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“We think it’s great that they have been incentivizing their employees to enlist more loyal customers and engage with them on the SpringBIG loyalty kiosk. It’s very gratifying to see our merchants experience such a level of success so quickly on SpringBIG - It really confirms the efficiency and effectiveness of the SpringBIG platform.” “SpringBig was the perfect platform to help our store reward our new and repeat customers and to recognize their commitment to staying fit, strong and most importantly; healthy,” said Jessica Hall, Nutrishop Mount Laurel’s Senior Marketing Specialist. “So not only do we offer the top brands at the lowest prices, we reward our loyal customers for taking care of themselves with Nutrishop Mount Laurel.

I highly recommend SpringBig to all fellow marketers and business owners.” Designed for any business that can benefit from building loyalty and increasing repeat customer traffic, SpringBig 2.0 gives business owners a powerful yet easy-to-use marketing advantage over their competitors. The foundation is the SpringBig 2.0 Point of Sale Loyalty Station, a tablet designed to encourage consumers to sign up as they complete their current transaction. Customers do not have to download an application or carry a loyalty card – a huge advantage over other loyalty programs - all they have to do is sign-up to start reaping the benefits of being a loyal customer. Nutrishop Mount Laurel ( is located at 4309 Dearborn Circle, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: 856-581-4859 and on Social Media at their Nutrishop Mount Laurel Facebook Page. With its roots in InteQ and SHC Direct (descendent of S & H Green Stamps, the original loyalty program) and decades of expertise and IP gained by its founders in marketing for big companies, SpringBIG brings loyalty and marketing solutions to the underserved small business market. Clients are rapidly increasing sales and customer loyalty while competing more effectively with big corporations at an affordable price and minimal time commitment. Small businesses can set up their secure and easy-to-administer SpringBIG customer loyalty program in 30 minutes, configure rewards based on points, purchases or visits and engage their best customers through a variety of pre-configured automated marketing campaigns based on customer email or text preferences.

SpringBIG offers real-time program success and ROI reporting and secure built-in fraud protection. Businesses interested in building repeat customer traffic and loyalty may call SpringBIG at 800-772-9172 or email info(at)SpringBIG(dot)com. Since 2003, we have helped individuals like you achieve various health and fitness goals by offering top-quality dietary and nutritional supplements and services coupled with unparalleled personalized attention – all at guaranteed low prices. They knew a lot about products and were able to put together a package easy for me and my goals." "I used to be intimidated to go into these types of stores. One day my sister dragged me in and I left signed up for the 9-week challenge! I've been in this location a few times and have never felt judged or shamed. The staff is always very friendly and helpful and now I look forward to my next weigh-in." "Love the Nutrishop located near me! We definitely needed them in the area, the girls in the store are always very helpful and nice. They will let you try things out to see if you like the flavor. I will definitely be a customer for life there!" In-Store Experience. When you come into one of our stores, your goals immediately become ours. Our team of dedicated professionals at NUTRISHOP® are committed to you and your personal needs. Our in-store experience is very consultative, unique and custom to everyone. There is not one plan, one supplement, or one supplement stack to fit all individuals and their needs. Our customer service, knowledge, and individualized attention is simply unmatched. We take the time to educate you and make sure you are as confident in your nutrition program as we are. We’ve researched the best places to buy CBD in North Dakota and put it all together in this article. Cannibinoidoil (CBD) is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market because of its affordability, legality, and health benefits. It is currently available in all 50 states as well as over 40 nations around the world. North Dakota does have any brick-and-mortar CBD shops at the present, but buying CBD oil online is easy and convenient. Additionaly, because most online CBD suppliers are wholesale outlets, you can shop for high-quality CBD oil products in bulk, including a range of CBD grades and forms, from edibles and tinctures, to wax, concentrates, capsules, balms, and more. All your CBD products are delivered straight to your doorstep, often for little to no additional fee. Medical marijuana and CBD medications derived from cannabis are both legal in the Peace Garden State, and they have been since 2016. The state has tried a few times over the past couple of years to legalize marijuana for recreational use, with the most recent attempt in late 2018, but the bill was unable to pass popular referendum by a relatively small margin. Without recreational legality for cannabis and marijuana-derived products, you can only use marijuana-derived CBD if you fall under the North Dakota medical marijuana guidelines. Patients must have one of the qualifying conditions and a prescription from a licensed physician.

CBD products that use CBD extracted from industrial hemp sources, however, are a completely different story.

Any person over the legal age of 18 is able to purchase and use any form of CBD product as long as it is extracted from an industrial hemp source that abides by the federal regulations put forth in the Farm Bill. North Dakota has even legalized the cultivation of hemp recently; however, they will not start following the Farm Bill entirely until 2020.


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