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Newcomer grocer Lidl plans to expand into south Charlotte near Fresh Market and Amelie’s. Lidl, the German grocery chain that opened its first U.S. stores in 2017, is planning a store in south Charlotte near Fresh Market and Amelie’s.

The newly built store will be 29,000 square feet and will have 136 parking spaces, according to paperwork the supermarket recently filed with the city. It’ll be at 11200 Carmel Commons Blvd., near the intersection of Carmel and Pineville-Matthews roads. “We are eager to expand further in Charlotte and are exploring a number of possibilities, including this particular site,” Lidl spokesman Will Harwood said in an email. It’s still too early in the process to discuss details though, he added. Lidl will be entering an increasingly crowded grocery scene in Charlotte. Publix and Harris Teeter compete closely with one another and continue to add stores near each other. The Arizona organic discount grocer Sprouts opened its first store in Ballantyne last year. While it remodels all of its stores nationwide, Aldi continues to open stores in the Charlotte region, too.

The German grocer Lidl is planning a store at Carmel Commons near Amelie’s. Lidl (pronounced like needle ) is known for its relatively cheap prices on groceries and other goods. That’s because most of the products it sells are private label, meaning they are lower cost alternatives to national brands. Lidl competes closely for customers with Aldi, another European chain with low prices and relatively small store formats. Most Lidl stores are roughly half the size of a typical Harris Teeter or Publix. Lidl doesn’t actually operate any stores in the city of Charlotte yet. It’s currently wrapping up construction on its first Charlotte store at on Monroe Road, near McAlpine Creek Park . Lidl is expected to announce an opening date for that store sometime in the coming weeks. The company debuted its first supermarkets in the area two years ago in Gastonia, Indian Land and Rock Hill. Last summer, it opened stores in Indian Trail and Concord. Lidl has plans for several more stores throughout the region, including one on South Boulevard, which has been delayed, as well as in Matthews and Mooresville, among others. Lidl grocery store bakery (Courtesy of Lidl) Crazy Stuff Teens Use to Get High. Many parents don’t think twice about having over-the-counter cough syrup at home. But if you take a lot at once, it can alter your thoughts or make you feel like you’ve left your body. Too much can also slow your heartbeat and breathing, especially if you mix it with alcohol. Some teens inhale household products like glue, Freon, aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, gas from whipped cream cans, and even mothballs for a high that makes them feel drunk. It can be addictive, but inhaling even once can cause brain damage or death. The fumes can cause heart failure or clog your lungs so you can’t breathe. A special type of inhalants called nitrites, sometimes called “poppers” or “snappers,” provide a different kind of high. They can boost sexual pleasure because of how they dilate blood vessels. Like all inhalants, they can cause death or brain damage, even for first-time users. They’re also linked to the spread of sexual diseases like HIV and hepatitis, because people who focus on getting high may not practice safe sex. Yup, a chemical in the spice nutmeg may give you a feel-good high if you get enough of it. Nutmeg poisoning can give you heart palpitations and make you feel dizzy, nauseous, tired, or anxious. Don’t worry, it’s way more than you’d ever put in a pie.

Some curious teens (female and male) may try to get drunk without drinking alcohol. They may soak tampons in vodka, then put them in their vaginas or rectums. What’s more, the vodka may burn sensitive vaginal or rectal tissue. If teens get alcohol poisoning this way, without alcohol on their breath, ER doctors may not know what’s causing the problem, so treatment may be delayed -- and alcohol poisoning can cause death.

'Bath Salts' This powder that comes in small packets, also called synthetic cathinones, isn’t really for putting in the bath. But it could also make you feel drunk, get violent, or lose touch with reality. It’s addictive and can cause strong symptoms of withdrawal. Thousands visit the ER each year for things like chest pain, a racing heart, panic attacks, and hallucinations after using bath salts. Teens take large doses of motion sickness pills for a high that may make them hallucinate.


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