Vegetable Cellulose Separated Tapioca Capsules Vegetable Cellulose Home Capsule Machine Accessories Professional Capsule Machines Price Lists Retail Price List Wholesale Price List Wholesale Setup Product Info The Capsule Machine ProFiller Machines ProFiller 1100 ProFiller 3600 ProFiller 3700 Desiccant bag Capsule Ingredient Info Capsule Sizing Liquid Filling Testimonials General Info About Us FAQ Shipping Terms International Shipping Returns Privacy Policy Contact Us.

Proudly Made in the USA Fast, Easy, & Inexpensive Capsule Filling Solutions. Our wholesale prices are typically 40% or more below retail prices. Wholesale prices are available to any customer who wishes to order at least 5 Capsule Machines or 5000 capsules per order with a minimum order of $50. Your source for high quality capsule filling machines and both empty vegetable capsules and empty gelatin capsules. Capsule Connection manufactures and distributes The Capsule Machine, the best home capsule filling machine available. VSBLTY AND PURE INTEGRATIVE PHARMACY LAUNCH PILOT PROGRAM TO EDUCATE CONSUMERS TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN HEALTH. 30, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp. (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC:VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”), a leading retail software technology company, and Pure Integrative Pharmacy, the Vancouver-based firm with 16 pharmacies throughout British Columbia in Canada, today announced a pilot program to educate consumers about the specific cutting-edge vitamins and supplements that will help them take control of their own health and enjoy greater vitality, safely and sustainably. Pure Integrative Pharmacy is part of Overwaitea Food Group, a major grocery chain operator, which already has more than 160 stores in western Canada under the Save-On-Foods banner, among others. VSBLTY technology provides enhanced customer engagement and audience measurement using machine learning and computer vision. Its industry-leading VisionCaptor™ and DataCaptor™ software combine motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with cutting-edge computer vision measurement and insights. “We're delighted to partner with Pure Integrative Pharmacy in this unique educational program that will also provide the firm with data analytics that help them better understand shopper engagement with innovative, in-store digital tools," said Jay Hutton, VSBLTY founder & CEO. “We're proud to join Pure Integrative Pharmacy in bringing significant new value to their customers in BC,” Hutton added. VSBLTY’s proprietary software platform, DataCaptor™, uses advance optics and sensors to provide objective, real-time, qualitative measurements and analysis in retail and other public spaces based on consumer traffic, engagement level, dwell time, location and brand interaction at the point of purchase. “This planned two-month pilot program in our pharmacies will enable us to determine if this state-of-the-art in-store communication technology will enable our customers to make more informed decisions about which of our healthcare products and services will serve their individual needs,” said Bob Mehr, President and CEO of Pure Integrative Pharmacy. “This is yet another example of how Pure Integrative Pharmacy continues to be on the leading edge of providing healthcare guidance and education to our customers so they are empowered to take a more active role in their health and wellness,” he added. CONTACT: Linda Rosanio, 609-472-0877​ Headquartered in Philadelphia, VSBLTY (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) (OTC: VSBGF) (“VSBLTY”), is the world leader in Proactive Digital Display™, which transforms retail and public spaces as well as place-based media networks with SaaS-based audience measurement and security software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Pure Integrative Pharmacy works ”to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine and become an integrative and accessible hub of health” at its 16 British Columbia stores. The Canadian firm challenges the status quo of community pharmacy by integrating the conventional pharmacy model with evidence-based complementary medicines, cutting-edge products and personalized services to improve the health and well-being of its customers. About Overwaitea Food Group ( Founded in 1915, Overwaitea Food Group operates more than 160 stores in western Canada with 14,000 team members. Its retail outlets include Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Urban Fare, PriceSmart Foods, Price Smart Foods International and Bulkley Valley Wholesale. translation missing: en.sections.slideshow.pause_slideshow. translation missing: en.sections.slideshow.play_slideshow. It's our promise to be your hub for health in crisis & always! We're challenging the status quo of the community pharmacy by providing you with integrative health expertise, products, and support, all in one place. FERAPRO ® , originally formulated by compounding pharmacist Bob Mehr in 1997 and formerly known as BOBS IRON FORMULA , is a holistic blend of iron, vitamins, and cofactors to prevent and/or treat iron deficiency anemia.

The absorption and tolerability of the iron in this blend are enhanced by vitamin C and glycine, while the active forms of vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) and folate (5-MTHF) support the growth and function of healthy red blood cells. Gentle and Effective FERAPRO® has been proven to gently and effectively increase serum ferritin levels faster than polysaccharide iron supplements. Patients report less constipation, nausea and upset stomach with FERAPRO® when compared to other commonly prescribed brands of iron supplements in Canada.

Long History of Success FERAPRO® , formerly known as Bob’s Iron Formula, has been perfected over 20 years of research and patient and practitioner feedback to optimize oral iron therapy, and improve patient outcomes. Highest Dose in the Market FERAPRO® is the only ferrous (Fe2+) iron supplement that offers 150mg elemental iron as a single dose once per day, which is the optimal regimen for maximum absorption. It is also available in 30mg and 75mg elemental iron per capsule dosages for individualized dosing. NOTE: As per the Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling Act, this Iron Formula is a schedule II drug which requires professional intervention from the pharmacist at the point of sale.


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