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Rapid Labels started in a spare bedroom in Greer Wilcox's Campbells Bay home. It was 1968 and the self-taught Greer set about building what would become an impressive letterpress jobbing labels business. Rapid moved to The Esplanade in 1976, taking over two vacant shops and later expanded into what is now the Just Workout building by the Mobil on Auckland's Forrest Hill. Rapid Labels had grown by the 1990's to have a staff of 30 and based it's success on being quick to quote and deliver, and by keeping sales overheads to a minimum.

During its first 30-odd years Rapid Labels carved out a valuable market share in short-run labels, as well as establishing a worthy position in pharmacy labels nationwide. The business was sold to Blue Star Print Group in 1997. Allmark Industries was based first in Rosebank Road, Avondale, and later in Collard Place, Henderson. The Malone family developed Allmark as a flexo label converter and pivotally - as the agent for Chicago based Zebra Technologies, the world's leading thermal 'barcode' label printers. Allmark from there nurtured a position in the barcoding solutions market including Zebra printers, thermal ribbons and blank thermal labels, along with a full ZASP parts & service offer. It also joined Blue Star Print Group, as part of the acquisition of McCollams in 1996. In July 1999, Rapid and Allmark joined forces in Armstrong Road, Albany. Not an easy assignment, mergers are HARD and we were no different.

Their websites are identical and they ship from the same city. Since I recently tried each of their respected 600mg tincture I would want to know if they use separate crops. As far as the websites they're just using the same template. I reached out to both of them today regarding my orders and received a response from the same customer service agent. Customer service friendliness needs a bit of work imo. I'm trying to figure out the same thing between Pure Kana and Kushly. I know some of the same owners but the oil seems totally different. I'm looking to get CBD oil for anxiety and it looks like some sites have listed Pure Kana as a good site to order off of. As far as I can tell it checks all the boxes in terms of safety, third-party lab testing, and customer support. Does anyone have any experience using their products or have heard anything about them? Hi, I tried their products for my Anxiety , and the quality is excellent. I have severe anxiety, and 75% of a full dropper takes away my anxiety. It even gets rid of intrusive and violent thoughts- absolutely fantastic. My mom, who drinks a lot, took half a dropper and said it took away her alcohol cravings for the night. I'm wondering if I can get the same results for a cheaper price. I live in an "illegal" state, so my options are limited, but I'm still wondering if I can find a bottle that produces the same results for cheaper. I’m on my third day and I feel like it’s taken the edge off of my anxiety, which, in turn, makes my mind work better. I feel like my head is clear after being in a fog for so long. CBD oil is taking the health and beauty market by storm, despite the misunderstanding and confusion that still surrounds it. Perhaps the main reason CBD remains controversial is confusion about its relation to marijuana. CBD can actually be derived from either marijuana or hemp, which are variants of the cannabis plant. Marijuana and it’s derivatives are psychoactive, due to the compound THC, which is the compound responsible for inducing highs. Products derived from marijuana often have 15 to 30 percent of THC. However, products derived from hemp, which is another variety of the cannabis plant, is harvested to contain only trace amounts of THC, generally 0.3 percent or less. Hemp-derived CBD products are available in Mississippi, but if it’s marijuana or cannabis oil you’re after, there are restrictions.

There is some confusion about this because medical and recreational marijuana remain illegal in the state. However CBD products which have little or no THC can be purchased and used in the state under certain conditions.

Phil Bryant signed the House Bill 1231, also known to locals as Harper Grace’s Law.


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